Resident Evil 5 PC User Review

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It has been 13 years since Capcom has released Resident Evil, a game that would define an entirely new game genre dubbed as “survival horror.” Resident Evil 5 is the latest in the franchise. Released on 2009, this game has expanded on the action heavy formula of Resident Evil 4 and was built to support multiplayer action.

10 years after Raccoon City has been destroyed, former Stars Alpha team member Chris Redfield is an agent. This organization aims to destroy Umbrella’s creations which have fallen under the wrong hands of terrorists after its downfall. Chris then learns that Umbrella will make a big deal with the African nation, so he sets out to stop the transaction and also learn about a mysterious doomsday project known only as Uroboros. Chris is joined by Sheva, a Kijuju agent, and together they battle infected villagers, monsters and so forth.

Teamwork is vital to take down powerful enemies and bosses, as such Resident Evil 5 has taken the franchise up a notch by adding a second character. Each character can carry 9 items; your enemies will no longer wait for you as you rummage through your inventory so better organize properly.

Resident Evil is a visually stunning game, and the varied environments are greatly detailed. And if you have right mix of equipment, you can take advantage of Nvidia’s 3D Vision technology to experience the game in 3D.