Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball - Wii

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May 14, 2009

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Ancient rivals, ninjas and pirates, along with several other teams, looking to settle the score once and for all - on the dodgeball court! Pirates Vs Ninjas: Dodgeball will have scurvy thieves squaring off against crafty martial artists in large, detailed arenas. The game allows for up to four players and offers a total of eight teams, including pirates, ninjas, robots and zombies.

Each team utilises its own unique techniques and strategies to try and ultimately defeat the enemies. Unique to Wii version, the game will offer all-new story and challenge modes, along with several customised control schemes. Designed for the Nintendo Wii, Pirates Vs Ninjas: Dodgeball features easy-to-learn, competitive gameplay, intuitive controls, next-gen graphics, and online multiplayer / co-op support.

  • Eight teams to choose from featuring gaming's most iconic groups - Pirates, Ninjas, Robots, Zombies, Aliens, Monsters, and Mushroom Men
  • Art style, theme, and gameplay suited for all age groups
  • Multiplayer support includes 4-player local play, 8-players online play and 4-player co-op modes
  • Single-player support includes Exhibition, Story, and Challenge modes
  • New match types and mutators allow for a variety of match options
  • Developed using Infyrno, Blazing Lizard's next-gen proprietary engine technology
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May 14, 2009

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