Purr Pals: Purrfection 3DS

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12 May 2012


Purr Pals Purrfection is a purrrfectly adorable Nintendo 3DS game that has you interacting with all the cute, frisky, playful little kittens you've ever wanted! Choose a cuddly virtual kitten to adopt, raise, groom, pet, feed, entertain and love! You'll have hours of fluffy fun choosing your kitty's breed, toys, and the accessories it will wear while you play. Share Meow Grams of cute and funny kitten pictures with your friends. If you like kittens, you'll love Purr Pals Purrfection.

  • Interact with your kitten in 3D space!
  • Choose from 8 kitten toys like the remote control mouse, blinky ball and laser light
  • 10 mini-games with 3 levels of achievement in each game
  • 5 kitten care mini-game activities
  • Unique kitten personalities with different breeds exhibiting different behaviours
  • Earn “Purrs” by keeping your kitten happy and frisky by engaging in playful activities and be rewarded with unlockables and achievements.

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