Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Wii User Review

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Pro Evolution Soccer is a series of soccer video games that has been produced by Konami for the past ten to fifteen years. The games are terrific for die hard and casual soccer fans, which is why they have so much success worldwide. While PES is often second to FIFA in game sales, it is still a very good game. Here we look at what is great about PES 2013 specific to the Wii game console.

Game Modes:

The PES 2013 game has various game modes. The simplest game mode is the single or exhibition game. This means that you play a one off game by selecting two teams and you can do this against an opponent or the computer. The match settings can be adjusted and the stadium for the game can also be changed. Before the game starts, you can change up the formation and the players that you select for each team, depending on your personal preferences. While the game does not have team licenses, there are real player names for all the teams in the game.

PES 2013 features teams from most of the top leagues in Europe, as well as some South American teams. Most national teams are also present, with all the players having appearances and stats that are almost identical to their real life abilities.

Another popular game mode is the master league, where you select a team and have to move through the leagues and see if you can get success. Master league is just like a manager mode, where you control the players that are in the team as well as the pre-match tactics. You will play the games too, so it is the ultimate experience.


One thing that PES 2013 has done right for the Wii is the gameplay. It is incredibly detailed and it is almost on a par with what is available on other consoles and the PC. While other Wii games take the more silly route with animations, PES has stayed true to itself with this game. It is very easy to play the game and it is definitely a lot of fun.

The great thing about PES 2013 is that anyone can pick it up and start playing it. It is not that hard to get used to and the motions are very realistic and they will come naturally to you after a few games.CPU difficulty can be adjusted and this makes for a real challenge in some of the harder difficulty levels. For this reason, PES 2013 is great both for casual and more serious soccer fans.

Overall Impression:

PES 2013 on the Wii is a great advert for the game that millions love. It is fun to play, has all the right elements for a Wii sports game, but also has terrific graphics. You can spend hours playing this game by yourself, but it is also a game that is great when you have friends over. This makes PES 2013 the total package.