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If you are a fan of Mario games or have ever played a Mario game then this game will simply meet your expectations on that basis alone. There is really a ton of gameplay and fun packed into this game. I actually picked up this game a week ago and haven't put it down since.

First of all the graphics are all 3D and incredible. It has a sequel feel to from the great Mario 64, that we all came to love over the years. You will first notice that when you start out you are on a ship and there are different areas (levels) you can go into. There are variety of rooms in which you can travel to new galaxies. Most will have a boss scene at the end.

Without ruining the storyline and everything I will sum it all up in one sentence. Once again, you do have to rescue Peach from Bowser as it most Mario games. You are going to be traveling to galaxies (about 40 in all). All kinds of exciting gameplay which could be anything from going around on land dodging boulders, swimming, and even underwater. There are also ice levels, lava levels, and mechanical machine levels, as well.

You are going to be traveling around a lot and collecting stars (about 120). The gameplay is really fun and pretty simple. You are going to control Mario with the analog stick, but also point and interact, as well as throwing star bits. There are tons of characters and lots and lots of environments to explore.

The camera system is excellent and doesn't seem to get in the way at all. You can go left, right, up, down and the camera will just follow what you do. So many games that you play these days don't make an effective use of the camera, but Super Mario Galaxy simply writes the book on how a camera system should work.

I actually thought this was the new Wii Super Mario Galaxy 2, I didn’t realize until I seen the advert that it wasn’t the game I wanted, it does enable me though to now purchase the new Mario Galaxy 2 though so there’s a bonus.

The lasting effect on this game is great. Best graphics, music, and gameplay, you can find on the Wii.. You will simply get your money’s worth out of this game. This game will go down in the history books and simply stand the test of time.

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Lowly Worm


Puzzle games are very popular for they pose a different kind of challenge compared to the shooting and killing types of online games. A Boy and His Blob is one of those time tested puzzle games with beautifully designed backgrounds which were hand drawn by gifted artists. It is even more enjoyable for there are so many levels to overcome which increases the game fun.

The game is all about aliens invading Earth. Not a totally original concept here but for one thing: they love jelly beans and they want to develop a relationship with humans. Nope, no killing here, that is the most obvious thing.

The alien blob and his human friend are the main characters of this fun game. Now, don’t get all crumply-faced when you first see the visual. The visuals are, for lack of a better description, cute. Ok, so maybe people will say they are worse than cute, the graphics are Really Cute! But, this is just an illusion for deep in the heart of all the cutesiness, there is a challenge that could not be denied. The challenge is not for killing or blood and gore either; the challenge is for the mind. So those of you who are not thinkers, think again.

The obstacles which have to be overcome need a lot of planning. The player has to think and think again to go around the tasks set in front of them. The lower levels are easier, but then they gradually get to challenging challenges that can be hard to finish in one try.

The pacing of the game is smooth which makes the increasing difficulties more interesting, and yes, more challenging. An obstacle can be so hard to go around in that it can block the player’s progress for the next level.

What you need to do is to help save the blobs from captivity. It all starts out when an evil and mighty king captures and imprisons the blobtizens of Blobolonia. However, one of those blobs was able to escape and then befriend a human boy. With the tools in the form of jelly beans, they travel many lands. The alien blob can never get tired of eating the jelly beans and he gets transformed into something that will help the boy clear the obstacles if he eats one.

The boy, or you the player, have an infinite supply of the lovely jellies but can only use some types in every level. There are some levels where the alien blob can transform into a ladder to take you above ground, while in other level he is not a ladder but a trampoline to get to higher ground. The boy is human so his movements are limited to what the alien blob can help him out with, the bag of jelly beans is therefore your key to survival.

As there are 40 stages, this makes it a challenging and occupying game. Play it straight and without fault you can go on for about 10 hours. Play it as a human who can make mistakes and soon you will find yourself sitting in front of the game after a day or so. Fun, yes! Challenging, definitely. This is a game that should not be missed by those who like to think rather than kill.

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World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is the third of four expansions for the wildly popular MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game), World of Warcraft. Cataclysm introduces entirely new areas as well as updating the game overall and revamping the original areas. As an expansion it received wide renown, generally getting ratings of 9/10 and up. The expansion was revealed accidentally in February of 2010 and officially unveiled in May of the same year; it was released on December 7, 2010.

Cataclysm expanded the leveling system from 80 up to 85 and introduced two new races, one for each main faction. The Alliance gets the Worgen while the Horde receives Goblins. The new races come with new abilities, skills and story lines; Cataclysm also gives more in-depth back stories to the original eight races.

The expansion adds a ton of new content, with IGN's review stating that you can "expect to play for well over a hundred hours before you've really touched upon everything Cataclysm has to offer." Ten new dungeons and five new raids have been added along with 3,500 new available quests, and other quests have been restructured and improved. Archaeology was also added as a new secondary skill.

It also brought a huge update to the game, with major redesign of the original two continents with new areas and a somewhat different appearance, as well as allowing for flying mounts which weren't in mind during the original WoW release. The UI (user interface) was also updated as were the graphics for the game.

The plot for Cataclysm revolves around the reawakening of a dragon that hasn't been seen for two in-game decades (an aspect of the dragon appeared during the real-time strategy game Warcraft II). The dragon, formerly known as Neltharion the Earth-Warder, makes a return as Deathwing the Destroyer. The game also makes use of the current political atmospheres of the Horde and Alliance factions, which saw a number of changes with the new expansion pack due to Blizzard's habit of having expansions reveal in-game history in the making.

Reception of the expansion was extremely good. 3.3 million copies were sold within 24 hours of release, putting it second all-time in one-day sales. Anecdotally, the game in the number one spot, Diablo III, was created by the same developer (Blizzard Entertainment). Metacritic, the aggregate ratings company, gave it a 90/100, which usually means universal acclaim. IGN gave it a 9/10 and is cited as saying that, "Cataclysm is far and away the most impressive expansion to an MMO ever made." GameSpot rated it 8.5/10.

Essentially, Cataclysm is a good expansion to a well-loved MMO. The millions of sales should tell you that if nothing else. If you're a fan of MMOs and RPG-type games, or already are playing World of Warcraft, this may well be worth your time and money. It prices for $10 on the Blizzard Store website.

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Super Gamer Dude


Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing is a game that was released for the Wii in 2010. The game is similar in fashion to the more popular Mario Kart Wii. In Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing, players are allowed to choose from popular Sega characters including Sonic, Chu Chu Rocket, Ryo Hazuki from the Shenmue series, Alex Kidd, Amigo from the Samba de Amigo series, Jet Set Radio's Beat character, AiAi the monkey from Super Monkey Ball, Dr. Eggman, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow the Hedgehog and many others.

Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing has many features and modes that are available in either single player or multiplayer. While similar in design to Mario Kart, Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing is able to present a totally unique gameplay experience featuring the most famous Sega characters. The vehicles in the game vary and are dependent on who the player is choosing. Although players will also come across hidden vehicles at times from completing events or other challenges.

The controls for driving the vehicles are user friendly allowing the person to race through the levels without losing control over their kart or other race vehicle. There are many items in the game race courses that the player may collect and use. These items may be used by the racer to stun or throw other opponents off course similar in fashion to Mario Kart. Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing places items such as boxing gloves or rockets to be launched at an opponent. Other items might include Sonic's Sneakers which enable the racer a temporary boost on the course.

Like any racing game, playing Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing in multiplayer mode is where the most excitement is to be had. There are many game modes that the players can choose from to race or battle it out in different types of arenas. When playing multiplayer, the screen is split so that each player may see their on screen actions clearly. The Battle Mode is on the more popular multiplayer modes and lets players battle it out by using the items on the race course.

When the player is driving, they'll not only be able to perform basic driving techniques but they can perform power slides which will give them a boost of power around a corner. Power slides can be useful when the racer is trying to get past another racer on the course or whipping around a tight corner. When on the course, the racer can look for hidden shortcut tracks that will put them ahead and save time off their finishing track time.

While items on the race course offer a racer an edge on their opponent, each character also has their own unique special move they can perform. An example is Sonic has the option of charging up and boosting through the course whereas the other characters have their own unique moves relative to their character theme. The graphics, texture details, vehicle animations and level-specific tracks all tie into making this game a Sega racing game that is a fun game to play whenever.

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Injustice Gods Among Us is the next big fighting game of 2013 for the Wii U. This game is a two dimensional fighter with three dimensional graphics and takes place in the DC Comics universe. The game is being developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Injustice Gods Among Us runs on the Unreal 3 Engine and is expected to hit stores some time soon.

This game is a standard fighting game where one player is in combat against another. You can choose from some of your favorite super heroes or villains from the DC Comics universe such as Batman, Flash, Green Arrow, Superman, Joker, Lex Luther, Green Lantern, Nightwing and WonderWoman. The goal is to attack your opponent and gradually take their life away until their health depletes to zero. You can perform combo attacks to deal heavier damage to opponents in order to make their life deplete at a faster rate.

Expect to see an interesting story when you play as the developers obviously sat down and really went into the background of some of the DC Comics characters, and so were able to return to stories that long time fans can appreciate. Even if you are only familiar with the basic story lines you will still be interested by the plots that develop as the game progresses. This fighting game is supposed to be set apart from others by providing a quality story line that seems to be lacking in other fighting games.

The Wii U will give this game superior graphics, but there are no current plans to utilize the motion sensor technology from the Wii U console, but that could change in the future. For now, expect to get standard gameplay as you would from the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 console. Keep in mind that there is going to be downloadable content in the future after the game's release, so never count out the idea that motion technology might be implemented into the game later on.

The creators of this game are the same team that made the latest Mortal Kombat game, Mortal Kombat 9, and those that felt Mortal Kombat was fun will find this game even more entertaining, those who have interest in MK will find much entertainment, especially with the unique storylines, cut-scenes.

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First of all, I recently watched LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload which I loved. I thought the unique use of LEGO graphics was genius and fun to watch at the same time. So, when I came across the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes video game I was doubly pleased. The graphics are amazing! The style, look and feel of the game is comparable if not better than the movie. You even feel like you're part of an extended sort of choose your own adventure version of the movie when playing. I have good memories of LEGO from my childhood and Marvel Super Heroes was another favorite, so this game has combined some of my favorite things together in one, making it even more enjoyable to play.

The game takes place in a highly populated New York City and offers you the choice of a wide range of Marvel characters, both heroes and villains. Following the Marvel comics story line, the basic idea of the game is to stop Loki and the other villains from destroying the world with a super-weapon they are trying to create. You get the choice of which characters you control, and by using their different abilities like Spiderman's web action. You also get to build new constructions in the city, smash them up, solve puzzles and travel through various environments. Some of the places you will travel through are the Green Goblin's Oscorp Tower, Grand Central Station and Doctor Doom's Castle. You can also sky dive and explore the city in between missions and do so many other things. In fact, you really must explore the city in order to uncover all the secrets present within the game.

Each mission or level is quite involved and the secrets are very well hidden. Through exploring you will be able to unlock over 100 characters you can play and discover other things like hidden bricks. Every character has a unique voice and animation, making the game even more memorable. Most of the characters have multiple abilities. It's fun to figure out what character abilities are need to move past the various challenges. Personally, my favorite Marvel characters are Captain America, Spiderman and the Incredible Hulk.

A really nice feature of the game is the ability to control multiple characters by pressing a button. In order to move forward in the game, you have to use a mixture of the super-hero powers and battle the bad guys. There's plenty of humor packed in the game as well that makes it even more entertaining. During the game there are plenty of tutorials and prompts to help you play.

Overall I really think the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes game is fun for all ages. Visually, it's bright, interesting and full of a narrative that offers plenty of fun jokes. Effects like cascading water, debris flying around and super hero powers are very entertaining to the viewer. It's also reasonably priced at about $25. It's also available on all major consoles, so anyone who loves video games can easily purchase it. Christmas is coming up so it's a perfect gift for all the game lovers in your life.

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In a world where regurgitation is the norm, seeing the Splinter Cell series rise from a humble Xbox launch title, to the console spanning giant it is today, feels heartwarming. With that frame of mind Splinter Cell Blacklist, now gracing the Wii U library, is a success. It is originality in a world that lacks it. Unfortunately for us it is also: unpolished and clunky. Fans of the series will enjoy this latest installment whereas new players approaching for the first time will feel a little wary afterwards. Let's look at the ins and outs of Splinter Cell Blacklist.

Splinter Cell is actually iconic for its main characters minimal costume: the black suit with glowing green goggles. That image alone can tell you where the bulk of gameplay is going to be spent. This is good news, as the latest installments prior to Blacklist moved away from the strategy and stealth formula. The combat in the game is based on efficiency, stealth, and strategy and every kill can bring in the euphoric feeling of finishing off a great hunt. Moving from wall to wall, cover to cover, is nerve wracking and an absolute joy. The ability to mark out kills is also very useful.

The Wii U is not quite on the level of processing that the other next gen consoles are and the results are mismashed because of this. Sam Fisher looks great and the other character models hold up well, but the textures overall are just OK. Fortunately for Splinter Cell the graphics were never going to be the calling card of the video game.

The story of the game has Sam Fisher joining up with a new group, The Fourth Echelon, taking over for the Third Echelon, in order to take out the new baddies. If you are a fan of the Tom Clancy novels then you will probably love the story a fair bit more than I did. The usual build up is all there: twists, turns, new baddies, new buddies, and the technological thrill to the whole story. Nothing to write home about, certainly not classic literature, but it is functional and will keep you moving towards the endgame.

Let's take a look at where Blacklist starts to break down. For a stealth game, and one not installed into an open world style of play, there are too many cutscenes and after the third one in a thirty minute span, the pace begins to wear down. There are also a plethora of audio glitches, including moments where the audio simply gives up and cuts out. No excuse or apology--just done.

Where Splinter Cell excels is when you lose yourself in the game. The single player offers enough story to give you hours of fun chasing down new baddies, and the available multiplayer is a thrill: armed mercenaries versus strategic spies. There's also a co-op mode as well to add a bit of replay value. Splinter Cell: Blacklist is an uneven game with moments of real joy.

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Sniper Elite V2 will definitely have you sitting on the edge of your seat from start to finish. This game is refreshing because it is anything but a Call of Duty clone, it is a smart shooter game that requires careful strategy and planning in order to accomplish your goals.

The game allows you to play multiplayer missions or solo missions. The multiplayer missions are best played with a friend versus a complete stranger, because communication between partners is essential for these missions to be a success. The one thing that this game received criticism for was the missions being too brief. Also some people thought there should be better stealth options because it was somewhat difficult to be stealthy at certain points in the plot.

The great thing about this game is that there is more than one way to complete a mission. Another nice touch is the ability to fire a bullet so that it will kill two enemies at once. Another is the use of x-ray vision to show the kill, with the sniper's bullet in slow motion. The advantage of x-ray vision is that it will show you exactly where the bullet hits your enemy, even the vital organs. It's all very gory and there is a lot of tension because there is always some sort of danger lurking around the next corner. The game is of course perfect for those who like the accuracy of the sniper's art.

Another complaint is the fact that enemies often seem to have superhuman vision. They can spot you from unrealistic distances. The enemies also have poor AI, which can make it easy to get past them. What is good about this game is that you are rewarded for having patience. Not many games reward players for their patience.

Overall, this is a great game to add to your collection. You will be thoroughly impressed by the fun you can have with some of the features and you might even learn something in the process. The great thing about history games is they teach you as you play them.

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Nothing much new but lots to do.


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When a hardcore gamer sees that a 'licensed' product, their likely reaction is to be something between revulsion and/or passive aggressive detest. These products are normally rushed, usually buggy, and with few exceptions cash-ins pushed out the door to strike while the 'iron is hot'. Thankfully, games like The Chronicles of Riddick, the recent Batman series, and even the venerable Goldeneye have proven that licensed quality can be had if games are made with the right goals in mind. Unfortunately, Beenox's fourth foray into the Spider-Man universe (among many other tie-in games), fairs about as well as one would expect amidst little change, rushed development, and a release across seven platforms that run four different generations deep.

Dating back to the well-liked Spider-Man 2, the series has been an open world staple and this iteration is no exception. Players can emulate their spidey hero and swing to their heart's content while finding missions and unearthing various collectibles along the way. This freedom delivers tangible thrills to the player but the newness doesn't have quite the same appeal, and because it hasn't really changed since the early 2000s (we're talking 2002), it can feel like an exercise in redundancy. Sure, the fidelity of the city and the animation have improved, but the sensation of flight has aged into mundanity despite its superhuman trappings.

Aside from this selling point, and it definitely is to fans, the game offers a host of collectibles and a ton of missions to pursue. In order to hit all of these side missions and goals, players are offered up a more robust combat system that attempts to borrow the look and feel of the newer Batman titles. Sadly, there's little added nuance within the increased complexity of the mechanics, and while there's a move set to expand and some experimentation to be had, players can easily dial back to a couple of simple, and early-available combos. Why press seven buttons and swivel the analog stick twice when you can mash X and accomplish the same result more efficiently?

However, a bright spot in regards to the open world traversal are the hidden collectables strewn throughout. While their placement bounces between arbitrary corners and un-ironically lazy, these items actually give players a reason to look around. Not only are devotees given expansions to their move sets, they're also afforded neat pieces of Spider-Man lore and nuggets of outright fan service. This is a certifiable bright spot amongst the familiarity of the title, and if anything, should represent a selling point to die-hard Spider-Man fans.

Aesthetically, the game is fluid and presentable but caught between generations. If you're looking for a next generation showpiece look elsewhere. Really, on any level, it doesn't do any of the systems it's on a great service (considering the stretch of development platforms should we be surprised?). Aurally, the game carries itself okay; fitting in one-liners and an acceptable score that helps to not let the buildings blend together. The best way to describe the presentation here, outside of the mediocre story replication, is serviceable. It gets the job done between moments, but it does not, in any way, add to or enrich the experience.

On the whole, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a forgettable experience. It's charms are few, its trappings are many, and as a fourth go-round for a developer it puts forth many of the qualities that gamers have grown to dislike about licensed products. There isn't much growth here, and it would be a difficult proposition to suggest that there is a light at the end of the tunnel if this continues. Still, collectibles are the highlight here and while some may argue that's a valid point to fans; this game is made for those looking for a Spider-Man experience, not for those looking to relive it for the umpteenth time in new fidelity. As it is, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is not worth its full asking price (on any platform), and it will only serve those absolutely desperate for their spider-fix.

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Fun and more fun.


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Mario Kart 8 does the exactly the same thing that Mario Kart games have been doing for over 20 years and we have now come to expect it from them. But that is in no way a complaint because the series is all about high-speed racing drifting around corners and shooting shells at your opponent and that formula feels as good as it ever has in Mario Kart 8.

When you start a race a you are able to choose from dozens of characters taken from the Mario series, then you piece together a vehicle, choosing the body, tires and glider parts to suit your preferences. The races and tracks play a major part and are one of the main sources of depth in Mario karts' otherwise simple gameplay. I have spent many a happy hour playing with different character and vehicle combinations and comparing Mario Kart 8the handling of peach driving a race car versus the Iggy Koopa on a motorcycle. Some experiments were miserable failures but I were just as much fun because of this.

No matter who you play as you have to master the art of drifting. Drifting is a simple but important factor in Mario Kart 8, and making sure that you centre your vehicle around the corner at an angle shaves off the odd fraction of a second that would normally be spent turning and also builds up small boosts of speed. Those speed boosts are essential as in winning races on any difficulty above the lowest you have to take advantage of every drift you can to have a shot at first place. Mario Kart games have been using this drifting system almost from the very beginning, the game really drives home the brilliance of it. I felt skillful and my characters looked cool when I was able to pull off perfect drifts. The drifting system also forced me to keep my wits about me at all times, but the game would have kept my attention riveted anyway.

I think this has to be the single best looking game that Nintendo have created to date, from underwater courses to music blasting stadiums, everything is colorful, bold and brilliant, and those graphical flourishes also hold some wonderful surprises with cameos from across the Mushroom Kingdom.

There are also loads of shortcuts and hidden items, taking advantage of these shortcuts was useful against computer controlled opponents but it was absolutely essential when I went online. Mario Kart 8 features a much more robust online multiplayer experience than we have come to expect from Nintendo, I was able to create my own tournaments and rooms with a mix of roles. I could set races as mirrored versions of the tracks or turn on frantic mode in which the most powerful elements in the game show up more frequently. And, best of all, the online mode ran smoothly with no lag and with very fast flow times. If there is anything I am concerned about in Mario Kart 8 it's that a player might move on from it faster than it deserves.

Even if the game does not go on forever it is going to be fun for as long as it lasts, it does not bring massive innovations to the basic tried and trusted formula but it is jammed full with that Nintendo magic that makes it so easy to overlook or not worry about the few shortcomings that it does have. The game is such good fun that even when you lose you cannot complain.

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