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November 11, 2008

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 for the PSP is the latest update to the award-winning soccer series, with new additions, smarter AI, and better graphics. Exclusive rights to the UEFA Champions League allows you to play as and against your favorite players and teams. The game presents a Television-style presentation and delivers dramatic camera angles on replays, videos, and banner ads. Become a Legend mode lets you create a player from scratch and focus on the individual player rather than a team adjustments for friction, air resistance, backspin, and more results in dramatically improved ball movement within the game.

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You might have already heard of the Pro Evolution Soccer series from Konami if you have been a PSP player for some time. This is their fifth installment in the series, and this represents the league in which Manchester United and Liverpool play.

Konami has added some features in this year’s version, such as online mode, new soundtrack, and a new mode. However, these changes don’t even make the smallest impact on the game, and the visuals are still the same as last year’s. Even the gameplay has not change a bit, but as with the previous versions, responsive and challenging levels are still present.

There is the new Become a Legend mode in the PES 2009. This gives you the chance to be a star on a certain team, as everything will be focused on just an individual player - you. Just like really famous players, you can have your own stardom and even retire in this mode while at the top. If you’re thinking who controls the other players of the team, it’s the computer of the game. If you ask me, I think this is a nice feature. However, since you will start small, usually on the bench, and slowly go up the ladder, it is rather boring as time goes by. What happens here is that you succeed together with your team and not by yourself only, so it is not ultimately personally rewarding.

Only Liverpool and Manchester United are licensed in this game, though other teams are present such as the French, Italian, and Dutch teams. This is just a shame since other editions, especially for other platforms, had licenses for the other teams. I guess it is rather frustrating that they did not make it to the PSP.

The online play lets you fight one-on-one with worldwide players. This is kind of cool since you get to play with real people rather than just with the computer. What lets this great feature down is the fact that the system still has bugs and commonly lags. Also the system cannot remember your login credentials and you have to retype it every single time. I am not giving up on this one though, and I believe Konami still can improve this in the future.

I found the graphical presentation poor too. Movements are not continuous, and the players look very cartoonish and artificial. They didn’t make much change to the previous menus as well.

Seriously, I like the new additions to Pro Evo 2009, however, I am still think it is not yet the right time to upgrade with only these things to look out for. However, if you really want to try, then go ahead. Still, the new Become a Legend mode is a winner, and I believe there will be a great future for this mode. More improvement is needed on the online play though, and I hope they improve the visuals.

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November 11, 2008

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