Resident Evil 6 Archives - Xbox 360

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October 02, 2012


Resident Evil 6 Archives is about zombies, bioterrorism, and political machinations and continues with four distinct campaigns, overhauled controls, and four-player co-op. One campaign begins with Leon S. Kennedy and his partner Helena Harper attending an anti-bioterrorism speech by the President of the United States, only to be forced to kill him when he becomes an infected mutant. A second campaign features Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans as they head to China to battle the spread of a powerful new strain known as "C-virus." All three main campaigns offer co-op support, and some sections of the game combine two groups for four-player action; while the new "Agent Hunt" multiplayer mode lets Xbox 360 gamers become monsters and infiltrate the campaigns of fellow players.

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Release Date:

October 02, 2012

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