Halo 4 Xbox 360 User Review

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Halo 4 is here and follows on from its predecessor Halo 3, this time with a new threat from a new alien race. The game overall is mostly of the first person view type of action shooter, so essentially you have no other views except when on missions which include the use of machinery, or vehicles, which are not in the first person view mode.

The game carries on pretty much where the previous title Halo 3 left off, you assume the position of Master Chief, a sophisticated cybernetic soldier, and as I mentioned before, in Halo 4 there are new alien threats in the form of the Covenant, an umbrella name by which they are predominantly referred to.

Under that umbrella, The Covenant, we have a new alien race called the Prometheans. There are three different types of Promethean, the first of these are the Knights, which serve as leaders and are the hardest of the new species which make up the Prometheans. Next we have the Crawlers and they are somewhat weaker in comparison, however these tend to appear in waves on a much larger scale. Finally we have the Watchers and they are deployed by Knights and offer support and with their ability to shield or revive the ever growing threat of the Prometheans.

Overall Halo 4 has set a benchmark and it seems hard to fathom out how on earth they can improve on this game, it really is a masterpiece, and as the series progresses I find myself getting more and more attached to this type of game, it really is a breath of fresh air. Speaking of masterpieces, the sound and music which accompanies the gameplay in Halo 4 is really stunning and definitely adds greatly to the overall feel of the game.