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Lowly Worm

Nintendo DS


Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney on the DS is a game made especially for people who are interested in a clever, well-presented murder-mystery adventure games. You will be the Ace Attorney himself who just passed the bar and who will unfortunately take a hard case for your first job. To start with the game, you will be tutored by your best friend, Larry Butz who is also a lawyer about the in and outs of the courtroom procedures. The levels after the tutorial will have the same processes as those with what you just learned. All will involve the same hearing processes and almost the same cases. The first five usually is the easiest because it will be almost basic.

As you move through with the game, you will understand that discovering the killer is not the main aim of the game. The main goal of this game will be on how you will bring the accused to justice. Bringing the accused to justice though will not be that easy since contradicting parties will also do their best to oppose your statements. This will be a game of wit and tactics.

The trials that you will be encountering will start with the witness testimony where you will need to find flaws in what is being stated. There will be two ways on how to figure out the flaws on the statement. One is by “pressing” the witness on points that you think is doubtful, and second is to match a certain statement with a piece of evidence. These two tools of breaking down the witnesses’ statements will prove useful for you to push them to confess.

The arrangement of the game together with its story lines is really quite unique and outstanding. The graphics are very much detailed from the personality and mood of each of the characters. Each character competes with each other on this game, from the naive Phoenix and the severe but gullible judge, to the sexy, evil, and quirky characters that is presented on the witness stand.

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Super Gamer Dude

Nintendo DS


No one really expected that Phoenix Wright would be the success that it was for all the faults the games had. But the fans absolutely loved it and they continue to love it because it is just plain enjoyable.

You are going to play an up and coming lawyer by the name of Phoenix Wright. He wakes up as the game begins and finds out that he is left to handle cases left to him. You get to learn about the cases as well as get in touch with old characters from the previous games.

What is great is that the cases are well written and interesting and the dialogue is really well written, something not commonly found in games of this genre. Even if the character you play is a defense lawyer you get to go out to the field and find out clues and details to support the cases you handle.

The courtroom scenes are well written as well complete with testimonies of witnesses and finding ways to contradict them. There is a chance to cross examine the witnesses and you can even call out objection! if you want to. Although it would just be the DS which will hear your scream. If you do not like to scream you can just tap out the command and then support your objection with evidences. If you make a mistake the judge will penalize you so be very careful.

Now if you cannot finish the game you can just save the game you completed and then just restart. This way you can mull over your attack plans and even ponder on the case facts. So you can really just go for it and fail and then just restart until you find the right method to win the case. This is what is criticized really, that this formula is holding back the challenge of the game but then again this is a game and not reality TV.

The music selection is just fantastic as usual even if they are recycled music. The music also serves as a clue to the personality of the characters you meet in the game, friend or foe. So if the danger increases, the music will clue you in with the intensity and darkness of the atmosphere.

In short, Phoenix Wright 3 can be much of the old but leaves no unpleasant taste. In fact, it is probably the faithfulness to the formula that makes this game such a success and not the failure that other games like these end up as. Will I recommend this game most definitely. This is one for the library guys!