Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time - PS3

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October 27, 2009

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Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time puts players into the role of both Ratchet and Clank as they attempt to reunite and save the universe. Along the way, both will finally uncover the hidden truth behind their origins, and discover their ultimate destinies. As the duo come closer to reuniting, they'll have to ask themselves the biggest question of all: Do Ratchet and Clank's destinies lie with each other? Or is it finally time for the universe's greatest duo to separate for good?

As with previous Ratchet & Clank games the action in A Crack in Time is a blend of platforming, shooter scenarios and puzzle-solving. Seeing as the premise of the game is that the constantly impending rescue of Clank by Ratchet, action naturally toggles between the scenarios that both find themselves in separately.

Playing as Ratchet players engage primarily in a mix of exploration and comic shooter style gameplay that occurs both on planetoids and on space ships throughout the gameplay area. As players come in contact with non-player characters (NPCs) they will often be asked to perform duties such as rescues, for which they will be given rewards that Ratchet can then use to purchase new weapons and items.

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Release Date:

October 27, 2009

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