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Like all great things that don’t last forever, Mickey Mouse just isn’t the same icon he once was anymore. Mickey’s fame and popularity slowly waned and has become more of a corporate symbol rather than the vivacious character capable of sustaining grand adventures.

Epic Mickey was created by Warren Spector and his Junction Point team in an exceptional manner to pay tribute to Mickey Mouse and bring him back to the spotlight as an icon in films and games. Mickey Mouse was already gradually being forgotten, but with this new game it can be said that Mickey Mouse is back in action. The game was made to showcase the traits that all people love about Mickey Mouse. Playing the game can lead players and fans alike to think that Mickey is still one of the best out there and given the right break, can still hold up to among and against any Disney characters.

The concept of the game is all about Mickey needing to destroy Phantom Blot to save wasteland. Mickey was the culprit in unleashing the hideous creature when he destroyed a magical world with powerful paint and thinner chemicals. He eventually realizes that he needs to redeem himself and save Wasteland from total demise. Thus, when he was pulled back to Wasteland, courtesy of Phantom Blot, Mickey discovers the reality behind Wasteland and the presence of Oswald, the Rabbit adds to the element of excitement as the game unfolds and really portrays the goodness and the best of Mickey Mouse that appeals to all, whether young or old.

The game is loaded with full CG sequences but lacks in-game voice acting. It was made into 2D visual to depict the Mickey we all love. With such retro technology, Mickey can easily convey and relay his emotions that make him as charming as ever.

However, the game is not perfect and has too many loopholes; such as the failure to show and give way to permanence in the game, which is kind of disturbing. The game ultimately becomes a choice and consequence type, but fails in the aspect where you’re supposed to create something in a certain place, only to find it gone when you come back for it. Your work disappears and the place is back to its normal appearance when you first came. With this problem, the choice and consequence mode of the game is not completely enhanced and may be deemed a failure as a result.

The most annoying aspects of Epic Mickey are the control setup of the game and even more so with the camera views. It’s like the camera has a mind on its own. It brings a lot of stress as I couldn’t even control the unnecessary movement of the camera in the game. This problem has resulted in several “untimely demise”, which was quite irksome as the camera issue aggravates the setup. It was very hard for me to concentrate on my character especially in fighting scenes because of the quirky and constant movement of the camera.

With all the problems that besieged the controls and the camera views and angles, the game is saved by its very impressive graphics. This, at least has made me feel like it’s a wonderful gaming experience, after all. In the same breath, the creators likewise made an effort to portray and show the history of the relationship of Oswald and Mickey in the game so as to give variety rather than concentrate on one aspect, which is to kill the Blot.

It’s kind of funny how Spector and his team can create an exceedingly impressive base to make Mickey Mouse get counted again; yet the small stuff that they’re not supposed to sweat are so flawed, they could pull down to the ground and damage the larger, more significant experience. Don’t fret, though. Epic Mickey and its positive elements do manage to ultimately make this move worth the shot. Although you could say, I was guilty of losing my patience, if you keep your expectations a bit lower and manage to keep your frustrations under control, there shouldn’t be any reason for throwing the Wii Remote – or at least keep the throwing episodes to a minimum. Watch out that the wrist strap is wrapped tight.

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Guild Wars 2 is an MMORPG and one of the most popular of its kind and 2 was given the Game of the Year award in 2012. It was released to those who pre-ordered on August 25th of 2012 and then released to everyone else three days later on August 28th.

Guild Wars 2 was awaited with great anticipation, especially among those who wanted more out of their MMO like World of Warcraft players. Guild Wars 2 includes many differences between itself and World of Warcraft, which was the most popular MMORPG until Guild Wars 2 surfaced, with races more individual than the races of World of Warcraft, such as the plant humanoids, the Sylvari, and better story options like choosing the past of the character and playing out that character's story based on the options chosen in character creation.

The customization is much more extensive than almost all of the MMORPGs out there and far surpasses the limited customization in World of Warcraft. In Guild Wars 2's character creation, multiple presents are allowed for facial structure, but there are sliders that allow facial features to change. The colors for the hair are of a wider variety, and the character's height and body type can even be changed. If the player wishes to create a massive macho man with big arms and great height, he can do so. If the player wants to make a small, petite, female player, they can do so as well. The petite character will only be a little bit taller than the NPC children in the various stages and areas in the game, but it goes to show the variety and options in the customization for Guild Wars 2.

Players don't just play out their character's story. They play out another story line pertaining to the world of Guild Wars 2 which involves the leaders of their race. When completing the story or main quests, the NPCs that the player speaks with does actually speaks to them. Previous World of Warcraft players were dumbfounded when they saw that there were "cutscenes" for character dialogue instead of just grabbing a quest from an "important" figure in the game and moving on. The cutscenes involve the player in the story, making them feel more important and needed, whether it's in the Guild Wars 2 story line or the character's personal story line.

Players experience things that aren't usually experienced in MMOs like World of Warcraft. They feel a sense of importance and are given certain choices all throughout the game from how to create their character to what measures to take in attacking certain enemies. Guild Wars 2 players are brought into a world of fantasy and science fiction all at once with the races that were created like the technological Asura and the fantastical Sylvari. So many different original ideas were brought into one game, making it a fantastic MMO to top.

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Total War: Shogun 2 is the latest installment in what has been a very successful strategy/war game series by The Creative Assembly. Set in feudal Japan during Sengoku Jidai, the game has you take control of one of eight factions (more are available through downloadable content) to fight for the Shogunate, the rule of Japan.

The game has received excellent reviews by most publications since it was released in March of 2011, scoring a 90 on the aggregate critic organization Metacritic. The two standalone expansions, "Rise of the Samurai" and "Fall of the Samurai" respectively, also received good reviews.

Shogun 2 concentrates on combining two popular strategy gameplay types TBS (turn-based strategy) and RTS (real time strategy). The game revolves around the campaign map, where you make economic, diplomatic and military decisions to guide your clan to victory. "Agents" are featured; ninjas can be deployed to assassinate enemy generals or agents and to sabotage enemy buildings and armies, missionaries or monks can inspire a populace or army and also convert enemies and metsuke can be recruited to administrate a province or apprehend enemy agents. Armies and navies have "movement points" that determine how far they can move in a turn, making logistical strategy important.

The campaign map is made up of Japan and is divided into provinces. Each province contains several buildings. The capital's castle, building slots in the capital, farms and roads are available for upgrade in all provinces. Some provinces also have a port or other resource such as a monastery, ninja village or gold mine.

Battles are conducted in real time, requiring good tactics to emerge victorious. There are three types of fighting: land battles, siege battles and naval battles. Land battles are conducted by up to four armies per side (allies or reinforcement armies of your own) and are limited to 20 units per faction on the field at a time. The terrain varies widely from dense forests to open fields. The terrain also mirrors the campaign map; if you see a river by your army avatar on the campaign map, you'll see a river on the battlefield.

Siege battles happen when an army attacks a garrisoned city, whether it's garrisoned by an army or units that are automatically garrisoned based on buildings in the city. If you were attacked, you're manning the walls. You're on the attacking side if you initiated the battle. On the defensive side, all you have to do to win is defeat the attackers or last for a predetermined amount of time (ff the length of battles is limited and time runs out, the defender in a battle automatically wins). The attacker must capture the central point or defeat the occupying army.

Warships are used to protect shipping routes, trade nodes and ports, or to attack those of your opponents'. In combat you can board the enemy ships or shoot at them (arrows unless you have developed the right technology for guns, which requires trading with Europe) in order to win.

A single Shogun 2 campaign can take a lot of hours to complete, so this isn't a game for someone that is only casually interested. If you like an excellent strategical experience complemented by a good physics engine and beautiful graphics, this game ticks all the boxes.

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The Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013 is for the Wii U, but is it all it is cracked up to be? Read this review to find out how good this game really is.

Starting The Game

When the game is started it asks you to create a profile. You will need to manually enter your weight as well as your age and height, and you will also need to snap a photo of your face with the GamePad's camera. Once you have created your profile you will then be walked through the main modes of the game, which are activities, classes, programs and workouts. All of these only takes a few moments, and it is actually cool how the game has you do this upon starting it for the first time.

The Different Modes

Now lets review Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013's different modes. Lets start with the workout mode, which allows you to do exercises that target certain sections of your body, and there are even exercises that kids and seniors can do. This mode will have you doing 49 sets that last anywhere between 5-15 minutes each. Depending on what type of mood you are in, you can choose how difficult of a workout you want to do.

Class mode on the other hand will teach you how to do things you would normally learn in a class, such as kickboxing, yoga, Pilates, zen and dance to name just a few.

The program mode is designed to help you reach specific fitness goals, such as losing weight, tone your upper body or increase your stamina too name a few.

The activities mode is alright too. This mode contains to zen flow exercises as well as dance routines. The downside is that there are only five songs, so there is not a whole lot of variety. However, it is safe to say that the activities mode will provide you with an excellent workout. If you choose zen flow, then you will have seven courses to get through.

All four modes are worth trying out, and asides from the activities mode, each mode has a good variety of exercises to do and routines that are not boring at all.

Is The Game Worth Buying

By now you probably want to know if the game is worth buying or if you should pass on it. Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013 is definitely a good game that has more pros than cons. Will this game help you get into the shape that you want to be in? The chances are very good that this game can help you achieve all of your fitness goals, but there are a few fitness goals that you will probably not be able to reach playing Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013. For example, if your goal is to gain as much muscle as possible, then the chances are that you will not be able to achieve that with this particular game.

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Marvel Super Hero Squad for the Wii, developed by Blue Tongue Entertainment, features miniature versions of everyone's favorite Marvel super heroes, and was published by THQ. The characters featured are Iron Man, Wolverine, Storm, Captain America and the rest of the super hero squad cast, from the toy line and television show. As a result the graphics for the game are, understandably, a bit cartoon like, and the music is suited to a younger audience. This is a beat 'em up game where players use the powers from their favorite Marvel super heroes to fight off all the villains that get in the way of the saving the world.

The comic storyline of the game has been simplified so that children can understand the story from a their perspective. You get to venture into places such as Asteroid M, Asgard, The Vault, Villainville and Super Hero City. The plot develops as Doctor Doom aims to collect enough fractals to create a complete Infinity Sword, in order to become one of the most powerful villains in the universe.

The game starts in a S.H.I.E.L.D missile base where MODOK and A.I.M. appear, and take an Infinity Sword fractal to Doctor Doom. This is the beginning of the serious plot that develops which involves Doctor Doom working in coordination with some of the most powerful and menacing villains. Some of the undesirables which you must face are The Juggernaut, Magneto, Mystique, Loki and The Abomination. This makes it hard for the super hero squad to thwart Doctor Doom's evil plot to take over the world. Luckily, the Super Hero Squad, team up with your favorite friends in order to take on the evil Doctor Doom and all of his colleagues as they try to make the world their own.

The game received decent reviews and will probably be seen as an average game by experienced gamers, but is the perfect game for kids, who are its target audience. The multiplayer aspect of the game is another feature that makes it good for children as it encourages teamwork.

There is also battle mode to the game where players can choose to play their favorite Marvel characters to fight in an arena. The battle mode is a simple fighting game mode where people have life bars and use their powers to battle it out until there is only one person standing.

Note that the game has a sequel which gives this game added play value. Marvel Super Hero Squad, The Infinity Gauntlet was released in 2010 and expands on the story presented in Marvel Super Hero Squad.

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007 Legends for the Wii U is made up from six different classic James Bonds movies, tied together in a way which offers players a unique gaming experience. The six different stories are Moonraker, On Her Majesty's, Licensed to Kill, Die Another Day, Goldfinger and Skyfall. All the popular and most famous characters are included. Players will also have access to the typical technological gadgetry and weaponry.

This version of James Bond features some variations to the single player campaign and also offers a unique multiplayer experience. The multiplayer mode allows up to four players to join in at once and there are also new weapons, high-tech gadgetry and even new maps to explore online. The multiplayer mode of James Bond 007 Legends is a four-player split screen that also gives players the option of finding various unlockable items throughout the levels.

Some of the modes in the multiplayer feature let the player play as certain Bond characters. Besides the main storyline, players may also try their hand at the Mi6 Ops Missions or they may also play as some of the infamous Bond villains. This gives gamers a unique perspective from the viewpoint of both James Bond and his opposing villains.

This game begins from the ending portion of the 007 Skyfall's opening scene. The player will witness a cinematic view of 007 fighting someone on top of a train when a sniper from the MI-6 group successfully hits 007 which results in him falling off the train and into the nearby water. After some flashbacks, the player will begin to play the game.

The player may use stealth to their advantage to sneak past enemies but they can also fight off enemies whenever need be by utilizing a wide variety of weaponry. The player may use the Wii U game pad while in battle to swap out their weapons and may also tap the Wii Remote to change the weapons as well. Alongside the stealth, players can perform melee sneaking attacks or may also take advantage of their silenced weapons or shock darts if the moment calls for it. Once the player takes an enemy down, they will need to properly hide the body so that a patrolling guard or security camera doesn't spot it.

One of the most exciting points of the game is that the developer made it a point to incorporate the most important aspects of the films and story into the gameplay experience so that the player gets a fully immersive James Bond experience that spans several time periods. There are also other moments in the game that give the player an adrenaline rush. For example, there are moments in the game where the player may be required to utilized QTE commands to successfully defeat an enemy or get past a certain point. These exciting moments add to the gameplay experience and make the player feel more involved as the James Bond character. Once the player makes it to the end of the level in the game story they happen to be playing, they will encounter that story's main villain.

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First of all, I recently watched LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload which I loved. I thought the unique use of LEGO graphics was genius and fun to watch at the same time. So, when I came across the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes video game I was doubly pleased. The graphics are amazing! The style, look and feel of the game is comparable if not better than the movie. You even feel like you're part of an extended sort of choose your own adventure version of the movie when playing. I have good memories of LEGO from my childhood and Marvel Super Heroes was another favorite, so this game has combined some of my favorite things together in one, making it even more enjoyable to play.

The game takes place in a highly populated New York City and offers you the choice of a wide range of Marvel characters, both heroes and villains. Following the Marvel comics story line, the basic idea of the game is to stop Loki and the other villains from destroying the world with a super-weapon they are trying to create. You get the choice of which characters you control, and by using their different abilities like Spiderman's web action. You also get to build new constructions in the city, smash them up, solve puzzles and travel through various environments. Some of the places you will travel through are the Green Goblin's Oscorp Tower, Grand Central Station and Doctor Doom's Castle. You can also sky dive and explore the city in between missions and do so many other things. In fact, you really must explore the city in order to uncover all the secrets present within the game.

Each mission or level is quite involved and the secrets are very well hidden. Through exploring you will be able to unlock over 100 characters you can play and discover other things like hidden bricks. Every character has a unique voice and animation, making the game even more memorable. Most of the characters have multiple abilities. It's fun to figure out what character abilities are need to move past the various challenges. Personally, my favorite Marvel characters are Captain America, Spiderman and the Incredible Hulk.

A really nice feature of the game is the ability to control multiple characters by pressing a button. In order to move forward in the game, you have to use a mixture of the super-hero powers and battle the bad guys. There's plenty of humor packed in the game as well that makes it even more entertaining. During the game there are plenty of tutorials and prompts to help you play.

Overall I really think the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes game is fun for all ages. Visually, it's bright, interesting and full of a narrative that offers plenty of fun jokes. Effects like cascading water, debris flying around and super hero powers are very entertaining to the viewer. It's also reasonably priced at about $25. It's also available on all major consoles, so anyone who loves video games can easily purchase it. Christmas is coming up so it's a perfect gift for all the game lovers in your life.

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Shiver me timbers, ya landlubbin' bilgerat, Assassin's Creed has abandoned the quiet killing days of the American Revolution and set sail for adventure on the high seas! Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag continues the story of the Animus, a complex system that allows the user to explore the genetic memories of their ancestors, and this time players will inhabit the shoes of Edward Kenway, a previously straight-laced lad who finds himself becoming a secret killer among pirates.

Ubisoft has once again changed the setting of its popular stealth and platforming series, but if you're looking for the kind of roguish charm found in something like Pirates of the Caribbean, a replay of a Monkey Island game might suit you better. Playing Black Flag means a lot of following and tracing subjects until you can get your greedy assassin hands around their necks. Again, the controls have been changed and streamlined for the worse, as longtime players will greet moments of confusion as they adjust to new ways of doing old things that aren't particularly any better. One exception is the gun controls, which are significantly improved over Assassin's Creed III.

Instead of making substantial improvements to the stealth engine, Ubisoft has opted to again dial up all the optional things a player can do in their historical setting. There is a truly dizzy array of what Ubisoft calls "content," but what a lot of increasingly disgruntled players call "check boxes." If you enjoy said content, there isn't a lack of it in Black Flag; the game will keep you playing for days. But much like Tomb Raider, from earlier this year, it's hard to shake the feeling that it's more highly bureaucratic office work than a game.

The graphic environment players explore is breathtaking, detailed and enchanting, but from a character perspective, it's dull and significantly less colorful than one would expect from everyone's favorite swashbuckling era of daring escapades. If you always wanted a more down-to-earth example of what life was like on the islands back then, you might warm up to the landlocked assassin's life.

If, however, you're the type who loves to sing along to the "Yo ho, yo ho" song at Disneyland, the sea is where it's at in Black Flag. Everything about the ship mechanics in this game screams of far more originality, soul, fun mechanics and fresh ideas than the staid land portions. Boarding other ships, in order to climb the mast and silently destroy your target while the chaos of a storm or a pirate raid erupts around you is an exhilarating and heart-thumping, original take on how the series has always set dizzying heights for its assassins to climb and conquer. Outfitting and improving ships, firing cannonballs, hunting sharks, recruiting nasty new pirates -- if this was the majority of the game, we'd have a masterpiece here.

Unfortunately, it's more like half the game. We're left with a good game saddled with a boring open world tax duty between the juicy parts.

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Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is one of the latest titles to be released in the vaunted Lego based video game series. This title, which was released on the PlayStation 4, was released in November of 2014. The game is a follow up to 'Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes'. Fans of the series will have an idea of what they are getting when they step in line to purchase this game, but for the people we will break it down. Keep on reading and find out why this might be the crowning jewel in the Lego universe.

Let's get out of Gotham.

Brainiac has returned to cause some more trouble for the Caped Crusader and his band of Lego allies. In this game, which follows up right after where 'Lego Batman 2' left off. Brainiac is buzzing around kidnapping the different Lanterns so that he can use them to shrink the Earth down to a tiny object in order to add it to his collection. This diabolical plot causes Batman and the gang to be forcibly linked up with a variety of unusual allies. The Joker, Justice League, Lex Luthor, and the rest of the Legion of Doom get in on the action to help actually save the planet. It's definitely bizarre but it works and it is an interesting way to get players to experience some of the other iconic DC characters that are out there. Fans will definitely get a load of familiar faces in this game and they will get to experience all of their abilities, too.

How does it all handle on the PlayStation 4?

Much like the other games in the Lego series, 'Lego batman 3: Beyond Gotham' puts you right back into familiar stomping grounds. You will be tasked with busting up bricks, using your special moves, and working with your partner to push the story along. The game is geared toward younger audiences so there is less of a pressure to make the game difficult and a bigger push to make the game more enjoyable. There is the occasional puzzle to keep things interesting.

As you play through the nearly ten hour campaign you will end up getting the hang of the different characters that you play as. Due to the diverse abilities of the different characters, you will find yourself switching them around pretty often. Over the course of a single mission, when stopped at a checkpoint, you will likely end up changing to a different character. It is a solid way to keep the game fresh without devolving to gimmicks. Each character brings their own abilities to the table and on the whole provide some form of usefulness.

How does it look?

The Lego video games hold a special place in our hearts for what they bring to the table. The games are vibrant reminders that it is great to revisit your childhood. As with the other games in the Lego universe, 'Beyond Gotham' provides a beautiful visual experience. The story is a bit darker than 'Batman 2' and it looks appropriately more gritty. When you are chasing Killer Croc through the sewers the visuals match that decision. The greatest thing that 'Beyond Gotham' has done is their recreating of dozens of famous and not so famous heroes from stories of old. Seeing each individual character on screen, armed with their unique costume, is pretty darn cool. Each character's personality definitely embodies that of the source material. The idle animations of the characters are even on point. On the whole, the game looks great. The interface is intuitive and it is easy to know what to do and how to do it. The game isn't some sort of graphical juggernaut, but it definitely does what it needs to do and it does all of that very well.

Batman is a sidekick?

'Beyond Gotham' is probably the closest thing to a Justice League video game that we are going to get, at least for awhile and that's not exactly a bad thing. The game offers an array of interesting personalities and it pushes you to actually use them all as you push forward in the campaign. Now I think this is a wonderful thing but it will rub some hardcore Batman fans the wrong way. At times Batman is no longer the most important man in the room. He will often find himself taking a back seat to other characters as their stories are developed and pushed across our screen. Is that a good thing? A bad thing? It's hard to say. In any event, 'Beyond Gotham' should offer fans of the Batman IP a chance to really dig in with some under represented characters.

A few special cameos?

The Lego series of video games have always done a remarkable job of treating their fans with respect but also of having fun with the franchise. That means that Batman isn't always perfect and there are goofy moments that sort of mock the original material. In doing so the Lego series has always straddled a fine line. For 'Beyond Gotham' the developers decided to add a little bit of flavor to the game. Real life celebrities Conan O'Brien, Kevin Smith, and Adam West all make appearances in the game. Conan O'Brien, the funny late night comedian, acts as your tour guide at the Batcave. Adam West makes a cameo in almost every level, through typically under the disguise of differing characters. Kevin Smith, the director and writer, also has a few bonus lines. While we can see the entertainment that these cameos provide, they might blur the line a little bit for comic fans.

A few thoughts in closing.

At the end of the day the Lego Batman series is all about having a good time. With the same hack and slash combat styles and simple puzzles in the way, 'Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham' on the PlayStation 4 is an enjoyable and relaxing game to play. There are a few minor flaws and sometimes the camera is a pain, but those can be forgiven for what is truly a golden experience.

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'Dying Light' on the PlayStation 4 is one of the newer horror games to hit the next generation of consoles. Developed by Techland, a Polish company, the game was published by Warner Bros. The game came out to much fanfare thanks to its unique art style and penchant for really selling the jump scares that are so important to the horror genre. The game was released in January of 2015 and combines many different gameplay elements. With its unique setting, interesting gameplay quirks, and promising storyline..'Dying Light' may be one of our most surprising success stories in recent years.

Everything fades.

In 'Dying Light' players will take on the role of Kyle Crane, a secret operative that is sent to the city of Harran in order to infiltrate its quarantine. Harran is a fictional recreation of real life ancient Turkey. His mission in the game is to find a man by the name of Kadir "Rais" Suleiman, a rogue political figure who has control of some sensitive data that could threaten the standing of his agency. Things soon go to the wind as Crane is forced to deal with a viral outbreak that is turning most of the city into ultra aggressive, angry zombies. It is this twist, that could be so tired out by now, that makes the game interesting. By laying the political machinations down first we are given a glimpse of a story that does not rely on horror tropes. Then once we get to see that zombies are at hand, all of the craziness that is unleashed afterwards becomes even more invigorating.

The incomparable Kyle Crane.

Kyle Crane is the sort of guy any regular person really wants to be. Taking influences directly from games like 'Assassins Creed' and 'Far Cry', Crane becomes a free running, city hopping, man on a mission. He is a secret agent with secrets of his own. He is a layered and dynamic character that brings to the forefront of our mind the questions that we must ask ourselves: how would we handle this situation? As the story unfolds and things become darker, Crane has to make increasingly difficult decisions. Crane bothers his initial mission and begins working with a group of rogue survivors. Ignoring orders from his agency CO, who would bomb the whole city if he was given the button to press, sets Crane on a wild mission that could get the best of him.

An uneven fight.

When you first start the game Kyle Crane is nothing if not beatable. He lacks longterm stamina and running seems a chore for the character. This could have been a clear decision by the production crew in order to level out gameplay difficulty, but it just feels a bit fake to us. Why should this secret agent get tired after a 50 yard sprint? Crane also suffers from serious fatigue when using his melee weapons, which consist of pipes, knives, and other small items. These don't do much damage to zombies and are far more effective against your living, breathing enemies. The melee combat, which should be so easy to get correctly, is a big point of contention for many critics in the game. Your hits don't always feel on point and aiming seems of little use. We hate to use the word 'floaty' but it seems to be the common issue with hand to hand combat. Nothing feels 'devastating'. Everything feels like a random blow, almost like its being calculated by a roll of the dice rather than your precise decision to aim for their head.

After your first few hours of gameplay you will find yourself arming up with better and better weaponry. You can find blueprints around the city as well as the materials you need in order to craft them. This portion of the game feels like a more laid back and realistic version of the popular mall-zombie game, 'Dead rising'. Get used to these blueprints as they will be the one way you can most assuredly put yourself ahead of your enemies. Guns are rare in this game and they are not to be wasted when you get your hands on them. You might go for hours at a time without holding one or getting a chance to fire. But when you do, try and get the shotgun. The no nonsense close-up shooting makes for an efficient way to get people killed.

The skill tree.

One of the more interesting aspects of 'Dying Light' is the expanding skill tree that you can upgrade with points. If you juice up your vaulting skill then you'll find yourself able to run, jump, and push your way through zombies. There are a host of skills that will help you out that don't involve simply killing your enemies, and they are absolutely worth an early look. Of course the combat skills are wonderful. Being able to smash in an opposing zombies head with a pipe wrench is pretty satisfying. A dropkick from the top of a car is equally entertaining as well.

On the whole though you should be more interested in working with your stealth in order to accomplish your goals. While 'Dying Light' absolutely caters to the hack 'n slash inclined, it is still a far more interesting experience if you choose to go slow and make tactical decisions. Even when you don't opt to go for the stealthy approach, you still have to be smart about how you choose to engage your enemy. Though you can juice up your skills you will never get to a point where you can take your hordes of enemies lightly, like in 'Shadow of Mordor'. The game doesn't let you become a juiced up God of war. You just get a little better and then a little better more.

'Dying Light' on the PlayStation 4 is an interesting entry into what could be construed as a rapidly tiring genre. The game gives its players reasons to go slowly and stealthily but it also rewards them for changing up their style. The story of the game is interesting and unique and we found the experience to be enjoyable, despite some combat related flaws.

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