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March 16, 2010

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Based on the Fox television series starring Wentworth Miller, Prison Break casts you in the role of undercover agent Tom Paxton, who is sent to the Fox River State Penitentiary to investigate why inmate Michael Scofield became a bank robber despite having a previously clean record. The game's storyline runs parallel to Prison Break's first season, and you'll encounter multiple characters from the show while piecing together the clues to Scofield's unusual turn of events. The action takes place from a third-person perspective as you explore the prison using a combination of climbing and stealth skills. Close-quarters fighting is also a key part of Prison Break's gameplay, with an assortment of punches, kicks, and finishing moves at your disposal. Developed with feedback from the television show's writers, Prison Break also includes voice-overs from the actors involved in the series.

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It’s hard to make a virtual game about prison life. The solitary confinement of the hero plus the monotony of life behind bars is difficult to portray visually. But this time Prison Break The Conspiracy has proved the above statement to be wrong. The game has done commendable work in bringing prison life to the digital world. It has brought to life the total despair which prisoners can experience when confined behind bars.

Throughout their eight (only eight?) waking hours, the prisoners devote their time to monotonous tasks, occasional fist battles and stealthy missions. This game will of course be a draw Prison Break series fans while it may cause raised eyebrows for those new to the series.

In the game the player takes on the role of Tom Paxton, the main character of the game and specifically made for it. Supposedly incarcerated for first-degree murder, and so disguised as a prisoner he is in truth working as an agent for The Company. His job is to investigate the reason for Michael Scofield’s imprisonment and make certain that Lincoln Borrows, his brother, is executed. He then makes different agreements and various dealings to accomplish these objectives.

The game brings player into mind-boggling covert missions and takes him into the different sections of the jail as he searches for the equipment needed to accomplish his objectives. He may have some sort of liberty inside, but he should not lose sight of the path which needs to be followed to complete his task. There are very easy minigames where the player can perform body exercises like punching and weightlifting. These games, however, give little reward for the player. The player can also engage on fist fights or have his body tattooed at the parlor, but at the end he must continue with his main mission.

The game theme may sound boring by now, but there is more for the player. There are a lot of challenging stealth missions along the way, but although challenging these missions may seem a little unrealistic and perhaps pointless and unrelated to the overall mission. The AI controlled guards and deliverymen are unpredictable. At times they will capture the player even finding him in a hidden spot, while at other times they will not even notice him pass by. The deliveryman, on the other hand, does things in an easy to grasp pattern.

The view is fixed and is from a second person perspective – the camera fixed at the back of Paxton and showing a limited view of the surrounding. This does not make the game look like a stealth game. Once Paxton is spotted by a guard or the camera, the game will start again at a spawn point. Overall, the game may seem pretty reasonable for gamers seeking this sort of action game.

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