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November 04, 2008

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007: Quantum of Solace is a first person shooting game with third person cover combat which allows you to adjust your gameplay to meet each challenge. Hide behind cover, fire from protected positions and use suppressing fire to distract enemies. Using the likenesses and voices of actors from both films including Daniel Craig and Judi Dench, the game immerses you in the story of how Bond becomes the ultimate 00 agent. Each mission will take you through the exotic locations such as Casino Royale in Madagascar, the deserts of Bolivia and the streets of Austria.

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What’s the recipe for a Bond classic? Have a hot dude in an equally hot sports car, pair him off with a hot babe, and throw in some bad guys for villains going against the hero’s goals, and Presto! You have a perfectly crafted but typical Bond film. And as new movies emerge, so do new games materialize, which obviously, the latest Bond film, Quantum of Solace isn’t an exception to the trend. All it takes is a similar engine to that of Call of Duty 4 wrapped around the world of James Bond with a few tweaks here and there to keep the thrilling action as novel as it could ever be. Here’s a bummer though, the additions don’t quite add up, unfortunately. It’s not that these additions are bad; they just simply don’t complement well and lacks cohesiveness with the rest of the game; thus, end up feeling of kind of unnatural and strained.

As expected, you’d be playing from a first-person perspective in the entirety of the game. The biggest shift from the COD 4 gameplay plan is when you get detached from Daniel Craig’s point of view. Developer Treyarch figured that gamers are on the lookout for the star, hence, decided to have a cover system added on to the typical first-person shooter Quantum of Solace gameplay, which works quite splendidly in Gears of War and some similar games.

You can basically stick yourself in any surface by pressing the A-button or scurry for cover when you hold the button down long enough. Although the cover system is perceived to better than in any other game it lacks the ideal functionality found in games such as Kane and Lynch, for instance. Another perceived problem with the cover system is that most of the levels are built around the mechanics. This means that the free-flowing way of killing enemies from a lot of different angles which was available in COD4 is not present here. A lot of the standard stop and pop gameplay are placed instead. It would have been completely fine if you just want to see a lot of guts and blood in flashy fashion. But when you’re dealing with a pack of dubious criminals, it can get to be quite a drag.

Fortunately though, there are lots of instances where the scenes are not really that humdrum. The game really tries to do a great job by adding some intensity and flare although those moments are rare and may be quite far in between. To keep the action a bit unpredictable – they are predictable, believe me, especially if you’re a huge fan that has watched every Bond movie – and lend some freshness, the levels remain varied all throughout.

The presentation is generally done quite well. The graphics aren’t bad but its greatest failure is the repetitiveness of the enemy design – all the enemies look and act exactly the same. There’s a noticeable lack in explosion that seems unrealistic and cartoony. The gameplay is quite decent but may be a little bit forgettable and can definitely do with some improvements.

Overall, this might be a fun game to start with but it also has the potential of being forgotten after a week.

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November 04, 2008

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