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Sony Playstation continues to head on the right track in reforming their successful PS3 video games into PSP formats. From their popular Resistance series, here comes Resistance: Retribution, which continues the story of James Grayson, the British soldier on a fight against the Chimera force, aliens trying to invade the Earth.

In Resistance: Retribution, developer Bend decided to do some tweaking to the game for improvement and adjustment purposes especially to more restricted specifications PSP could offer. First off, instead of the first person point-of-view, they switched to a third-person over the shoulder perspective. It does not give you the same Resistance experience but is effective for the PSP version, which also becomes a solution on the tight controls it has been developing over the years.

Because it is smaller, the PSP handheld version has several limitations and adjustments have to be made. The left stick is used for movements; while aiming is done through the four face buttons found on the other side. This is actually a good thing because of the auto aiming and target lock-on features that you have to rely on. If your weapon is at the right direction, the game itself will guarantee that you hit the opponents. You can opt for free-aim by tapping the d-pad; but this is not recommended because it is so slow.

This game also has new enemies like the Boiler, a skinny creature with a swollen head that blasts when it is near you. The game does have exploding enemies but these Boilers are more irksome because you spend a lot of bullets to defeat them; unless you shoot them on their heads, then you save a lot of ammunition. The bad news is this is near impossible with the auto-aim on, so you just have to do it manually. Enemies that blow up charges at you anytime out of nowhere, is another source of exasperation, especially if you are caught off-guard. Good thing there is a polished cover system that automatically glues you into place when you are in close proximity to a wall, a doorjamb or a box, which saves you the trouble of a blind fire or the complicated motions of holding a direction, leaning over and firing.

Resistance Retribution may not be a purely original game with all those gameplays but they are the best on PSP pure shooting games with their polished controls and consistent action. They have great graphic designs that could compete with other PSP games and even exceed in some areas. The game is very detailed when it comes to enemy graphics and location. If you’re looking for snags, it is most likely be about the quality of the audio.

Besides being able to enjoy a single-player campaign, one of the unique features of this new PSP version is the availability of a multiplayer mode. This is all possible through a local wireless connection or play online with PSP’s Infrastructure mode. Eight players can tough it out with each other in teams or in everyone versus everyone games or the most popular of all, the Assimilation type.

If you loved the Syphon Filter games, this is definitely much better. Although they have a lot more in common, the adjustments in the new Retribution has made the game a lot easier and faster to play.

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LEGO Batman is the fifth go of Traveller's Tales at the LEGO theme but still only minimal change has happened during this time. However, even if that is the situation, gamers and fans of the dark-caped crusader, are sure to find the game amusing. The main reason here is that the gameplay used is a proven success. It is enjoyable and easy to understand. Yet all the problems in the past concerning the LEGO games, such as nonsense puzzles and the AI problem are still present. At this stage you would have expected Traveller's Tales to nearly perfect the game, but that is not so.

LEGO Batman is a unique game because it did not take its story from any of the Batman movies or from the comics. The plot within the game is kind of original; thus, it gives the creators a wide horizon, since there is no pressure to follow up with a well known story. The Batman here is not even connected with the Batman we know. It is exactly like a Batman in the toy shelf where you can create anything you desire with it.

The main idea of the plot is basically a story of Batman chasing and capturing villains that escaped from the Arkham Asylum. When you play LEGO Batman, the main goal is basically to destroy enemies and smash objects. The story isn't all that important.

The charm of LEGO is still present in the game and as a whole, it is still very funny. You have the same stoic Batman here, Robin is still same old goofy self, and the villains have remained amazingly crazy. The characters are really good LEGO counterparts of the cartoon Batman. However, aside from the characters, the background is not something to get crazy about. It would have been better to see a more creative Gotham City.

To the game's credit, LEGO Batman has everything in the mix. There are a multitude of characters spread out in six acts. In the first half you can use Batman and Robin. There are also power suits you can use. Robin can use the magnetic suit that allows him to walk through metal walls. And Batman has the demolition suit so he can turn stuff into smithereens in an instant (this fits Batman, he always wants everybody's attention, right?).

When you reach act three to six, you may start using the villains. In this plot, you can have a taste of how the sinister villains set up their master plan. This, however, is before the ultimate meeting between them and the bat. Each villain has their own unique powers. Poison Ivy uses her kiss to poison another. The joker gives joybuzzers to anyone he touches. Mr. Freeze places anyone in the cold storage. The Riddler controls the minds of other villains to make them his minions. You know the rest. But the main Batman Nemesis here is Killer Moth. Oh yes, the all popular Killer Moth that everybody remembers (That was an attempt at sarcasm, by the way. No one really knows who Killer Moth is or was.)

And on top of the story, there are dozens of unlockable characters that can be used when replaying levels. Among these characters are Night Wing, Batgirl, Hush, Man-Bat and others; which can be unlocked with each LEGO bit collected in the game (Cool, huh!)

There are many good things going for this game. The huge downside is that the problem from the previous LEGO games was never addressed. The AI presents problems; the jumps are difficult to time and stuff like that. But if you are looking for a good laugh with a buddy while appreciating the comical Batman and friends the game has created, then by all means, go ahead and purchase the game!

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To start off, let me specify my personal computer specs: Pentium 3.0 GHz processor, 2GB RAM and an ATI Raedeon X 850 with 256MB RAM. You might be wondering why; but this is very crucial to the observations below.

Flight Simulator X comes in 2 DVDs and is huge in terms of system requirements! It takes a solid 30 minutes to install it and once finished, there’s a few minutes of waiting before the menu finally show on screen. Apparently, Microsoft has programmed a code to optimize the Flight Simulator X’s settings in your computer. And after the screen has appeared there is a menu that looks like Flight Simulator 9, along with a sweeping music score straight from an Indiana Jones movie.

The Deluxe Edition includes 24 planes you can choose from. When you have chosen and your selection has loaded, you then see a cockpit. The game default places you in a virtual cockpit; however, you may still choose the 2D instrument view. The controls are rather simple, save for the frame rate. At this point, you may set your settings at medium-low. There is a chase plane view by pressing the S key – this view allows you to see outside the plane and the surroundings.

Next, you get a clearance from the Air Traffic Control to taxi into an active runway. The frame rate at this stage still isn’t good. I discovered that minimizing the graphic settings can improve this issue a little, but it’s still worse compared to FS9. And on this note, let me emphasize that FS9 runs on the highest settings in the PC I just described earlier, with no problem whatsoever when it comes to frame rates. This is why I still have my FS9 multiple third party add-on packs installed, to enhance several features such as weather, the cockpit, and other AI planes.

Much to my disappointment – and most likely yours, too when you get your hands on it – the so-called “new” graphics is not at all new but just the same as in FS9. There was nothing substantial that added or improved on the planes. Some changes are mostly on the effects, such as the cloud features and the water effects.

It occurred to me, though that this is probably because I have the settings in minimum; but that’s the only viable option. I have noted that if I set it at Ultra-high, the game turns into a slide show presentation. The minimum setting is the only way I can play the game on the PC that I have.

But I decided not to give up on FS X – yet; and still give it a chance. I went off to try missions. There are more than 50 missions in the game which includes rescue missions and cargo runs. Twenty of the 50 are beginner missions, 14 intermediate, 10 advanced and 7 for experts. The missions sound fun. And there are unique challenges that make the most seasoned pilot sweat. I have to warn you, when doing the missions, the frame rate still interferes.

So here’s the verdict for FS X. If you have a PC that is only at par with what I have described earlier, this is not a recommended game for you. The frame rate is going to be a real problem; and expect the graphics to be dull. I would recommend that you try FS 9: A Century of Flight, instead. For those who have high end PCs, however, install the game and play to your hearts’ content. The game’s strength lies on its mission and on the graphics when in ultra high settings.

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Red Dead Redemption is an impressive videogame that will take you to the Wild West. Developed by Rockstar, the name behind one of the most popular videogames GTA, Red Dead Redemption offers a quality that has been associated to the trademark of this game developer. From dialogue to presentation, the game approaches every gamer with enthusiasm and excitement.

The storyline of Red Dead Redemption puts you in the character of John Marston, a former outlaw who has travelled to a bizarre location to hunt down a man. The game begins with a train journey which provides a little introduction to the game, but once John Marston gets off the train, you’ll look forward to the adventure that awaits you in the vast Wild West. You’ll journey through broad cactus-filled plains and mountains of countryside that spans through the border between the U.S. and Mexico.

Along your journey, you will get to meet a wonderful supporting cast. The characters present first-rate dialogue which makes you feel as if you’re part of the game. Other characters appear throughout the scene which offers a variety of storyline missions and events. Red Dead Redemption's environment of animals and plants is also one of the highlights in the game as it brings the whole setting into life.

The main story of the game is not that long, but because of dozens of missions, activities and events in the game, there is so much to do and you could spend hours in just doing one thing. These procedural events are the unsystematic events that happen in the game. You will have the chance to have duels, play poker, hunt down outlaws that terrorize towns, herding cattle, sharpshooting challenges and much more. These events allow you to have a lively feeling towards the game world. It keeps the flow of the game diverse and makes the game interesting. If you want a game that will serve as pastime for months, this is the game for you.

Red Dead Redemption gives you the freedom to stroll into the wilds and explore. This is where the game stands out. It offers an enhanced balance to the game in terms of main and secondary missions. It also offers an enjoyable understanding in developing your character. Though there is a legal system in Red Dead Redemption that will restrain the most ill-famed actions in check, you still have the choice whether you do moral or immoral things during any situation. A morality meter, together with a separate fame bar marks your actions and the citizens you meet in the game will begin to respond to your reputation.

Red Dead Redemption is a striking game with its fantastic concentration to detail. Its attention to color is also excellent. The geology of the land is one of the most impressive, making the hills and highlands come to life. The area you can travel around is very vast, dotted with ruins and towns. The game also features outstanding soundtrack that brings you more into the game.

For the multiplayer, the modes of the game are soundly crafted and more amusing especially when playing with your buddies. The multiplayer offers a wide array of missions for players to take on. The mode can reach up to 8 players, but 16 players can fill a lobby at once.

Red Dead Redemption is one of the most enjoyable and most dazzling games ever. There are occasional bugs but these are not enough to stop you from having fun. Red Dead Redemption’s single player and multiplayer modes are superb. There’s no doubt it will entertain you.

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FIFA 11 (PS3) - 2653 reviews

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Is the FIFA 2011 video game better than the 2010? That is the question that I will discuss and compare and contrast the highlights between the 2010 and the 2011 game. Plain and simple, once you tried the 2011 FIFA videogame, you will never go back to the 2010. You are bound to forget the 2010 because you definitely get hooked with the 2011 edition.

In the FIFA 2011, you can find better ways in scoring a goal. Once the ball touches the net, you also get this feeling of elation. Goalies here are much focused to close out any attempt to make a goal. They extend their arms to the limit to prevent any player from scoring. Players on the other hand, are very elusive. Their quick movements make it difficult for the defenders to catch them. Such quick movement is due to the new skill incorporated in the game - it is called the “Iniesta touch.” This skill allows you to turn abruptly and the feet’s movement is so fast that it definitely leaves your opponents so flabbergasted, they don’t even realize how it happens; needless to say, this gives you a better chance of ending with a goal. This feature definitely enhances the player’s dribbling. However, the move is not applicable to all players. It is only applicable to those who are truly good ball handlers in their career.

An example is Paul Scholes who seems to have no problem in getting away from his defenders while handling the ball. If you use players without the skills to handle the ball – take for example, Mr. Hangeland – you can expect some problems. There are other players worth mentioning because of their remarkable skills and agility; plus they have lots of tricks up their sleeves. Peter Crouch and Messi are among these players who are noted for their outstanding skills.

Meanwhile, defenders’ skills are not too far behind from those of the skilled ball handlers. In the 2011 edition, the defense is able to intercept crosses with their high jumping agility, and can steal the ball from the players by using their good foot defense strategies. The AI’s or your computer team mates can also help you in defense maneuvers. They assist you by harassing the offense while you keep a safe distance to intercept a pass or to prepare for a better defensive strategy. A clue that tells you whether the AI is able to help you is a shadow that “signals” their presence to back you up. With the help of the AI’s, you can stop the runners like Cristiano Ronaldo through double teaming, thus slowing them down. The ability to pass has also seen much improvement in the 2011 edition.

Unlike in the past, where almost every pass seems accurate (even if it’s quite impossible in real life situations), this aspect is now more realistic as blunders and misses happen. So the key is for you to control, with smart estimation, the power and the right direction. If not, the ball may be intercepted by the defenders. Passing skills also include the backspin, driven lobs, and the swerve passes. The switching from one controlled player to another seems flawless, and seems to not require that much effort. In addition, the AI offense players are also a lot smarter because they are able to position themselves wherever the ball goes. What’s more they know exactly what to do from their perspective positions.

In the 2011 the visual effects are also enhanced. Blinking and facial expressions seem realistic, and the player’s famous traits are also copied in the game. Besides the visual effects, EA Sports also includes some information about each player so you can tell apart the good players from and the ones who are not. In contrast to other soccer video game producers, the EA Sports team is composed of world class experts in their different fields, whether in the game of soccer or in the technical field of making the video game. The staff is definitely challenged to do better than the 2010 FIFA video game. Even if the 2010 edition is considered to be the most successful football video game ever made, EA Sports is still hungry to create an even more fantastic football video game of all time.

When you are playing the game, you actually feel like you are in control of the famous players. The 2011 edition also allows you to customize your own team, be a coach, a team manager, you can also be a Goalie, or even create your own team fashion and style. What’s even more impressive is the ability of the AI to adapt and learn from the different moves in the game and evaluate their own skills.

FIFA 11 is without a doubt way better than the 2010 version. You don’t really need an explanation to that, now do you. It’s plain and simple that the creators of the game have put their best foot forward so you can have a grand time kicking the ball.

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Throughout the release of Wii, its games have always been quite fun and enjoyable to play especially with the company of friends. Games such as bowling, boxing, tennis and the rest of the sports on Wii Sports prove to be quite addicting and entertaining for so many people. It’s a good exercise for someone who really doesn’t exercise that much too. And then there’s Wii fit. It’s really the workout regimen you’ll probably need at the end of the week. It similarly proves to be addictive and engaging as well. And now, we have Wii Music. Understandably, some people may skeptical about this game release in the Wii console, but those skepticisms may prove to be quite real because Wii Music if you want to call it as such is a huge disaster.

Along with expectations of fabulous music selections, players definitely expect that the songs be presented in very high quality. But Wii Music unfortunately left those expectations unsatisfied. The songs are in MIDI format proving to be second-grade and cheap quality. There are plenty of MIDI format tracks out there that are quite good but not the ones found in Wii Music. Generally, a MIDI soundtrack is not really that bad. It has some great advantage especially that it has spontaneity and you can easily add or remove instruments from a piece. But Wii Music just sounds plain terrible.

Some may feel entertained by the Nintendo game tracks like the theme for the Legend of Zelda and some themes coming from Super Mario Bros.; and then there are quite good contemporary songs including Material Girl and Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go, but expected roster of songs from the present time are noticeably missing; so you’d be sorely disappointed because Wii Music doesn’t cater to the more recent types of music.

Moving on to the mechanics, it’s pretty simple in its strictest sense. You may want to compose a song, which is relatively easy. When you try playing a tune like Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star, for example, no sweat! Even I who don’t have much synchronization to speak of, managed to perfect it. Moreover, I quite enjoyed tweaking some songs a little bit by changing pitches or holding a note for a little while. You can do all these because of the wide array of musical instruments available. But these alone didn’t succeed in getting me glued on to the screen to continue playing the game. The setup could’ve been better.

Kids might find Wii Music entertaining as they can choose whatever instrument they want to play. Although there’s also another hitch here; truth is, some instruments aren’t that easy to manipulate or play with. The drum is one example; there’s just too much stuff you have to hold or press. The gameplay and controls are gimmicky to a certain extent, rather than intuitive. I suppose kids would definitely enjoy making noises, though. In general, the presentation of the game is quite good with the integration of Mii Avatars, WiiConnect24 Support, and music video backdrops which generally shows the excellently polished interface of the game. The graphics are similar to that of Wii Sports, which are too over simplistic to the point of becoming bland. And then, of course, there’s the music. Need I reiterate how truly disappointing it is?

Overall, the game isn’t really that fun. I wouldn’t be so harsh as to say it’s a complete failure, but if Nintendo continues to produce games such as these, why bother if the end result is just getting even more bored than before playing the game.

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Since this is a puzzling adventure, the connection between the puzzle realm and the main character appears at the outset of the game which is quite an integral component of the game’s design. The real challenge of Hatsworth is the combination of 2 game types which will also work. When there are boss battles, every attack will make the bottom screen of no use or perhaps, you can add in the brand new puzzle areas which will require more work for removal. The 2 sections of the game will not make every section a half-game. Henry Hatsworth has an action or platform that is complete along with a puzzle game in which the size is life-like.

Although, there are basically several downsides to look into, the advantages are more superior to the bad. Even if there are knock-backs on the attacks, the game will not be overbearing. Yet, Henry Hastworth has made it a point to make the game for the youngsters and at the same time, give contentment to hard core fans. The down/attack is possibly the most influential conventional move in the game.

Considered a trivial complaint is the juggle system of the game resulting to a remarkable gameplay. But you will not have the chance to pick up some of the loot they have released since the juggle system will depend on the emergence of the pop up baddies and to keep them in the sky in combination. Furthermore, the design level is strong with very lengthy stages but you can have the chance to go back where you left off in the game once you have opened it again.

Henry Hatsworth is considered to be among the most original and well-constructed platformers in the system since the introduction of New Super Mario brothers. The gameplay is reliable and the style is witty and very funny. The characters of the game converse in a nonsensical twaddle and there is attitude found in the combination of the visuals, the designs of the characters while the sound aspect is sincerely amazing.

The pop-up combat is remarkable and is the ideal way to conceal more hardcore elements in a very accessible game whereas the enhancements, mobility, the design levels as well as the progression of the game all make Hatsworth an appropriate and perfect game of all ages. Though, there may be drawbacks to the elements in the platform, these are overwhelmed by the extraordinary and distinct mixture of 2 screens, 2 genres and mechanics that are in full realization.

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The Walking Dead has been widely described as a 'point and click adventure role playing video game' using a third person perspective in which the gameplay focuses on the story rather than puzzles it contains. The game draws heavily from the comic book and TV series of the same name whose writer, Robert Kirkman, played an advisory role in the making of the game. Although the story takes place in locations from the comic series many of the characters in the game are new to the Walking Dead series.

The action starts in the state of Georgia in North America soon after a zombie invasion and its catastrophic outcome and is played out through the eyes of Lee Everett whose part the player assumes. The Zombies or 'Walkers' as they are dubbed due to the slowness of their gait are thought to 'infect' the survivors of the invasion by biting them but it comes to light later that they become zombies themselves irrespective of the manner of their death.

Lee Everett, the principal character in the story was once a university Professor who was convicted for the murder of a senator who became a little too friendly with his wife. There are many other characters in the tale with various backgrounds who interact with each other in somewhat complex ways.

As well as Everett, the main cast consists of:-

Clementine a girl eight years of age to whom Everett becomes a sort of father substitute.

Kenny, Katjaa his Belgian wife and Kenny junior ( nicknamed Duck )form a family form Florida. Kenny is a fisherman and his wife a vet.

Lilley who is or was stationed at an US airbase and who comes along with a bunch of survivors including Larry her father and Carley a newspaper reporter who are both aware of Everett's murky past.

There are many others too numerous to name here but who come from all walks of life and who form a rather unlikely bunch. Many are introduced as the story moves on through the five consecutive episodes into which the overall narrative is split.

Although the interaction between this motley crew of characters can become quite complex, although a little contrived, the main story is as follows:-

We start as Everett, form now on referred to as Lee, is being transported to prison and the vehicle he and his escorts are in flattens an unwary pedestrian and leaves the road leaving the vehicle's passengers unconscious. Lee regains his senses some hours later only to find that the officer escorting him is now a Zombie and Lee thinks it is expedient to kill him.

Taking refuge in a nearby house and discovers Clementine hiding in a tree house and on discovering that her parents were not with her he offers to take her under his wing and to help search for them. They travel on to a neighboring farm where the meet the aforementioned Kenny and his family. They travel on as a group and meet up with other survivors and hole up in a drugstore owned, unknown to the rest of the group, by one of Lee's family. After accidentally setting of the store's alarm so drawing attention to themselves they make a run to a motel intending to use it for a defensive position.

All is well and they are safe from Walkers but unfortunately being human they need to eat and are fast running out of food. They are then approached by a family called called St.Johns who own, of all things, a dairy. But it is soon discovered that the St.John's diet is not limited to milk products as they have dabbled in a little cannibalism. The group must flee once more when Walkers and bandits, who are in cahoots with the St.Johns

This more or less sets the tone for the rest of the action and there are too many events and complications to describe in a short review. But the group and others with which they meet move from crisis to crisis fighting off Zombie attacks and losing some of their number along the way. The closing shot does show Clementine and two figures in the distance, are they her parents, wait and see.

The game has the usual character and object interactions with many choices to be made which affect the other game characters' reaction to the main character Lee. Major decisions need to be made at the start of the five episodes into which the overall tale is broken down and although these decisions affect the episodic outcomes they can each be completed irrespective of the choices made. On the whole it is fair to say that the complex interactions are more in number than in most games of this genre. Beware that some of the decisions are time limited and so quick thinking is needed.

There is a useful save function and a facility to rewind as it were to an earlier stage and reverse previously made choices. There is also an optional 'choice notification' feature which can be switched on indicating how choices made in play affect the relationship of the characters to the main mover Lee.

Graphics and audio are, needless to say of the excellent quality expected of a game which has undergone such long development.

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Taking a much loved literary series and movie franchise and turning it into a successful video game can be a tricky proposition, but Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 for the Nintendo Wii manages to accomplish the task with relative ease. The title is a one or two player co-op adventure that allows the players to explore the world of the famous boy wizard that was revealed through the first four books and movies.

Gameplay is centered on exploring the Hogwarts castle and grounds because that area serves as the launching point for each level of the game. The castle and grounds are huge, but the game takes full advantage of whatever horsepower the Wii can conjure up because the graphics and sound are top notch and could have come right out of the films themselves.

The control scheme is pretty simple, at first because of the usual combination of Wii remote controller and Nunchuk dictate movement, jumping, spell casting, and all other player moves. The game uses a submenu, easily controlled by the Nunchuk, to select individual spells collected through playing. The spell casting menu is a bit difficult to control at first, but fortunately becomes second nature after spending some time on the game.

The biggest asset of Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 is the familiar and famous characters that players get to control. Exploring the world of Harry Potter as Harry or Ron is one thing, but walking around as Dumbledore or an evil wizard is something altogether different. In typical Lego game fashion, players start out with limited character options but can unlock other characters by redeeming studs and discovering new faces around the Hogwarts grounds.

Those unlockable features are what makes the addictive gameplay of the game. Players need to find owl posts and collect as many studs as possible to get bonus abilities, like invulnerability, that make the game easier and a bit more fun to play. The co-op nature of the game requires players to work together to solve certain puzzles, which only enhances the need for certain special abilities or characters to be unlocked and playable. Luckily, this only adds to the fun of the game.

One issue in particular that changes things up for players is the split screen that occurs when players are far apart. At first the split screen can be a bit frustrating because the play area gets shrunk by nearly half for both players; however, after a few sessions, this issue becomes invaluable because both players can explore areas of the level or the castle without having to be in close proximity to each other.

All things considered, Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 is a fun game that doubles as a platformer and a puzzle game. This combination has served several Lego titles well, and it does complete justice to this particular game. Players will spend hours combing through the world of Harry Potter and facing down the challenges the famous character encountered, which makes for some familiar and entertaining days and nights.

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The Angry Birds Trilogy is a must have for anyone who owns or plans on purchasing a Nintendo 3DS. The reason being is that the Nintendo 3DS features a three dimensional stereoscopic view. This technologically advanced view is the one you see when you put on those 3D glasses that remind you of sun glasses. However, with the Nintendo 3DS you do not have to use any awkward glasses to get the three dimensional affect you want. You also have the luxury of playing Angry Birds Trilogy by the means of a touch screen.

Angry Birds Trilogy contains the first three games of the popular game series; Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio. These titles were released on several gaming consoles, and computer systems, but are best known for being played on everyone's smart phones. Each game gets a little more advanced in characters and obstacles and they built further upon this gaming franchise and user feedback.

Angry Birds is a simple and strategic game where you use a slingshot to throw an Angry Bird to the side where the Bad Piggies reside. This game is slide scrolling and obstacles are set up to keep you from getting the Bad Piggies. Your goal is to simply throw a bird and destroy a pig.

The graphics are two dimensional cartoons with clever coloring to add a simple roundness to the objects as well as animals. Each bird you use has a different skill you will use to destroy all the Bad Piggies. The further you get in the game, the more complex the obstacles get and the more strategically you need to think.

Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio were created as a way to give the users more game play. The public just kept asking for more, and that is what they got. The seasons change and so do the elements. Some birds are good at destroying ice that may be in the way, some will not be. Some birds may be good at destroying any logs in your way. It is your strategic thinking that will make you succeed in this game.

The Nintendo 3DS will let you take the addictiveness of shooting a bird on a sign scrolling game to a new level. Most smart phones, if not all, have a touch screen. This makes it easy to stretch the sling shot back and release the bird into orbit. The Nintendo 3DS can give you that same feeling. The effectiveness of giving these adorable little two dimensional birds with slight shading a 3D environment is even more fulfilling. You will be amazed how much a simple two dimensional game can be enhanced by adding depth to the background and bring the obstacles along with characters forward.

The three games in the hottest game ever are now available for one of the leading companies' leading hand held system; the Nintendo 3DS. This triage of popularity will have this package selling off the shelves like hot cakes at breakfast.

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