Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Wii

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March 18, 2008


The game is not flawless; I doubt that any game is that. But despite all the glitches and hitches that is to be expected in online games, this one passes muster and does not disappoint.

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Nintendo Wii


When I first played Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, I found it really disappointing, until I got he Wii version. Now this was a surprise. After getting disappointed in the other platforms, it was surprising that I even enjoyed this game at all.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 was developed by another team although still under the umbrella of Konami. This particular edition was specifically designed for both Nunchuck and Wii Remote. It should be important to mention that the online mode is really fantastic and it does not lag. This makes the game work very well indeed. Although the game modes are a little too short for my taste, still it is surprisingly satisfying and quite innovative for an introductory version on Wii. This gives it an extra edge regarding its competitiveness in my opinion, so don’t ignore this one.

The Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 has a long name and the introductory tutorial is just as long. Even for those who have already played this type of games will find the tutorials necessary though for in a Wii platform it is a different game to experience altogether. For one thing, the players are controlled by a cursor, unnatural for some purists, yes, but natural for those who like computer games.

Then there are the buttons. The buttons getting tapped will get the players to move in different ways. For the first time user this can get a little confusing but after a while the system which is designed well allows the user to perform the same moves as in the other games.

The game can obviously be played online, however, Wii sort of has a bit of trouble regarding this and it may be difficult to find other online players to play the game with you. However, once you have found another online player, playing online is just the right thing to do. The only thing that could disappoint would be if the internet service is slow. It would definitely help if the internet were a high-speed one.

In terms of appearance, well this series is not known to be aesthetically attractive. But this Wii version is definitely an upgrade. The menu is logically arranged and it is quite easy to navigate your way through it. In fact, the whole game play is quite logical and straightforward, so no confusions here. Graphics-wise, this has a much better look than the PlayStation2 version.

Some critics may say that Konami was risky to develop a Wii version of a usually disappointing Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, but I have to say that the risk they took was well worth the effort and money in developing this. The controls are easier to manage which makes it easier for the player to have fun and enjoy the game flow.

This would not be a review if there were no downside mentioned. The game is not flawless; I doubt that any game is that. But despite all the glitches and hitches that is to be expected in online games, this one passes muster and does not disappoint. There are later editions of this title on the Wii, my advice would be to go with the later editions.

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Dec 13, 2014

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Release Date:

March 18, 2008

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