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Pokemon Platinum DS Unlockables

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Pokemon Platinum unlockables.

National Pokedex

Unlockable How to Unlock

National Pokédex Complete the Sinnoh Pokédex by seeing all 210 regional
Pokémon, then talk to Professor Rowan in his lab.

Acquiring Stars and Colors for your Trainer Card.

The following tasks may be completed in any order, with no regard to a specific event relating to a particular color. Stars are added by the completion of each event. Defeat the Elite Four. Win any one Master Rank Super Contest. Win 100 consecutive battles in Battle Tower. Earn a Platinum flag in the Underground (capture 50 flags) Capture all 493 Pokemon (not including event-only Pokemon)

Unlockable How to Unlock

Blue Card Earn One Star
Bronze Card Earn Two Stars
Silver Card Earn Three Stars
Gold Card Earn Four Stars
Black Card Earn Five Stars

Extra Villa furniture.

Unlockable How to Unlock

Chandelier Walk a total of 300,000 steps
Guest Set Defeat a total of 50 trainers in the trainer cafe
Great Painting hatch 30 eggs
Music Box Purchase Racks
Piano Defeat the Elite Four 10 times
Pokemon Bust #1 Obtain one silver print from the Battle Frontier
Pokemon bust #2 Battle at each battle frontier facility
Tea Set Purchase the Guest Set
Wall Clock Plant 50 berries

Pokemon Platinum Easter Eggs

Happy Birthday Message from Dawn/Lucas. After beating Elite 4, if you play the game on your birthday, or if you set the DS clock to your birthday, and talk to Dawn/Lucas, she/he will wish you a Happy Birthday. Diamond Dust will fall at Snow point city. Go to Snow Point City during the 12th of January and you will see Diamond Dusts falling on the town. It is because of the birthday of Junichi Masuda, Gamefreaks Director and Composer of Pokemon Music.