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June 26, 2007

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Ratatouille on the PSP (PlayStation Portable) offers a fresh and exciting take on the platform action genre. The game will engage players in deep, fluid, and fast gameplay through fun filled mini-games, daring heists, frenzied pursuits and wild chases. This game will provide constant fun and challenge. Outrun skinner and other enemies in 30 thrilling mission levels. Navigate treacherous terrain through 5 massive worlds and finally interact with Remy, Emile, Gusteau and more.

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This is a game that has very complex and long quests .You will find the game quite fun as you climb furniture and scurry like a rat. You will encounter Remy who has a variety of abilities. Every level of this game is full of puzzles and the graphics and the environments just mimic the movies feel and look, this is quite entertaining. However you will find the game has enemies who are not as active as you would expect some lifeless insects and reptiles. The upgrades on food recipes are not much of an enticement for replay missions.

Played on the PSP Ratatouille is an adventure game on 3D. In this story, players have to help Remy, the Rat to run, jump, swim, climb through the 30 levels to save chief Linguioni. You may get worn out before you are halfway with the story. The mission is relatively long and the levels are balanced to give the puzzle-solving and the enemy bashing a platform level. The game is limited to two players.

The game play involves nothing new, everything that the other adventure games have. In Ratatouille you have to climb up dangling ropes, scurry across furniture, jumping between shelves and furniture and moving boxes and cups as footstools helps reach the recipe card that is stashed in each level. When you are across the water in the bathtubs and sinks, you can have Remy submerge to duck electric eels on the surface. Remy seems to have some Sly Coopers and Daxters acrobatics, and by pressing the circle button you can make him jump off horizontal bars and land even on the smallest knobs.

Enemies on this level will try to crunch Remy, but with a punch combo you can send away the enemies. If you run out of health or energy, you will have to start the level from scratch; however you will rarely run out of energy because there is food everywhere.

The 3D environments make very good use of the PSP. Though not as lavish as in the movie but way much better. The only drawback with the environment is that some objects that should move when you clash the past them, never move. You will laugh as you watch Remy use his acrobatic animations across the tight ropes and as he somersaults on the horizontal bars. You will also find it fun as you punch enemies like the spiders, bats and snakes.

You do not have to have watched the film for you to be able to play this game, but if you have watched it, you will have a better understanding of the characters. However minor characters do not get a lot of screen-time. The presentation of this game is delightful but irrespective of the small number of flaws.

Ratatouille lets you go wild with the acrobatics that Remy shows for close to eight hours. If you are a fan of the movie you will like the game as well and the pricing is perfect.

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June 26, 2007

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