Resident Evil 5 PS3 User Review

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PlayStation 3


For starters, you will be Chris Redfield, an original character from all the way through Resident Evil 1. As you go along the game, you will be accompanied by Sheva Alomar, who is an African national and bioweapons expert. Together, you will both be tasked with preventing the explosion of "biological organic weapons." Unfortunately, under certain circumstances, the weapons will be unleashed and your task will translate into saving your lives and all those that can be saved.

As you go along with the story, Chris will be unable to fight his way off the zombies so Sheva will then be the one to take over. She will be there to assist you in every step of your mission for survival. You will be obliged to finish certain quest that enables you to unlock certain options where you can control Sheva herself. Once you take control of Sheva, you will need to depart with Chris in order to finish quests that only Sheva can accomplish such as doing acrobatic stunts and reaching hard to reach places and areas.

Unlike Chris, Sheva have the ability to heal herself every time she loses health however, she is not that efficient when it comes to conserving ammunition for the entire game. She tends to be a bit trigger happy for enemies even though her target is not perfectly presented. Although she’s not that good in using guns or saving bullets, she is a very useful as an AI partner.

There are lot of new challenges and difficulty levels installed on this update version. One of which is that you cannot run while shooting an enemy- believe me, this can be very hard. Another is that your inventory is limited therefore you can only carry a few things to fend your enemies with. Lastly, weapons are upgradable to make your zombie-slaying quest a lot easier.

On this latest version of RE5, you can ensure more adventure, action, explosions and most of all a thrilling experience.