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Secret Files.

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Pikmin 3 Wii U secret files.

The locations listed below are where you can find all ten secret files and there are two
of them in each. The memos unlock a number but what these number do is a mystery as yet.

Tropical Winds

1. In the lower corner in the wet rocky area where the Pikmin come across a Calcified Crushblat.

2. Close to the tree stump and can be got by putting Pikmin on pressure pads. Before you go the
hole in the stump look for the file around the roots shich lead to rocks below.

Garden Of Hope

3. Floating around the weighted lift puzzle. Get it by using Pikmin to weigh the platforms down.

4. In the fallen pot on the path to the Quaggled Mireclops where a Peckish Aristocrab appears.

Distant Tundra

5. On the rock wall surrounding the landing ground and you can get the file by using the rocks
outside to throw a captain up to the ledge.

6. Inside the cave with the Bamboo Wall you can use ten flying Pikmin to open the path and you
will find the file behind the two fallen ridged metal panels in the dirt ahead.

Twilight River

7. While traveling to the Scornet Maestro, ride on a pad down the second river with
lily pads, and throw a captain to the pad to reach the ledge. Then, throw a captain
to the high platform down the grass path to find the file.

8. On the root path of the Scornet Maestro's tree, after passing the bridge, throw a
captain to the roots on the right. The file is down the path.

Formidable Oak

9. Near the start of the oak. Destroy the reinforced wall, and look in the spotcaps
to find the file.

10. In the dark section of the cave that needs to be lit with blue mushrooms. Go
across the shroom tops and find a pile of dirt near Candypop Buds. Dig up the
dirt with Pikmin to find the file.