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Alan Wake is a well known writer, he and his wife take a holiday to Bright Falls. However when his wife goes missing Alan is taken on a story that will make him question not only reality but himself.

Story -- 8.5/10
One of Alan Wake's most powerful aspects is the story, full of twists and turns it will drive you to find out more. With small cut away levels that will allow you to delve into Alan Wake's life to understand more about how he thinks and what lead up to them going on holiday.

Graphics -- 7/10
The graphics are fairly good and does feel realistic enough, but as most of it is set in the dark the lighting is the most powerful effect for this game. It is clear the designers knew this and concentrated on it, unfortunately it is sill nothing to be amazed by. Cleverly you will probably soon forget about the graphics as this game will make you so paranoid and edgy that not having the best graphics in the world actually helps the game.

Game-play -- 8.5/10 (Suite's the game)
One of the other powerful aspects is the game-play, while it doesn't have the best aiming system, the best movement controls or any real cover system. This all manages to fit the game perfectly, your character is a writer not a soldier of course he cant aim a gun very well and the same for the movement. Him getting short of breath after running makes it a whole lot scarier when being chased. As for the no cover system this forces you to keep moving into forward (into danger).

Extra's -- 9/10
Alan Wake offers many hidden extra's with parts of manuscripts to be found and TV show's to watch which will make you feel even more on edge though out the game than normal.Not forgetting some great download-able content. If that doesn't make you carry on playing the game after you have completed it, then try playing it in the dark on nightmare mode.

I hope this was helpful =)

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Kinect Sports is totally different from other games currently on the market. This game not only captures the upper body’s movements but the whole body which is necessary for the player who often needs to use complex moves. In some scenes, these movements are a slightly abstracted. For example, the player need not run 100M for the track and field events. However, the player needs to run in place and jump when needed. In bowling where the player doesn’t actually hold a real ball, the game makes almost accurate guesses of the player’s shot.

The game also has events that the player needs to move around the play area. Kinect Sports has this unique feature almost not present with most games. The game does not merely require the players to raise arms and expect things to be done. The game requires players to estimate their position and actual movements. They need to move and hit around all throughout. It’ll surely make players sweat. Within the first 45 minutes of playing, players will be having covered all the playing area. Indeed, this is a very active game. The game is so precise that slight changes with technique and style of kicks in soccer results in different outcomes. It is also evident with table tennis where the player can use different paddle techniques. Kinect Sports is also physically satisfying with all the movements and actions the player has to make. Aside from that it also offers an engaging progressive level of difficulty. The higher the level the better the CPU players are. In table tennis, for instance, the shots get more difficult to catch in the difficult levels and the rivals seem to be more experienced. All these make the fun department of the working.

Unlike other sports-based Kinect game, Kinect Sports’ controls are easily accessible. It’s good for a wide variety of players. Playing it in a multiplayer mode will even be better. The rich variety of sports within the game keeps players busy most of the time. Kinect Sports has six events Bowling, Boxing, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Soccer and Track and Field which is actually in a compilation of mini-games like discus throw, javelin throw, and long jump. Aside from these mini-games there are other mini-games under those major events.

Kinect Sports could have been awesome save for the annoying lags in the game especially with multiplayer mode. While some games work perfectly on a multiplayer mode, the others appear to have some glitches. One game that works perfectly for two players is volleyball. All said, the accessibility offered by Kinect Sports makes it a perfect game for all kinds of players. The whole game is also perfectly rendered in terms of graphic quality aside from the snappy audio background. Kinect Sports is a great game for all sports lovers.

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Like all great things that don’t last forever, Mickey Mouse just isn’t the same icon he once was anymore. Mickey’s fame and popularity slowly waned and has become more of a corporate symbol rather than the vivacious character capable of sustaining grand adventures.

Epic Mickey was created by Warren Spector and his Junction Point team in an exceptional manner to pay tribute to Mickey Mouse and bring him back to the spotlight as an icon in films and games. Mickey Mouse was already gradually being forgotten, but with this new game it can be said that Mickey Mouse is back in action. The game was made to showcase the traits that all people love about Mickey Mouse. Playing the game can lead players and fans alike to think that Mickey is still one of the best out there and given the right break, can still hold up to among and against any Disney characters.

The concept of the game is all about Mickey needing to destroy Phantom Blot to save wasteland. Mickey was the culprit in unleashing the hideous creature when he destroyed a magical world with powerful paint and thinner chemicals. He eventually realizes that he needs to redeem himself and save Wasteland from total demise. Thus, when he was pulled back to Wasteland, courtesy of Phantom Blot, Mickey discovers the reality behind Wasteland and the presence of Oswald, the Rabbit adds to the element of excitement as the game unfolds and really portrays the goodness and the best of Mickey Mouse that appeals to all, whether young or old.

The game is loaded with full CG sequences but lacks in-game voice acting. It was made into 2D visual to depict the Mickey we all love. With such retro technology, Mickey can easily convey and relay his emotions that make him as charming as ever.

However, the game is not perfect and has too many loopholes; such as the failure to show and give way to permanence in the game, which is kind of disturbing. The game ultimately becomes a choice and consequence type, but fails in the aspect where you’re supposed to create something in a certain place, only to find it gone when you come back for it. Your work disappears and the place is back to its normal appearance when you first came. With this problem, the choice and consequence mode of the game is not completely enhanced and may be deemed a failure as a result.

The most annoying aspects of Epic Mickey are the control setup of the game and even more so with the camera views. It’s like the camera has a mind on its own. It brings a lot of stress as I couldn’t even control the unnecessary movement of the camera in the game. This problem has resulted in several “untimely demise”, which was quite irksome as the camera issue aggravates the setup. It was very hard for me to concentrate on my character especially in fighting scenes because of the quirky and constant movement of the camera.

With all the problems that besieged the controls and the camera views and angles, the game is saved by its very impressive graphics. This, at least has made me feel like it’s a wonderful gaming experience, after all. In the same breath, the creators likewise made an effort to portray and show the history of the relationship of Oswald and Mickey in the game so as to give variety rather than concentrate on one aspect, which is to kill the Blot.

It’s kind of funny how Spector and his team can create an exceedingly impressive base to make Mickey Mouse get counted again; yet the small stuff that they’re not supposed to sweat are so flawed, they could pull down to the ground and damage the larger, more significant experience. Don’t fret, though. Epic Mickey and its positive elements do manage to ultimately make this move worth the shot. Although you could say, I was guilty of losing my patience, if you keep your expectations a bit lower and manage to keep your frustrations under control, there shouldn’t be any reason for throwing the Wii Remote – or at least keep the throwing episodes to a minimum. Watch out that the wrist strap is wrapped tight.

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Since this is a puzzling adventure, the connection between the puzzle realm and the main character appears at the outset of the game which is quite an integral component of the game’s design. The real challenge of Hatsworth is the combination of 2 game types which will also work. When there are boss battles, every attack will make the bottom screen of no use or perhaps, you can add in the brand new puzzle areas which will require more work for removal. The 2 sections of the game will not make every section a half-game. Henry Hatsworth has an action or platform that is complete along with a puzzle game in which the size is life-like.

Although, there are basically several downsides to look into, the advantages are more superior to the bad. Even if there are knock-backs on the attacks, the game will not be overbearing. Yet, Henry Hastworth has made it a point to make the game for the youngsters and at the same time, give contentment to hard core fans. The down/attack is possibly the most influential conventional move in the game.

Considered a trivial complaint is the juggle system of the game resulting to a remarkable gameplay. But you will not have the chance to pick up some of the loot they have released since the juggle system will depend on the emergence of the pop up baddies and to keep them in the sky in combination. Furthermore, the design level is strong with very lengthy stages but you can have the chance to go back where you left off in the game once you have opened it again.

Henry Hatsworth is considered to be among the most original and well-constructed platformers in the system since the introduction of New Super Mario brothers. The gameplay is reliable and the style is witty and very funny. The characters of the game converse in a nonsensical twaddle and there is attitude found in the combination of the visuals, the designs of the characters while the sound aspect is sincerely amazing.

The pop-up combat is remarkable and is the ideal way to conceal more hardcore elements in a very accessible game whereas the enhancements, mobility, the design levels as well as the progression of the game all make Hatsworth an appropriate and perfect game of all ages. Though, there may be drawbacks to the elements in the platform, these are overwhelmed by the extraordinary and distinct mixture of 2 screens, 2 genres and mechanics that are in full realization.

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The Lord of the Rings, Aragorn's Quest was developed by Headstrong Games and released by Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment on September 14, 2010. Reviews of the game were mostly mixed, earning an aggregate score of 58/100 on Metacritic. The game features Zelda-style gameplay, although players have complained of too many item fetch quests and some repetitiveness. Graphics are decent, but not spectacular;but for the Wii it does very well, especially when having many characters on-screen at one time, something the Wii has historically been bad at handling.

The game is based on the books and movies, with Sam, whose voice is done by the original actor in the films, Sean Astin, telling his children the stories of the Fellowship of the Ring.

Controls on the Wii are responsive and accurate, making the action parts of the game, of which there are plenty, feel absolutely excellent. This takes some of the edge off the pain in the early half of the game, which feels like it goes overboard with fetch quests, go to one area of the map, pick up a certain item, bring it back.

As the game goes on and your abilities expand, it starts to feel more and more like a Zelda title with a Lord of the Rings skin. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as Zelda is an excellent franchise after all, and Lord of the Rings could have been an excellent setting.

The reason the game isn't better, or better reviewed, for that matter, is that it doesn't draw you in like a Zelda game. Many of the quests seem pointless and don't seem to further the plot, and the game occasionally feels graphically lost and it wavers between cartoons and realism.

By the standards of the Wii, the graphics are great. Even in late game, with many enemies and allies fighting it out on-screen, there is virtually no loss of frames or tearing, a problem that other Wii titles have struggled with.

Gameplay is centered around melee combat. After a while, it starts to feel somewhat monotonous, as it doesn't diverge from that much except for occasional missions wherein you must keep allies alive or complete similar objectives.

Cooperative play in Lord of the Rings, Aragorn's Quest isn't only possible, it's encouraged. A second player can start playing anytime, joining in as Gandalf, and because there are certain tasks that can only be accomplished by Gandalf the wizard, it appears that the game was designed specifically with cooperative play in mind. Note that the things he can do aren't necessary for game completion, you can play perfectly well by yourself.

Reviewers of the game were mostly neutral, earning Aragorn's Quest mostly mixed reviews. IGN gave the game a notably higher score than average, 7/10, citing only the repetitiveness and poor port to the PS3 as downsides. On the other hand, GameZone stated that both the combat and some quests were mostly pointless, and that Tolkien deserved better. Overall, this is a decent game but will mainly appeal to the many fans of the series.

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Mass Effect 3 on the Wii U is the latest title in the long running Mass Effect series that started back in 2007 on Xbox 360. Mass Effect 3 is action packed and thrilling, a true powerhouse of a game and an epic way to conclude the trilogy.


Before you play the campaign you are given a choice of how you would like to play. You can choose role-playing mode, action mode or narrative mode. Role-playing is similar to how the 2 previous Mass Effect titles are played. You build your squad and make important decisions involving your character and events. Role-playing mode gives you the choice of customizing your character.

Narrative seems like a much easier way to play the game than action mode is. Damage from enemy fire is minimal and shield regeneration is insanely quick. The enemies move around much slower and are easy to dispose of.

Action mode is more difficult, although combat remains the same. In action mode, you don't create your own character, you'll be playing as the default character Shepard, you don't get to choose a class or choose how you level up. Action mode seems to cater more to hardcore gamers, while narrative mode will appeal more to a novice who wants to check out the game.

The story line is well written. You play as Commander Shepard, whose home planet Earth is being invaded by Reapers, a highly advanced machine race of aliens. The Reapers are wreaking havoc on Earth and it seems that nothing can stop them. Your job is to travel across the Milky Way and unite different Alien races to go to war against the Reapers. Your main goal is to unite all these alien races and take back Earth. An important aspect of the Mass Effect 3 Wii U version is that you can not import saved data from previous Mass Effect games. However, this is remedied by allowing you to make decisions during the comic which influence events from the past.


This is groundbreaking for the series since it marks the debut of the first ever multiplayer experience for a Mass Effect title. It is a cooperative multiplayer game mode with one option, survival. In co-op you'll go up against powerful foes made up of Reapers, Cerberus, Geth and Collector forces. A total of four players can join the battle. One cool thing is the ability to choose from characters, each with different powers and abilities.


Concerning graphics, Mass Effect 3 is a work of art and a masterpiece. The game is aesthetically pleasing, with every environment rendered beautifully and incredibly detailed. The characters are very realistic with life-like movement. The Mass Effect 3 Wii U version does have a slight drop in frame rate during the most action packed parts of the game.


The Mass Effect 3 Wii U version uses the Gamepad tablet controller. One great feature is the Gamepad's touchscreen, which adds a top-down tactical map where you can see enemies and move your squad accordingly. The Gamepad is a defining feature that enhances game play for Mass Effect 3.

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A sequel to Rayman Origins has arrived. Rayman Legends the latest release of the Rayman series is an amazing adventure with unique themes and a variety of musical maps. The award winning team of designers and artists have created a product that has great game rendering that marks a great advance on previous versions. The new characters, levels and soundtrack are awesome. Players can connect online and navigate through challenges at varying skill levels and speeds. The graphics are stunning and immerse you into a world of fantasy and enchantment with awesome game physics.

The graphics make popular games like Super Mario Bros U seem outdated. It's fun to play with water-drenched slopes, zip-lines and awesome jumps. Rayman Legends represents the best 2D game on the market with high rankings and excellent reviews by gamers and industry professionals, which is understandable considering the addictive theme and colorful amazing graphics.

This game has a difficulty curve that will keep the attention of experienced gamers and gives the option to skip levels or change worlds for the less experienced. You won't get bored playing Rayman Legends as it's saturated with many worlds and levels which include previous maps from Origins giving users a longer and enhanced playing experience. Even advanced gamers can look forward to taking a longer time to master the game.

You will enjoy navigating Rayman, Teensies and Globox through worlds that are unmatched compared to other platform games released in 2012 and 2013. No other game provides a magical experience with levels that are designed around tempo and timing providing dynamic challenges. Rayman Legends consistently renews the difficulty level and doesn't contain a dull moment.

It's hard for a sequel to match or exceed the expectations of a successful predecessor, but Rayman Legends debunks this belief propelling this series to legendary status. For platform games, keeping the interest of players is becoming ever more difficult, but Rayman Legends is being regarded as one the best 2D platform games ever. Its glorious style is elegant and colorful with content that encapsulates great production and genius design. The game maintains creative humor with interesting and funny sounds and great composition with musical levels after each chapter. The game is receiving great reviews averaging 9/10 and 4.5/5 stars from gamers and industry professionals.

Platform owners that are addicted to great games will be happy to know that Ubisoft Montpellier has a release for every console on the market (Xbox 360, Vita and Wii U).

A few delightful words frowned upon in the real world but coveted by gamers are frantic, racy, chaotic and mind boggling. There are many secrets to discover and plenty of worlds to tackle. The game is a great experience when playing with other users (more fun than playing by yourself in my opinion) pushing the boundaries of 2D platforms and presenting a fresh and enjoyable experience.

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Watch Dogs is an open world action/adventure action game from the same makers as the successful Sleeping Dogs, Ubisoft Montreal, and published by Ubisoft.

Players take the part of an Irish vigilante character named Aiden Pierce living in a stylized version of Chicago. Aiden has the knowledge and expertise to regularly hack into the government's CtOS, otherwise known as the City's Central Operating System, a system that runs every technical aspect of the entire city. His knowledge gives Aiden the power to hack everything from bank accounts, public and private records and smartphones to traffic lights and street cameras. Aiden must use this technical know how and everything else he can in a mission to assassinate a media mogul named Joseph DeMarco, who has been acquitted of charges of a murder which he in fact committed.

Watch Dogs allows players access to an open world where they can free roam around many areas. They can use the central operating system to cause traffic jams or even major car collisions or other disruption as a distraction from his real mission. Players can make useful being able to hack into the system to avoid being located by the authorities. The city is literally under the player's control at any given time during the game.

Watch Dogs offers more than just computer hacking and hijacking technology, even though that is the main point of the game. Players can enjoy taking care of business in the city their own way. Players have access to many different weapons, super fast cars, and powerful computers.

In the online multiplayer mode, game players also have the challenge of finding hidden characters that they didn't realize were in the game, which works by one player secretly taking the place of another player or steal another's identity, without the second player realizing. Things can get a little complicated. When online, players will be able to hack into other player's information and use that to their advantage. They can go around the game committing crimes and causing problems without drawing attention to their own character.

With such a novel technological emphasis and amazing game play, players may be left wondering if the game is lacking anywhere else. The answer to that question is no, Ubisoft has worked hard to make sure all of the graphics are of amazing quality. They have continually pushed back the release date so they can make sure Watch Dogs is completely ready with no issues before it was publicly released. It is released for most systems including the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and the Wii U.

Watch Dogs has beautiful, stunning views along with great story lines. After playing Sleeping Dogs and comparing it to this game, I found it every bit as good and I can say with confidence that Watch Dogs will be a new best selling game.

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Just Dance is a franchise that insists players do not take themselves seriously. Anytime that a video game demands that its player be uncomfortable you are either going to have a great time, or just a revealing one. Fortunately, Just Dance 2014 offers a fun and contagious experience that can become the life of the party.

While Just Dance 2014 is not the most accomplished dancing game on the market, that would be Dance Central, it is probably one of the best party games out there. The game offers 47 great tracks, many of them current pop hits, including some classics from ABBA, Bob Marley and even Daft Punk. These tracks, instead of the generic ones that the initial Just Dance games came preloaded with, can get any people into the dancing mood.

The heart of the game comes when people are dancing, of course, and it has never been easier. Rather than relying on motion capture Just Dance 2014 works off of a mirror like system. Players line up in front of a system and stand across from a real dance, motion capped and recorded previously, and try to mimic their moves. The routines are easy, fun, and even a bit creative. Being a party game expect have the most fun while dancing with other people. Certain songs lend themselves to multiple person routines and the choreographing can get hectic and hilarious. There are many different versions of the songs available, offering alternate choreographed routines, but they are hidden behind an unlocking mechanism. The more you dance the more you will unlock and the more fun you will end up having.

Other modes make a return: players can go online and participate on the World Dancefloor or go into the Just Sweat mode. The World Dancefloor is a mode that is shared with everyone else in the world and dancers can join in with anybody that they see there. It's a good way to change up the pace.

If there are any major flaws with the Just Dance 2014 release it would have to be in the strictness of the scoring. The game rewards enthusiasm and energy over technique and it's hard to really correlate the two to become better at the game. Though, if you are playing Just Dance to try and get high scores then you are probably at the wrong kind of party.

Just Dance 2014 offers what everybody wants out of a party game. It is harmless, loud, energetic, fun, and lacking the pressure that is associated with going out to clubs. Busting the game out will do for dance parties what Rock Band did for musician parties. People will be lining up to try out the new ridiculous routines and the choreographed moves are a great way to open up and get comfortable with your friends. At the end of the day Just Dance 2014 is a complete package in what all it offers: fun.

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The original Plants vs. Zombies won over the mobile, PC, and console crowds with its easy to understand design and general charm. It offered a surprising amount of depth in its strategy gameplay and found crossover success with gamers and non-gamers alike. Thirty million players and a sequel later, PopCap has changed up the formula, opting for a first-person shooter game that retains the same kooky charms and successfully apes many multiplayer FPS tropes to carve its own flowery niche.

Like many of its more hardcore genre brethren, Garden Warfare offers a variety of Zombie and Plant classes to approach. From the ridiculous Football Zombie All-Star to the healing wonder that is the Sunflower, players are given options how to approach their residential (or graveyard) garden mayhem. The balance appears, at least so far, to be right near perfect and there seems to be a fair amount of room for experimentation within each class.

Further complementing this variety is a crazy amount of unlockables that do everything from cosmetically alter your player's appearance to giving actual stat modifiers and upgrades. These are varied and usually humorous alterations, and if the player so desires, be purchased earlier (with an in-game currency) if one doesn't want to wait. However, one frustration found in the unlock system is that the player doesn't necessarily control what skill or perhaps which character they'll be unlocking. The skills are random as are the character arrivals and the word 'customizable' does not apply to Garden Warfare like it does to many FPS these days. This is a puzzling but not crippling omission, although it definitely stands to alienate those looking for more customizability.

Thankfully, the core gameplay here stands out as being both tight and well-realized. Controls are simple and approachable, and the diverse player skills all pack their own charms and applications. There's a nice pace to the action too, as the smaller maps accommodate the 12-player count well, making battles quickly heated and always contested. Rarely did a match feel one-sided or empty, and there was always a sense of a battle approaching or the promise of action as soon as you spawned in every environment.

Rounding out the package are great aesthetic qualities and the well-rounded presentational charms. The game doesn't take itself seriously, inherently carving a niche for itself amongst the denizens of self-serious FPS games around. The colors are bright, the music is cheery, and the characters are humorous to the point that you never forget you're witnessing a battle between plants and zombies. This helps the game find a cathartic tone beside the foliage massacre and undead re-deading, and it really defines the title differently than just about any other FPS on the market.

One final point to mention here is that the game does feel a bit scant, even at its $40 point. There aren't quite enough maps or modes to really justify the price, and when you compare feature sets, Garden Warfare fairs modestly to most $15 downloadable shooters. Add in the fact that micro-transactions are suggested frequently and seem more essential than supplemental - the game can feel a little disenfranchising for the more economical gamer.

Still overall, Garden Warfare offers a unique FPS type of battle and setting, and one that plays as tight as it looks (with charm to spare). Gamers looking for a change of pace from the dystopia and blood-stained violence would do well to give this one a look. Those that are a bit more price-conscious may wait for a drop, but for its arcade-y thrills and immediate action, Garden Warfare seems planted to bloom into immediate success.

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