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May 21, 2013

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Resident Evil Revelations returns redefined for Wii U complete with high quality HD visuals, enhanced lighting effects and an immersive sound experience. This latest version of Resident Evil Revelations will also deliver additional content including a terrifying new enemy, extra difficulty mode, integration with and improvements to Raid Mode. Raid Mode, which was first introduced to the series in the original version of Resident Evil Revelations, lets gamers play online in co-op mode or alone in single player taking on the hordes of enemies across a variety of missions while leveling up characters and earning weapon upgrades. New weapons, skill sets, and playable characters including Hunk, take the Raid Mode experience to new depths.

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Some fans may have argued that the Resident Evil franchise started to steer away from it's roots beginning with Resident Evil 4 and the game developers also noticed this. Resident Evil Revelations takes the Resident Evil franchise back to it's roots. Players will have limited resources to draw from but will also face gaming moments that are chilling and will encounter monsters closeup. These techniques help to create a panicked, survival horror feeling that sticks with gamers and forces them to play the game strategically. Alongside the improvement to how the game is played, the developers also spent a lot of time detailing and texturing the monsters in the game, the characters and even down to the details of the environment itself.

Revelations takes players aboard the Queen Zenobia ship that is outside of the Arklay Mansion. Because of this, the ship's environment makes for very creepy game environments. Players are faced with dark hallways, rooms and will at times feel very uncomfortable. This eerie feeling will keep players ready and waiting for the moment they may need to fend off something. The game's sound also adds to the creepy nature of the environment. There are many moments when the game can be silent and then all of a sudden a breeze will howl through the corridors or a creature will let out a painful, scary moan off in the distance. Because of the sounds combined with the way the game plays, it will make for a truly scary experience that will freak people out and even leave some people on the edge's of their seats.

While the traditional zombies in the game have been replaced by another threat, the nature of the other threat is essentially the same as zombies. The Ooze as they are called were designed to become a biological super weapon; however after things went wrong the bodies are now lifeforms with the sole purpose of attacking and eating living beings. Besides these basic creatures, there are also other environmental elements in the gameplay that will leave people scared. The levels of the game are designed into chapters and some of the chapters end with a boss that the player must defeat. Once the chapter has been completed, the player may also choose a different character to continue with their own specific story.

This version of Resident Evil stays true to the standard controls from the previous games. This allows players to stop moving while they shoot or they may also strafe while shooting, dodge or aim their weapon. While the player can control their own actions, the same is not true for the CPU-controlled ally the player will eventually come into contact with. However, the A.I. of the ally does successfully help the player against enemies and won't unnecessarily use precious items or ammunition. Although the ally may help the player, they don't really cause that much damage to enemies so the player will more than likely have to finish the fight. This technique allows the player to get some help when needed but still allows them to feel scared knowing that the threat is still great to them.

There are a couple changes made to the co-operative mode of the game. For example, players can't play together in the main story but they may connect together online and use the Raid Mode feature. The Raid Mode allows two players to play together on certain stages of the game with stronger enemies and changes made to the regular level. Upon passing these stages, the players are given rewards points they can use to buy game weapons and items.

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