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May 22, 2007

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Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End is a serious attempt to actually adapt the whole of a Pirates of the Caribbean movie. To make up for lost time this actually tackles both Dead Man’s Chest and the new movie. In this sense the bloated narrative of the two Pirate sequels leaves just enough plot to stretch out for a single game. Although you do get to control the other characters occasionally, most of the game is spent in the heavily swaying boots of Captain Jack Sparrow. This is a shame, not because the characters play exactly the same, but because their virtual likenesses are almost scarily realistic.

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This game is inspired by films 2 and 3 in the series of the same title in the hope that the game would be as big a hit as the movies, an almost impossible task. Just in case you are one of the few never to have seen any of the films, they are all about pirates and treasures and battles, laced heavily with humor and a master class in hamming it up by Johnny Depp.

This game has taken a few bits from the two Pirate movies and has done a good job in copying the movie’s look, mood, and vast amounts of visual and audio humor. The look of the characters is very realistic, but how can any video capture the essence and deliberate overacting of Captain Jack and his swaggering action.

You will be playing as Sparrow, but you can also be Elizabeth, Will or the other important characters in the game. You will be going through all the sorts of scenarios seen in the films, swordfights, boat on boat actions and lots of battles against varied enemies. The game entails missions on different levels. For each level, you will be given a certain objective and within the scope of this you will explore the level and do whatever is needed of you to survive. The levels are somewhat easy, especially when you get used to the controls, but you may sometimes get confused with the camera over which you have no control. Actually, the camera doesn't get out of whack that much, but when it does it really throws you out of you stride. There are a few mini games to play which break things up a bit and these are very enjoyable as such.

The graphics are awesome and the characters move pretty fluently. The audio is also fine but they have not used the voices of those who really starred in the film but some of those who copied the voices have made a good attempt. Overall, the game has tried very hard to equal the movie’s entertainment value but the movie is so good that it has been a hard act to follow. But is has been partially successful and the result is commendable.

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May 22, 2007

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