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November 10, 2009

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Pro Evolution Soccer returns to PSP, placing addictive arcade football and the UEFA Champions League in the palm of your hand. Players will take their club to European glory in a fully licensed UEFA Champions League Campaign. Use all-new, accessible tactical options to gain an edge on the pitch when trying to slip past the opposition. Players will also be able to challenge friends to Wireless multiplayer matches via in game Ad Hoc Mode.

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 on the PSP features a game that is almost identical from its predecessors. However, you should expect more twists and more challenges on this game that will surely intrigue and interest those football enthusiasts.

This updated version of the series Pro Evolution of football gives you a more difficult game of football that will surely get you down to business. The passing from one player alone is made crisper as ever, the players are unique from their physique to the facial hairs as well as accessories. The shots that are made by players also possess a big difference from the previous versions of Pro Evolution so be sure to train yourself well on making a kick.

The reaction time for this game is quite impressive that playing Pro Evolution 2010 on the PSP is almost the same as playing the game on the PS2. If you have been familiar with this game from its previous versions, you will easily notice that great improvements have been introduced for this year's release. Back then, the versions were not a challenge enough because it was missing a Master League Mode; but now, Pro Evolution on PSP had been catching up slowly when it comes to the different modes of the game.

The Master League mode of this game is based on a basic version of PS2, however; since this game is something to be played continuously, it starts to fit the platform perfectly. Together with the Champions League ad-hoc game mode, you can also play the ad-hoc Legends mode. As you play, you can notice the impressive selection of game modes that this Pro Evolution version has to offer.

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Release Date:

November 10, 2009

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