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October 23, 2003

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Railroad Tycoon 3 casts players as the captains of an up-and-coming railroad system, in competition with other, like-minded entrepreneurs to claim as much of the lucrative 19th and 20th century rail trade as they can. Beginning with a modest amount of start-up capital, players found a company, purchase cars and locomotives, lay down track, and choose the kinds of cargo their fledgling rail systems will move and trade. While Railroad Tycoon 3 is designed to retain and improve upon favorite gameplay features found in the earlier titles, it also makes some changes -- the biggest of which may be the switch to full 3D, thanks to a game engine PopTop developed itself for this project.

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Railroad Tycoon 3 can bring nostalgia back to PC games. Trains, tycoons, and earning lots of money. This is a plot that is simple, straightforward, and is very successful.

Railroad Tycoon brings us back to the days of Cornelius Vanderbilt and others like him. Here, the gamer is transported aboard the power of the locomotives running on steam, trekking through the continents in search of millions and billions. The graphics are really impressive, 3D folks, which just antes up the uniqueness of the game.

The gamer starts out poor, but with a little bit of capital. Founding a company takes a lot of management skills. As the gameplay moves on, the gamer’s character earns not only experience points but money as well. There is a choice of which era to play: pre-industrial Midwest, Texas at the apex of the oil industry, and the Reunification of Europe. The gamer is not alone though, there are computer generated players who are designed to grab the rug from under the feet of the gamer. There is a need to prove not only might, but intelligence as well. All throughout the game, the economic conditions are set against the gamer and influence the way the money is earned and kept.

The first thing that needs to be done is to lay down the tracks. Remember, this is a train ride adventure so wherever the train is taken, that is where the adventure is. And the money. What makes this so challenging is, the gamer has to pay attention to the details on the map. Careful study and analysis are needed to make sure the tracks are laid on the path to economic freedom. If the tracks are not in the right place at the right time, then that is money lost. The tracks may be there but the economy would be absent. Fortunately, the gamer can always click on the Undo button to make sure that there is not that much money lost; otherwise, the game is lost before it has even begun.

The trains have to be on the tracks as well, obviously. Different scenes are played out according to the time period and country chosen. There are different types of trains here, locomotive, electric and others. It is important to buy the right train to gain the most money. Somehow, this is no ordinary game, it needs to have an intelligent player to succeed, and that’s what makes it great.

Mastering how and where to lay down the tracks, and having to make an intelligent choice on which train to buy and use, more than makes up for the time on the game. Then there are the campaigns which have to be won which may include the stock market. The stock market can be confusing for those not familiar with it, so stock on the knowledge guys!

Railroad Tycoon is impressive, graphically and in gameplay. Definitely it is intriguing enough that it makes the brain cells actually start thinking. For the players who are deep into shoot and kill games which do not involve thinking, this is one game which can short circuit the brain cells. Simply fantastic!

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Release Date:

October 23, 2003

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