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LEGO Batman is the fifth go of Traveller's Tales at the LEGO theme but still only minimal change has happened during this time. However, even if that is the situation, gamers and fans of the dark-caped crusader, are sure to find the game amusing. The main reason here is that the gameplay used is a proven success. It is enjoyable and easy to understand. Yet all the problems in the past concerning the LEGO games, such as nonsense puzzles and the AI problem are still present. At this stage you would have expected Traveller's Tales to nearly perfect the game, but that is not so.

LEGO Batman is a unique game because it did not take its story from any of the Batman movies or from the comics. The plot within the game is kind of original; thus, it gives the creators a wide horizon, since there is no pressure to follow up with a well known story. The Batman here is not even connected with the Batman we know. It is exactly like a Batman in the toy shelf where you can create anything you desire with it.

The main idea of the plot is basically a story of Batman chasing and capturing villains that escaped from the Arkham Asylum. When you play LEGO Batman, the main goal is basically to destroy enemies and smash objects. The story isn't all that important.

The charm of LEGO is still present in the game and as a whole, it is still very funny. You have the same stoic Batman here, Robin is still same old goofy self, and the villains have remained amazingly crazy. The characters are really good LEGO counterparts of the cartoon Batman. However, aside from the characters, the background is not something to get crazy about. It would have been better to see a more creative Gotham City.

To the game's credit, LEGO Batman has everything in the mix. There are a multitude of characters spread out in six acts. In the first half you can use Batman and Robin. There are also power suits you can use. Robin can use the magnetic suit that allows him to walk through metal walls. And Batman has the demolition suit so he can turn stuff into smithereens in an instant (this fits Batman, he always wants everybody's attention, right?).

When you reach act three to six, you may start using the villains. In this plot, you can have a taste of how the sinister villains set up their master plan. This, however, is before the ultimate meeting between them and the bat. Each villain has their own unique powers. Poison Ivy uses her kiss to poison another. The joker gives joybuzzers to anyone he touches. Mr. Freeze places anyone in the cold storage. The Riddler controls the minds of other villains to make them his minions. You know the rest. But the main Batman Nemesis here is Killer Moth. Oh yes, the all popular Killer Moth that everybody remembers (That was an attempt at sarcasm, by the way. No one really knows who Killer Moth is or was.)

And on top of the story, there are dozens of unlockable characters that can be used when replaying levels. Among these characters are Night Wing, Batgirl, Hush, Man-Bat and others; which can be unlocked with each LEGO bit collected in the game (Cool, huh!)

There are many good things going for this game. The huge downside is that the problem from the previous LEGO games was never addressed. The AI presents problems; the jumps are difficult to time and stuff like that. But if you are looking for a good laugh with a buddy while appreciating the comical Batman and friends the game has created, then by all means, go ahead and purchase the game!

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Nintendo has brought the Tekken franchise to the Wii U console for the first time in a remake of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 which was released in September of last year for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has a mode for those who are new to the Tekken Franchise and it is called the Fight Lab. In the Fight Lab players will learn the basics of the game before jumping straight into the action and trying to figure out the controls for themselves. The Fight Lab teaches players how to perform different fighting moves. Players will progress from level to level as they fight off opponents. In other words the Fight Lab is a tutorial mode which will be beneficial for those who are new to the Tekken series and are not familiar with the controls of the game.

For those that are familiar with Tekken, you will be happy to know that this game is still the same Tekken that you know and love. The fighting is still fast-paced and works well. The punches and kicks are authentic and every fighter in the game has their own unique fighting style.

Tekken Tag Tournament features 4 main modes which are Survival Mode, Versus Mode, Pair Play Mode, and Practice Mode. You have the option to play with a friend on the same console or you can play online.

Survival Mode is where you play against opponent after opponent until you are defeated. Practice mode is where you are able to practice your skills, as well as record and upload videos. Versus Mode is your standard tag match. Pair Play Mode consists of four players who are limited to one character each in a tag team match where they will be tagged in and out of the game.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 gives players the option to customize every character in the game. You can change characters attire add accessories such as glasses and hats and much more. You can even go as far as to change a characters haircut if you please.

This game is called Tekken Tag Tournament 2 which means you are in for some tag team action. The addition of the Tag Assault system adds a more strategic element to the game. You can tag your teammate into the game while your opponent is in the air. You will be able to pull off tons of different combos while your opponent is in the air.

There is no big difference between the Wii U version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and the Xbox 360 and Playstation versions released in September of 2012. The only difference is the extra modes such as Tekken Ball, Tekken Supporter, and Mushroom Battle. This game also features costumes inspired by Nintendo. Players will also get to use Nintendo characters such as Mario and Peaches.

Tekken Ball is a variation of volleyball where you inflict damage to your opponent by hitting the ball on the ground. Mushroom Battle is a mode where you fight your opponent while good and bad mushrooms fly around you. If you grab a good mushroom your character gets bigger. If you grab a poisonous mushroom your character will shrink to a smaller size.

The Wii U edition of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is the best one to date with its extra modes and features. Nintendo fans will be able to battle it out with Mario versus Jin. This is a solid fighting game that offers players character customization and an engaging experience. The Tekken franchise welcomes old and new fans with another great addition to the Tekken Tag collection.

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Club Penguin Game Day Wii gives the player hours of playing time in three different modes. The Story Mode entertains the player with plenty of competition, Quick Play and a Tournament mode challenges the player to mini-games.

The player must first create his or her own penguin, choose the color for the penguin and give the penguin a cute name. In the Story Mode players have a choice of four different colors blue, green, yellow or red as a team color. The task they are presented with is to conquer the winter island. The team color must control all areas of the island. The player engages in mini-games and must come in third or higher in order to control an area. Once a mini-game is completed, the player will receive coins and some new games to play. Zones on the island will also be unlocked and the player can buy items for the penguin. Players must go through the game’s Story Mode in order to play the dozen events of Game Day.

Club Penguin Game Day has a good assortment of mini-games that will entertain the kids for hours. The limited numbers of mini-games can be played out if different ways every time, giving all players many hours of replay appreciation. The mini-games center on Fast Freeze, Sumo Smash, Sled and Slide and more. Kids and adults will find the games exciting with a lot of action. Every time a team beats a challenge, they triumph over another area of the island. The player’s goal is to take over as much of the island as possible.

The island is sectioned off into six locations. The players must play a set of four mini-games and a challenge game. Once they have conquered all the challenges and the areas are changed to the player’s team color, the player can move on to Quick Play or Tournament mode. Only the Wiimote can be used on the mini-games. The events the penguins perform are well executed. The family will have hours of fun completing each event. The cute little penguins will waggle and twist around in events like snowball rolling contests, sack races, to throwing large sacks of coffee off their heads to the finish line. What a bizarre sight it is to see, coffee being hefted off penguins head.

While the games are simple enough to learn the controls can become frustrating. The player needs to point the location in which they want to penguin to go in order for the penguin to move and then click. The penguin will then be located in the right spot. Each of the mini-games moves the penguins in a different way in order to complete the task. Some of the maneuvers will be hard for a younger child to master.

The mechanics of the penguins in the game are exceptionally well done and will wiggle and bounce their way into everyone’s heart. The team playing is fun with both friends and family and those of all ages. There is hours of enjoyment for everyone.

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007 Legends for the Wii U is made up from six different classic James Bonds movies, tied together in a way which offers players a unique gaming experience. The six different stories are Moonraker, On Her Majesty's, Licensed to Kill, Die Another Day, Goldfinger and Skyfall. All the popular and most famous characters are included. Players will also have access to the typical technological gadgetry and weaponry.

This version of James Bond features some variations to the single player campaign and also offers a unique multiplayer experience. The multiplayer mode allows up to four players to join in at once and there are also new weapons, high-tech gadgetry and even new maps to explore online. The multiplayer mode of James Bond 007 Legends is a four-player split screen that also gives players the option of finding various unlockable items throughout the levels.

Some of the modes in the multiplayer feature let the player play as certain Bond characters. Besides the main storyline, players may also try their hand at the Mi6 Ops Missions or they may also play as some of the infamous Bond villains. This gives gamers a unique perspective from the viewpoint of both James Bond and his opposing villains.

This game begins from the ending portion of the 007 Skyfall's opening scene. The player will witness a cinematic view of 007 fighting someone on top of a train when a sniper from the MI-6 group successfully hits 007 which results in him falling off the train and into the nearby water. After some flashbacks, the player will begin to play the game.

The player may use stealth to their advantage to sneak past enemies but they can also fight off enemies whenever need be by utilizing a wide variety of weaponry. The player may use the Wii U game pad while in battle to swap out their weapons and may also tap the Wii Remote to change the weapons as well. Alongside the stealth, players can perform melee sneaking attacks or may also take advantage of their silenced weapons or shock darts if the moment calls for it. Once the player takes an enemy down, they will need to properly hide the body so that a patrolling guard or security camera doesn't spot it.

One of the most exciting points of the game is that the developer made it a point to incorporate the most important aspects of the films and story into the gameplay experience so that the player gets a fully immersive James Bond experience that spans several time periods. There are also other moments in the game that give the player an adrenaline rush. For example, there are moments in the game where the player may be required to utilized QTE commands to successfully defeat an enemy or get past a certain point. These exciting moments add to the gameplay experience and make the player feel more involved as the James Bond character. Once the player makes it to the end of the level in the game story they happen to be playing, they will encounter that story's main villain.

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Darksiders II picks up after the events of the first Darksiders game which told the story of the horseman War. When War accidentally began the apocalypse he signed his own death warrant, however, there may be more to what happened, and to the part that War played in it, than at first meets the eye. War's brother, Death, decides to get to the bottom of these events and rides to the rescue on his pale horse to find out what his younger, less crafty sibling, got himself involved in.


Darksiders II at first plays a great deal differently than the original Darksiders. However, once players get used to the different set of controls the game plays much like the original but with upgrades. Whereas War was very focused on big, brutish attacks that could be made acrobatic if players wanted, Death on the other hand is slimmer, faster and has a bigger variety of weapons available to him. Players will need to be able to switch between weapons and more magical attacks quickly in order to achieve the best possible combinations and inflict the most damage.

Aside from the array of attacks and weapons that have been upgraded in Darksiders II, Death is also a very different character when it comes to control. Players will have the usual array of run, duck, jump, and so on, but Death gains an interesting variety of ways to get from point A to point B, not the least of which is his Pale Horse. With so many different options, players are very likely to find their own favorite weapons and combinations for getting them through the hordes of the outer and under worlds.

Prettier Than The First

Darksiders was no slouch in the graphics department, but Darksiders II blows it out of the water when it comes to how smooth things look. The cinematic scenes are clean, crisp and clear, the voice work is very well done, and the animation during the actual game is flawless. However, that said, there's only so many times you can scythe an opponent in half before the beautifully rendered graphic becomes just another part of the violent background scenery.

Additionally, as Death gets weapon and armor upgrades his appearance changes. So, for players who enjoy customizing a character's look, this alternative appearance can be a fun little extra where the designers get to show off some of their extra flair for the character.

Why Wii U?

The Wii U hasn't been fully embraced as a system, but once players adjust to the options it offers there's no other way to play Darksiders II. The Wii U system allows players a smooth, simple way to interact with the game and it offers an organic method of doing nearly everything. It forms a bridge between motion sensor and traditional controller games that will require practice (that cannot be stressed enough), but once a player has put in the necessary amount of practice then it's very likely that player will become Death on two legs for all the enemies.

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Tecmo Koei brings the stentorian epic combat of both their Dynasty Warriors, and Samurai Warriors franchises to the Wii U with the massive port of Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper. Being a complete amalgamation of these two preceding titles, this new release seamlessly integrates characters from both franchises and unites them against a tyrannically cruel monster named Hydra. Incorporating the complete casts of both titles, Tecmo Koei also offers unique recruits from their vast catalog. These characters tantalizingly include Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden, and Ayane from Dead or Alive. More obscure homages showcase Achilles from Warriors Legends of Troy, and Joan of Arc from Bladestorm. In all, there are a total of 130 characters to be unlocked and assembled into the player's personalized army.

The in-game battlefield is gigantic beyond scope with each level only increasing in size. Before entering the brawl, a team of three legendary generals must be assembled. In classic role-playing game style, every character has their own leveling system integrated into their primary interface. This mechanism allows for rapid customization and the discovery of each general's unique skill set. The primary agenda for every mission is to massacre all opposing generals. The body count always amasses in the hundreds as multiple enemies can be annihilated with every strike. The frame-rate has to fight to keep up with the never-ending dramatic action. Sudden tumultuous bouts with hidden enemies are spurred randomly by checkpoints that riddle this game with unpredictable loading sequences.

For a crossover, Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper has a gripping narrative that varies based on the nearly infinite character combinations that are available. The free roaming capabilities within the actual missions lend to the most entertaining hack and slash game this genre has seen released in years; however, the merging of the franchise's signature game-play interface with the new Wii U controller design was uninspired. The implementation of the new GamePad was not just useless, it was detrimental and disadvantageous to players employing it. Because the icons on it are rendered miniscule and unobservable, players using the GamePad map find it impossible to locate objectives or keep track of their innumerable enemies while their companions using the on-screen replica have no trouble trouncing all the missions and protocols in the game. None of the other new Wii U technologies were even touched by the developers.

The main new addition to the Wii U port of Warriors Orochi 3 is the exclusively added Hyper moniker. It primarily refers to the new Duel Mode, where the player navigates three generals through a basic arcade arena. Battle Points accumulate through every fight to be converted either into increasing their own agility and power or diminishing that of their opponents. It is an amusing little sideshow that unfortunately serves only to distract from the main battle.

While this is a brilliant game, it is at times a bit too bulky for the Wii U to completely handle. All limitations notwithstanding, the generous bevy of vibrant content keeps it viscerally absorbing.

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Being much like the conceptual setup for the previous version of the Call of Duty game series, Call of Duty: Ghosts is the tenth and latest edition to the main series.

Ghosts is a game that deals with a semi mythical U.S. Special Operations unit who work behind enemy lines. The Ghosts are led by U.S.Army Captain Elias Walker but the game is mostly carried out with one of his sons, Logan Walker as the main playable character. Logan has a brother called David who also is in the action. Other featured characters are a Captain Thomas A. Merrick and Sergeant Keegan. And for all the millions of animal lovers out there a trained German Shepherd by the name Riley is thrown in for good measure, or as a source of food if rations run out. The game begins with the background history of the Ghosts begin narrated by Elias to his sons. A little corny but I suppose players need to be told somehow how the story got to where the current action begins.

The baddie in the game is a ex Ghost Gabriel Rorke who was turned by torture and hallucinogenic substances and now works for the Federation. The story deals with the events after the nuclear destruction of the Middle East, and consequently its oil, allowing the South American oil producers to grow in power and in league with the Federation to realize their desire to extend their domination northwards to the North American Continent.

Along with the basic campaign game mode there are other modes available these being squads, extinction and multiplayer. Squads is a new concept to the series and can be played solo or with other players. Each squad is made up of ten individuals who are to some degree customizable. Their are several sub-modes in Squad, these are Squad v. Squad, Wargame and Safeguard, all of which are pretty simple in design. For instance Squad v. Squad has a pair of opposing players meeting in a death match. In some of these modes, depending on which configuration is chosen, the AI can be the enemy or can act as the rest of your team.

In the multiplayer mode a variety of new challenges are available as well as new awards. Furthermore, the multiplayer game mode in Call of Duty: Ghosts is completely different from previous Call of Duty versions. The new features in the multiplayer game mode are presented in seven different game types from which players can choose to play. These include Search and Rescue, Cranked, Free For All, Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, Domination, Team Tactical, and more. All of these game types are team based and require certain team accomplishments to be completed.

In Extinction mode four players play in a survival type setting where the players defend their home base against a variety of different opponents. Players are divided up according to various classes that can be leveled up, and upon doing so, will unlock different weaponry and other equipment. This mode is a co-op type mode which takes the initial mission and requires extra tasks to complete it. The Extinction mode only is available to players who finish the Campaign mode.

In conclusion, the game is a mission style game, and in reality, despite all the new modes, is not very much different in conception to other games in the series or even the genre in general, but has just enough difference to make it worthwhile. There is enough internal variety to keep the player occupied for many hours.

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First of all, I recently watched LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload which I loved. I thought the unique use of LEGO graphics was genius and fun to watch at the same time. So, when I came across the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes video game I was doubly pleased. The graphics are amazing! The style, look and feel of the game is comparable if not better than the movie. You even feel like you're part of an extended sort of choose your own adventure version of the movie when playing. I have good memories of LEGO from my childhood and Marvel Super Heroes was another favorite, so this game has combined some of my favorite things together in one, making it even more enjoyable to play.

The game takes place in a highly populated New York City and offers you the choice of a wide range of Marvel characters, both heroes and villains. Following the Marvel comics story line, the basic idea of the game is to stop Loki and the other villains from destroying the world with a super-weapon they are trying to create. You get the choice of which characters you control, and by using their different abilities like Spiderman's web action. You also get to build new constructions in the city, smash them up, solve puzzles and travel through various environments. Some of the places you will travel through are the Green Goblin's Oscorp Tower, Grand Central Station and Doctor Doom's Castle. You can also sky dive and explore the city in between missions and do so many other things. In fact, you really must explore the city in order to uncover all the secrets present within the game.

Each mission or level is quite involved and the secrets are very well hidden. Through exploring you will be able to unlock over 100 characters you can play and discover other things like hidden bricks. Every character has a unique voice and animation, making the game even more memorable. Most of the characters have multiple abilities. It's fun to figure out what character abilities are need to move past the various challenges. Personally, my favorite Marvel characters are Captain America, Spiderman and the Incredible Hulk.

A really nice feature of the game is the ability to control multiple characters by pressing a button. In order to move forward in the game, you have to use a mixture of the super-hero powers and battle the bad guys. There's plenty of humor packed in the game as well that makes it even more entertaining. During the game there are plenty of tutorials and prompts to help you play.

Overall I really think the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes game is fun for all ages. Visually, it's bright, interesting and full of a narrative that offers plenty of fun jokes. Effects like cascading water, debris flying around and super hero powers are very entertaining to the viewer. It's also reasonably priced at about $25. It's also available on all major consoles, so anyone who loves video games can easily purchase it. Christmas is coming up so it's a perfect gift for all the game lovers in your life.

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The Walking Dead has been widely described as a 'point and click adventure role playing video game' using a third person perspective in which the gameplay focuses on the story rather than puzzles it contains. The game draws heavily from the comic book and TV series of the same name whose writer, Robert Kirkman, played an advisory role in the making of the game. Although the story takes place in locations from the comic series many of the characters in the game are new to the Walking Dead series.

The action starts in the state of Georgia in North America soon after a zombie invasion and its catastrophic outcome and is played out through the eyes of Lee Everett whose part the player assumes. The Zombies or 'Walkers' as they are dubbed due to the slowness of their gait are thought to 'infect' the survivors of the invasion by biting them but it comes to light later that they become zombies themselves irrespective of the manner of their death.

Lee Everett, the principal character in the story was once a university Professor who was convicted for the murder of a senator who became a little too friendly with his wife. There are many other characters in the tale with various backgrounds who interact with each other in somewhat complex ways.

As well as Everett, the main cast consists of:-

Clementine a girl eight years of age to whom Everett becomes a sort of father substitute.

Kenny, Katjaa his Belgian wife and Kenny junior ( nicknamed Duck )form a family form Florida. Kenny is a fisherman and his wife a vet.

Lilley who is or was stationed at an US airbase and who comes along with a bunch of survivors including Larry her father and Carley a newspaper reporter who are both aware of Everett's murky past.

There are many others too numerous to name here but who come from all walks of life and who form a rather unlikely bunch. Many are introduced as the story moves on through the five consecutive episodes into which the overall narrative is split.

Although the interaction between this motley crew of characters can become quite complex, although a little contrived, the main story is as follows:-

We start as Everett, form now on referred to as Lee, is being transported to prison and the vehicle he and his escorts are in flattens an unwary pedestrian and leaves the road leaving the vehicle's passengers unconscious. Lee regains his senses some hours later only to find that the officer escorting him is now a Zombie and Lee thinks it is expedient to kill him.

Taking refuge in a nearby house and discovers Clementine hiding in a tree house and on discovering that her parents were not with her he offers to take her under his wing and to help search for them. They travel on to a neighboring farm where the meet the aforementioned Kenny and his family. They travel on as a group and meet up with other survivors and hole up in a drugstore owned, unknown to the rest of the group, by one of Lee's family. After accidentally setting of the store's alarm so drawing attention to themselves they make a run to a motel intending to use it for a defensive position.

All is well and they are safe from Walkers but unfortunately being human they need to eat and are fast running out of food. They are then approached by a family called called St.Johns who own, of all things, a dairy. But it is soon discovered that the St.John's diet is not limited to milk products as they have dabbled in a little cannibalism. The group must flee once more when Walkers and bandits, who are in cahoots with the St.Johns

This more or less sets the tone for the rest of the action and there are too many events and complications to describe in a short review. But the group and others with which they meet move from crisis to crisis fighting off Zombie attacks and losing some of their number along the way. The closing shot does show Clementine and two figures in the distance, are they her parents, wait and see.

The game has the usual character and object interactions with many choices to be made which affect the other game characters' reaction to the main character Lee. Major decisions need to be made at the start of the five episodes into which the overall tale is broken down and although these decisions affect the episodic outcomes they can each be completed irrespective of the choices made. On the whole it is fair to say that the complex interactions are more in number than in most games of this genre. Beware that some of the decisions are time limited and so quick thinking is needed.

There is a useful save function and a facility to rewind as it were to an earlier stage and reverse previously made choices. There is also an optional 'choice notification' feature which can be switched on indicating how choices made in play affect the relationship of the characters to the main mover Lee.

Graphics and audio are, needless to say of the excellent quality expected of a game which has undergone such long development.

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Batman Arkham City is the sequel to the 2009 popular title on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Batman Arkham Asylum and it is also a revamped version the 2011 popular title on Xbox and PlayStation 3 Batman Arkham City. Now this is essentially exactly the same game with a few minor differences in the details; for example, all the DLC from the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 version is on the disk so you don't have to buy say Harley Quinn's revenge on the Wii U. Despite a few small changes there is really no difference between the two games.

For those of you who have never played a Batman Arkham game they are sort of combination of Prince of Persia, God of War and Metal Gear Solid and maybe a hint of Assassin's Creed, it is a stealth focused combat game where you hop into the boots of the Dark Knight himself and you take down a motley array of criminals. The story in this game concerns professor Hugo Strange who has been given permission to close off a section of Gotham City and, after renaming it Arkham City, house all the super criminals in the area inside it. That means characters like the Joker, Mister Freeze and so on; all those characters and their goons will all be housed in this one section of the city. Bruce Wayne shows up to protest against Arkham City and a is on the point of closing it down when he is promptly arrested by Hugo Strange's TYGER guards. It is there that he finds out that Hugo Strange knows his, Bruce Wayne's, dual identity as Batman.

I'm not going to spoil the story any further but what you should know is that this is a very very intense roller coaster ride and any fans of the Dark Knight will enjoy it. Your main aim is to win the race against the clock to stop Hugo Strange's plan to launch the devastating Protocol Ten.

What makes this version different from the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 counterparts is the addition of Bat Mode and the armor suits. What happens is that while you are in combat, any punch delivered builds up kinetic energy in a little bar on the gamepad and, once its full, you can hit the Batman Insignia and you then go into Invincibility Mode allowing you to perform super combos and or leaves you not having to worry about doing certain tasks against harder or more well armored enemies.

The tablet controller includes the feature that, whenever you throw a remote-control Batarang, allows you to either use the control stick or use the gyroscope function above the Wii U gamepad to maneuver the Batarang. There is also a real time map so that when you are going from location to location you can always check your map to see that you are going in the right direction. Also when Batman is having a conversation over his communicator the voices of the characters that he is communicating with come through the gamepad. The game also allows you to play entirely on the gamepad so that if you want to watch say your favorite sports game you can still play Batman Arkham City while the sports game is on. Another great addition is the downloadable content.

It is a great game for any fans of the Batman series and even people who aren't even familiar with the Batman series will definitely get a kick out of this game as it is a very enjoyable and even addictive action game.

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