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November 03, 2009

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 is a video game built on pride, the pride that comes from making the most realistic soccer experience one can have within the world of gaming. Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 does not disappoint and this year, the voices of fans world-wide have been heard. Based in Japan, Winning Eleven Productions has instituted a host of anticipated changes that make PES 2010 the best yet. In PES 2010 you'll find yourself on the largest stage in digital soccer: The Champions League. Imagine you're in a 1-1 tie in stoppage time against Manchester United. You've broken their defense and are sprinting full throttle into a man to man match of wits and reflexes with Edwin van der Sar...

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Of course, you are expecting to play soccer in this game; but in this edition you are given little extra in the shape of more game modes to tackle. You will also be given more challenges and obstacles to go through. In other words, this edition of the Pro Evolution Soccer is a lot better than some of the others.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 has improved on its features and functionality. Now, you can expect an extra layer of excitement and thrill while playing. First of all, the speed is reduced and has become a more playable pace. Another feature that was improved was its online game mode. It is made more open to others to play against you. Now, you can adjust your team selection and tactics and playing style. This way, you can give your own strategy to the game and not be just merely controlling the players and their movements, you are in charge. You can also join in a tournament with other online players, or dabble in the multi-player mode.

Graphically, it is still very interesting. The audio is clear and realistic and provides good voice-overs. The presentation of the game is also of a reasonable standard, with better quality than previous titles, and the game play has improved very much from last year’s version. Overall, Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 has definitely evolved into a better game with more meaningful action and experiences. Though this type of game is often predictable, the excitement and challenges that you will be exposed to during the game are creatively thought out. This version of Pro Evolution Soccer is something worth recommending and has corrected the mistakes seen in last year’s version.

I believe this is the best Pro Evolution so far! I would rate it towards full marks.

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Feb 7, 2014

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November 03, 2009

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