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April 22, 2007

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How is so much gameplay packed into a tiny handheld game? Get totally lost in the world of Pokemon. There is never a dull moment with this game.

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This game is pretty similar to the other title i reviewed Pokemon Dimaond Version. The game delivers an addictive role playing game. The game blends 2D and 3D together to bring out great visuals. There are some wonderful soundtracks within the game and the game can be played online. It is one long engaging game with more than one hundred pokemon. The new touch screen is not up to standard. The accessibility is hindered if due to online problems. You will also get bored as there is recycling of sounds and the graphics are repeated throughout the game.

The Pokémon Diamond and Pearl has a lot of fans, the game has detailed presentation. The game starts up as any other of the Pokemon games. You play as either a boy or a girl who living in and out of hamlet of Twinleaf Town in the region of Sinnoh. Then you and your friend are sent to the world by Professor Rowan to collect a lot of data on the Pokemon that live in the region, you do this by fighting and capturing. As you travel, you will fight plenty of Pokemon and other Pokemon trainers. You will also be fighting and scattered all over Sinnoh.Diamond and Pearl introduces the odd shadowy Team Galactic. This is a Pokemon invested organization and you should be ready to battle with it. You will meet hundreds of people and each has a story to tell you.

However as much as Pokemon Pearl has its many limitations, fans will still enjoy the game. It is such a lengthy one though. You will start of with one Pokemon who is your substitute in the battle. You may be the leader in the game but you will need your proxy to lift heavy loads for you. You will regularly be attacked by the wild Pokemon as you move through forests, tall grasses and underground caves. If you are able to bring down their health, and will end up taming them and making them your companions.

You can have six Pokem at ago, with each of them having mastered four different abilities. As they earn experience the abilities are also earned, else you can use technical machines to teach them tricks .When your Pokemon grows stronger, and they can evolve into new stronger Pokemon.

In the Pokemon Pearl, the number of Pokemon is 480 and each of them should be captured and each of them is categorized by type. When a Pokemon attacks another it weakens and this way you are able to maneuver your way through. You should have all your Pokemon well balanced group of Pokemons to avoid attacks on the weaker ones. Ensuring that your team is well balance will prevent this. The game is more involving because you are always on the run to capture Pokémon and have them in your team. Apart from capturing and fighting, there are other activities. You will harvest, plant berries, even cook special meals for your Pokémon. You will find the games to be too long as many hours pass.

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April 22, 2007

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