Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 PSP

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02 November 2010


The game is definitely at par with other consoles. It is not perfect but it can certainly give you all of your money’s worth. With its enhanced gameplay it provides one heck of a soccer game experience, especially for those who travel a lot.

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by Konami
Release Date: 11/08/2011

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There have been some changes in gameplay which prove to be, in general, on the positive side. Such improvements are always wished for but do not always happen as a series progresses over a period of time, especially on this platform. This game delivers compared with the previous handheld versions. The passing system has been fine tuned to the point where precision through balls can be played to a team mate with a high success rate, but long balls are still difficult. With passes no longer automatically falling at the feet of your team mates on the console version, you would expect the same useful and more challenging feature would be carried on to the PSP version. But no. The auto-passing feature is making a return, thus making it a little too easy to pass the ball to any of your team mates.

Newcomers get a smoother ride than before, and will find little difficulty in quickly getting accustomed to the gameplay and will soon be up to hammering opposition. Then we have the fatigue system where a player’s stamina is eventually restricted giving another realistic touch by ensuring that each player will progressively slow down due to exhaustion as the match progresses, so substitutes are a necessity.

Another example of the handheld PSP game mechanisms being inferior to that of the console version is the drag and drop substitution method which made the selection of players easy. Having said that, the method used on the handheld, PSP version is perfectly usable.

The visuals are not wonderful but meet the needs of the game. Menus and information are presented clearly, players look like their real-life counterparts and are showcased particularly well during goal scoring celebrations. It doesn’t match the graphics that the console version boasts but PES 2011 on the PSP is still a good-looking game with an acceptable level of detail on the game’s animations.

The audio in the portable version of the game is clear and suits the general atmosphere. Crowds actually chant at the right time and in general the sound effects are handled very well. The commentaries are of high quality even allowing for the occasional hiccup.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 for the PSP is far a from perfect transfer from the console version of PES 2011, but I wouldn't knock it for that as the overall gameplay is above average. If you already own the console version of the game and don’t really need the portability then you’re probably better off without the handheld version. However, if you do travel regularly and get bored eassily, and don't read books, then soccer on the go with PES 2011 is the answer.

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