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June 26, 2007

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Ratatouille has some small good points, but the gameplay is not the best and does become frustrating at times.

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by 505 Games
Release Date: 09/16/2008

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Level one starts of with a basic , but only partial, tutorial. The story follows the adventures of Remy the rat whose ambition is to become a chef and everything is designed towards that end. The main occupation in the story is to collect charms scattered around in various places; some involve physical leaps and jumps and some require more in the way of thought. No too much thought though, as the game is really aimed at kids and families. Early on the game controls are easily manageable but later on in the game some of the more complex moves require a lot of pratice and it is very unlikely that they will be successfully carried out at a first attempt. In some of the faster play the controls do not seem to respond fast enough.

Each level requires Remy to collect a certain number of charms to move on, the charms are located around the levels however they can also be gained from completing tasks and minigames, also found throughout the levels. These sometimes involve chasing a character or perhaps being chased, Remy is after all a rat. The minigames are not too original but they seem fun enough and are fairly varied.There is no option to save your part finished game and there is no Xbox Live facility but the game does allow up to 4 players to play the minigames. The minigames can be unlocked by completing them in the story mode. The basic story mode takes only a relatively short time but variations can take considerably longer. Although the has no live multiplayer, the better minigames do add a little more play time to the game. Other than the minigames and perhaps another run through for the achievements there isn't much to make you want to return to the game.

The graphics are quite adequate for a game based on an animated film, and the main characters are better presented than the lesser ones and the backgrounds. Remy in particular stands out from all the rest. The little background music that there is fits in well with the style of the game and the character voices are spot on, doing justice to the humorous and catchy sayings of Remy.

Ratatouille has some small good points, but the gameplay is not the best and does become frustrating at times. The camera can also behave annoyingly. I would not recommend this game as it will probably only be appreciated by lovers of the characters from the film.

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June 26, 2007

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