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November 14, 2010

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Pictionary manages to accomplish everything the highly successful board game did and more, with many extra modes to mix things up and increase the difficulty.

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Pictionary is a video game adaptation of the famous board game of the same name. Released in 2010 by THQ and developed by Pipeworks Software, the game has received positive critical reviews overall due to the great integration with the uDraw tablet, fun multi-person gameplay and improvements on the original game.

The game earned a score of 71/100 from aggregate scorer Metacritic, with IGN giving it a notable 7.5/10 and praising the game and saying, "If you've already purchased the uDraw tablet, picking up Pictionary to complement it is a no-brainer." Complaints by critics usually revolved around the fact that there isn't really any single-player content. While you can still mess around in Free Draw or a couple of other modes, it isn't the same as the team game that Pictionary is designed to be. Optimally, you really need four people. Also, the learning curve can be steep; if you're not already familiar with the uDraw tablet, you're going to have to mess around with it for some time before you jump into a game.

If you are familiar with the uDraw tablet, and you'd enjoy a game like this played with family, friends or guests, there is absolutely no reason not to get it. The tablet contains more tools than you'll likely ever use, and responds pretty accurately and sensitively. Although the drawing tools that come with the tablet are better than the Pictionary tools, you'll still have a ton of fun using the game.

Multiplayer is great. If you have four people and liked the original Pictionary, the many modes available in this electronic version with keep you entertained for a long time. Even when you're not obsessed with the game anymore, it can be fun to pull out at a party or get together. Of course, if you just want to play the original style, Vanilla Pictionary is available as well.

Most reviewers, however, find the extra modes to be a vast improvement over the pencil-and-paper style. For one thing, there's no need to keep getting new paper or trying to erase drawings again and again. Instead, you have an easy-to-use drawing tool that allows for far better expressiveness in drawing and resets at the touch of a button. In Pictionary Mania, the difficulty will be raised as the game tries every conceivable way to distract you and mess you up. During Pictionary Mania, there are seven different games that you might end up playing. One, called Rotation Frustration, lives up to its name in the worst way. The screen rotates around as you try to draw your image, making it extremely difficult to maintain any sort of legibility.

As a family game (not for really young kids, but older kids will have a ton of fun) or something to use with a few friends, this game is hard to beat. Pictionary manages to accomplish everything the highly successful board game did and more, with many extra modes to mix things up and increase the difficulty.

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November 14, 2010

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