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If you are a fan of Mario games or have ever played a Mario game then this game will simply meet your expectations on that basis alone. There is really a ton of gameplay and fun packed into this game. I actually picked up this game a week ago and haven't put it down since.

First of all the graphics are all 3D and incredible. It has a sequel feel to from the great Mario 64, that we all came to love over the years. You will first notice that when you start out you are on a ship and there are different areas (levels) you can go into. There are variety of rooms in which you can travel to new galaxies. Most will have a boss scene at the end.

Without ruining the storyline and everything I will sum it all up in one sentence. Once again, you do have to rescue Peach from Bowser as it most Mario games. You are going to be traveling to galaxies (about 40 in all). All kinds of exciting gameplay which could be anything from going around on land dodging boulders, swimming, and even underwater. There are also ice levels, lava levels, and mechanical machine levels, as well.

You are going to be traveling around a lot and collecting stars (about 120). The gameplay is really fun and pretty simple. You are going to control Mario with the analog stick, but also point and interact, as well as throwing star bits. There are tons of characters and lots and lots of environments to explore.

The camera system is excellent and doesn't seem to get in the way at all. You can go left, right, up, down and the camera will just follow what you do. So many games that you play these days don't make an effective use of the camera, but Super Mario Galaxy simply writes the book on how a camera system should work.

I actually thought this was the new Wii Super Mario Galaxy 2, I didn’t realize until I seen the advert that it wasn’t the game I wanted, it does enable me though to now purchase the new Mario Galaxy 2 though so there’s a bonus.

The lasting effect on this game is great. Best graphics, music, and gameplay, you can find on the Wii.. You will simply get your money’s worth out of this game. This game will go down in the history books and simply stand the test of time.

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Alan Wake is a well known writer, he and his wife take a holiday to Bright Falls. However when his wife goes missing Alan is taken on a story that will make him question not only reality but himself.

Story -- 8.5/10
One of Alan Wake's most powerful aspects is the story, full of twists and turns it will drive you to find out more. With small cut away levels that will allow you to delve into Alan Wake's life to understand more about how he thinks and what lead up to them going on holiday.

Graphics -- 7/10
The graphics are fairly good and does feel realistic enough, but as most of it is set in the dark the lighting is the most powerful effect for this game. It is clear the designers knew this and concentrated on it, unfortunately it is sill nothing to be amazed by. Cleverly you will probably soon forget about the graphics as this game will make you so paranoid and edgy that not having the best graphics in the world actually helps the game.

Game-play -- 8.5/10 (Suite's the game)
One of the other powerful aspects is the game-play, while it doesn't have the best aiming system, the best movement controls or any real cover system. This all manages to fit the game perfectly, your character is a writer not a soldier of course he cant aim a gun very well and the same for the movement. Him getting short of breath after running makes it a whole lot scarier when being chased. As for the no cover system this forces you to keep moving into forward (into danger).

Extra's -- 9/10
Alan Wake offers many hidden extra's with parts of manuscripts to be found and TV show's to watch which will make you feel even more on edge though out the game than normal.Not forgetting some great download-able content. If that doesn't make you carry on playing the game after you have completed it, then try playing it in the dark on nightmare mode.

I hope this was helpful =)

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Club Penguin Game Day Wii gives the player hours of playing time in three different modes. The Story Mode entertains the player with plenty of competition, Quick Play and a Tournament mode challenges the player to mini-games.

The player must first create his or her own penguin, choose the color for the penguin and give the penguin a cute name. In the Story Mode players have a choice of four different colors blue, green, yellow or red as a team color. The task they are presented with is to conquer the winter island. The team color must control all areas of the island. The player engages in mini-games and must come in third or higher in order to control an area. Once a mini-game is completed, the player will receive coins and some new games to play. Zones on the island will also be unlocked and the player can buy items for the penguin. Players must go through the game’s Story Mode in order to play the dozen events of Game Day.

Club Penguin Game Day has a good assortment of mini-games that will entertain the kids for hours. The limited numbers of mini-games can be played out if different ways every time, giving all players many hours of replay appreciation. The mini-games center on Fast Freeze, Sumo Smash, Sled and Slide and more. Kids and adults will find the games exciting with a lot of action. Every time a team beats a challenge, they triumph over another area of the island. The player’s goal is to take over as much of the island as possible.

The island is sectioned off into six locations. The players must play a set of four mini-games and a challenge game. Once they have conquered all the challenges and the areas are changed to the player’s team color, the player can move on to Quick Play or Tournament mode. Only the Wiimote can be used on the mini-games. The events the penguins perform are well executed. The family will have hours of fun completing each event. The cute little penguins will waggle and twist around in events like snowball rolling contests, sack races, to throwing large sacks of coffee off their heads to the finish line. What a bizarre sight it is to see, coffee being hefted off penguins head.

While the games are simple enough to learn the controls can become frustrating. The player needs to point the location in which they want to penguin to go in order for the penguin to move and then click. The penguin will then be located in the right spot. Each of the mini-games moves the penguins in a different way in order to complete the task. Some of the maneuvers will be hard for a younger child to master.

The mechanics of the penguins in the game are exceptionally well done and will wiggle and bounce their way into everyone’s heart. The team playing is fun with both friends and family and those of all ages. There is hours of enjoyment for everyone.

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FIFA 14 on the PlayStation 4 is a football simulation video game developed by EA Canada and published by Electronic Arts.

Part of the most popular football video game franchise, FIFA 14 is loaded with the latest features that are available for some of the top video game consoles and platforms. The all new Ignite engine brings realistic graphics and computer intelligence for platforms such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Realistic ball physics simulate with precision the trajectories of the ball and movements of the players in FIFA 14 and the detailed graphics in the game also make some of football's stars instantly recognizable when you zoom in on their faces during matches.

The unique Pure Shot feature allows the practiced gamer to make some very realistic adjustments for kicking the ball at different angles, spins, speeds and other parameters. The advanced Protect the Ball feature allows players to shield the ball from opponents while running at full speed during an attack. Protect the Ball also allows players to fight for better positions when receiving the ball. Weather conditions are are also simulated well and of course these conditions influence the state of the pitch during game play making it necessary for players to make careful adjustments when running on a slippery pitch during rain or snow.

The Ignite engine also makes the computer controlled opponents much tougher than in previous FIFA games. You may easily lose a simulated game against a weak team even though you think you have a picked a strong squad, and players can enjoy a true challenge when playing against CPU opponents on the most difficult game setting. With Teammate Intelligence, on pitch players can also enjoy the support from smart CPU teammates that make great real time decisions during attacks and defense. For example, you can expect a CPU teammate to start running towards the opposition's goal as you run on a counter strike.

Featuring a Co-op mode, FIFA 14 allows players from all over the world to compete against each other online. In fact, Co-op seasons can be played to allow players weeks or even months of ongoing fun.

Featuring a total of more than 60 venues 32 of which are real ones, FIFA 14 invites players to enjoy football in some of the best stadiums all over the world ranging from Europe to the Americas. Featuring in total more than 30 licensed leagues, FIFA 14 allows you to control or play against more than 600 international teams. More than 16,000 real players are available in the database with the addition of more than 40 retired legendary football players also available for selection in various modes. The bottom line is that this game caters to any type of football playing style and may well tempt players to try out some of the most innovative features in virtual football.

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The Wonderful 101 is a new release for the Wii U, released by Platinum Games. The title is as obfuscating as possible, you receive no hint as to what you are about to play. And that is for the better. The Wonderful 101 is an almost isometric game that is stepped in Anime kitsch: anime women, mech suits, vibrant colors, and so on. The Wonderful 101 is a tremendous leap forward in the third party library that is starting to filter in to the Nintendo back catalog. But what exactly is this game and why is it so great?

The first thing gamers will notice about The Wonderful 101 is that there is no lead dog in your adventure. The story single player mode is entrenched in the zany action of a Pikmin game and the fighting sequences that can bring an action game above those around the genre. You can control, at any given time, upwards of 100 different characters. They are as diverse as they are colorful with each character possessing their own moves, combinations, and personalities. The fighting sequences occur in a sort of 3D isometric and have some great innovations, including the "UNITE" move that requires you to draw a symbol across your screen in order to activate a combination attack technique.

The Wonderful 101 will bring back the best of memories in relation to early NES and SNES titles. The vibrant colors of the drawings and the smooth animations used in the beat-em-up will call to mind the simple games we played as a child. Only this game is not simple. it is a frenetic and frenzied romp through a world steeped in anime references, nods to other video games, and even references to other Nintendo franchises.

The story is almost stereotypically Japanese. Zany, nonsensical, and full of odd humor and quirky cut scenes. Most of this story fluff can be set aside. The gist of the story is that you, the 101st of the Wonderful, are super heroes defending Earth from alien invaders. Any information past that is sort of just beside the point.

The game plays smooth, overall, and the animation is wonderful. The gameplay is original and unique and tends to offer things other games in the WII U library are just not offering. If there are downsides it would have to be that some of the controls can be clunky: drawing a straight line is hard enough now try drawing all sorts of different shapes on your pad while fighting off aliens. There are some issues as well with the camera and thus your ability to control characters. The isometric view, making small the giant settings you will be playing in, has a habit of causing the camera to be unusable. There will be moments during your gameplay where you lose track of your miniature super heroes and this can cause a few frustrating deaths.

Overall The Wonderful 101 offers something new and exciting. That makes it worth a purchase.

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Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii was an excellent return to the Donkey Kong Country series for Nintendo, and did a great job of evoking the feeling of the old Super Nintendo games that so many of us fell in love with as children. While the name of Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D might suggest a new game in the series, this title is simply a port of the original Wii game.

However, that is not to say that it degrades the game at all - in fact, Donkey Kong Country Returns always felt sort of like it should have been on the 3DS in the first place. The game's focus on multiple planes within a 2D platforming environment makes it perfect for the 3DS. Even better yet, this refresh of a classic Wii game also gets a few new features.

For starters, the designers have added a new mode with the rather blunt moniker "new mode". This mode more or less translates into an easy mode for the game, giving the player an extra point of damage they can take as well as adding some new items to Cranky Kong's shop that make the game far easier - like a barrel that allows you to respawn Diddy Kong at any time. The 3DS version of the game also tacks 8 new levels on to the end of the game, although these levels barely warrant a mention due to the fact that they are pretty generic and offer no new challenge or anything meaningfully different from the rest of the game's levels.

The port also brings some new problems to the table though. The controls, especially when it comes to charging feel a bit weird. While the shaking of the Wii remote felt pretty spot on in the original version, the remapping of that movement to a single button hold has made it awkward. Even worse yet, the down scaling from the Wii, while mostly successful has left a few residual performance issues in its wake.

If you played the original version of the game for the Wii, you will immediately notice that the 3DS version runs at a frame rate of only 30 fps instead of the original's 60 fps - but even more importantly, there are many times throughout the game where the frame rate will drop precipitously without any warning, ruining countless jumps and tricky platforming bits. It is far too clear that this was once a Wii game that was downgraded to work on the 3DS instead.

All of that said, Donkey Kong Country Returns remains an excellent platformer in its new portable form. Sure, the Wii version might remain the better version, and there is absolutely no reason to pick this up if you already played it on the Wii, but for people new to the game or to the series, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D is a great place to start, and remains one of the best 2D platformers to be released in recent memory.

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I'll make it simple: if you are a Just Dance fanatic, this game won't explode in your face. Unfortunately, that's about the nicest thing I can say about Just Dance Kids 2014.

If you want a Just Dance experience that subtracts the potential evils of pop music so you can be absolutely sure it won't turn your kids into mini Miley Cyruses, then get Just Dance Disney Party. It is on the Wii, which means you can play it on your Wii U. You need Wii remotes and a sensor bar to play anyway.

If you want a new Just Dance game, get Just Dance 4. It has more features, far better design, more songs and includes a lot of songs kids would actually want to dance to.

Just Dance may be a successful rhythm game series where players follow onscreen avatars by moving their Wii remotes in time to the popular tunes of the day, but behind this humble premise lies respect for the player. If you're the type of person who really enjoys dancing alone or with your friends in front of your TV to pop music, it is true that Ubisoft do put a lot of effort into trying to please you.

However, this is only applicable to games like Just Dance 4. That game has shadowy, colorful avatars who allow players to project their personalities into the game. It has dance choreography that may prompt an embarrassed smile when you realize what you have to do to win, but ultimately are really well thought-out, and designed to hit a sweet spot between step complexity and fun. It has a broad selection of tunes that will appeal to a wide variety of pop music fans.

Just Dance Kids 2014 on the other hand contains unconvincing smiley digitized tweens who were probably focus-tested to produce the hippest attitudes you can get for a way cool gnarly game like this. Cowabunga dude, kids are radical, am I right? I feel sorry for the children who appear in this failure of a game, who were probably lured into Ubisoft's van by the promise of candy.

Compare the One Direction choreography in this game to Just Dance 4; it's like night and day. Kids are not morons. They can handle regular Just Dance move routines, not these totally simple and boring moves that nobody outside your 100-year-old grandpa would have a problem replicating.

Kids do not usually wake up and say, "I want to dance to Pat Benetar's 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot' today. Oh no, Mary Had a Little Lamb, I've been itching to dance to that! Oh wait, no, I love Kenny Loggins, let's do that one!" Kids want to dance to Justin Bieber, or songs like "Call Me Maybe" or "Umbrella," which are in Just Dance 4, a game that does not get a sixth of its songs by plopping in entries from other titles.

Don't be mean to your kids, get them what they really want.

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The Walking Dead has been widely described as a 'point and click adventure role playing video game' using a third person perspective in which the gameplay focuses on the story rather than puzzles it contains. The game draws heavily from the comic book and TV series of the same name whose writer, Robert Kirkman, played an advisory role in the making of the game. Although the story takes place in locations from the comic series many of the characters in the game are new to the Walking Dead series.

The action starts in the state of Georgia in North America soon after a zombie invasion and its catastrophic outcome and is played out through the eyes of Lee Everett whose part the player assumes. The Zombies or 'Walkers' as they are dubbed due to the slowness of their gait are thought to 'infect' the survivors of the invasion by biting them but it comes to light later that they become zombies themselves irrespective of the manner of their death.

Lee Everett, the principal character in the story was once a university Professor who was convicted for the murder of a senator who became a little too friendly with his wife. There are many other characters in the tale with various backgrounds who interact with each other in somewhat complex ways.

As well as Everett, the main cast consists of:-

Clementine a girl eight years of age to whom Everett becomes a sort of father substitute.

Kenny, Katjaa his Belgian wife and Kenny junior ( nicknamed Duck )form a family form Florida. Kenny is a fisherman and his wife a vet.

Lilley who is or was stationed at an US airbase and who comes along with a bunch of survivors including Larry her father and Carley a newspaper reporter who are both aware of Everett's murky past.

There are many others too numerous to name here but who come from all walks of life and who form a rather unlikely bunch. Many are introduced as the story moves on through the five consecutive episodes into which the overall narrative is split.

Although the interaction between this motley crew of characters can become quite complex, although a little contrived, the main story is as follows:-

We start as Everett, form now on referred to as Lee, is being transported to prison and the vehicle he and his escorts are in flattens an unwary pedestrian and leaves the road leaving the vehicle's passengers unconscious. Lee regains his senses some hours later only to find that the officer escorting him is now a Zombie and Lee thinks it is expedient to kill him.

Taking refuge in a nearby house and discovers Clementine hiding in a tree house and on discovering that her parents were not with her he offers to take her under his wing and to help search for them. They travel on to a neighboring farm where the meet the aforementioned Kenny and his family. They travel on as a group and meet up with other survivors and hole up in a drugstore owned, unknown to the rest of the group, by one of Lee's family. After accidentally setting of the store's alarm so drawing attention to themselves they make a run to a motel intending to use it for a defensive position.

All is well and they are safe from Walkers but unfortunately being human they need to eat and are fast running out of food. They are then approached by a family called called St.Johns who own, of all things, a dairy. But it is soon discovered that the St.John's diet is not limited to milk products as they have dabbled in a little cannibalism. The group must flee once more when Walkers and bandits, who are in cahoots with the St.Johns

This more or less sets the tone for the rest of the action and there are too many events and complications to describe in a short review. But the group and others with which they meet move from crisis to crisis fighting off Zombie attacks and losing some of their number along the way. The closing shot does show Clementine and two figures in the distance, are they her parents, wait and see.

The game has the usual character and object interactions with many choices to be made which affect the other game characters' reaction to the main character Lee. Major decisions need to be made at the start of the five episodes into which the overall tale is broken down and although these decisions affect the episodic outcomes they can each be completed irrespective of the choices made. On the whole it is fair to say that the complex interactions are more in number than in most games of this genre. Beware that some of the decisions are time limited and so quick thinking is needed.

There is a useful save function and a facility to rewind as it were to an earlier stage and reverse previously made choices. There is also an optional 'choice notification' feature which can be switched on indicating how choices made in play affect the relationship of the characters to the main mover Lee.

Graphics and audio are, needless to say of the excellent quality expected of a game which has undergone such long development.

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'Stick it to the Man' is a PlayStation 4 game developed by Zoink! The game captured the imagination of gamers all over the world thanks to its fascinating art style, bizarre premise, and absolute commitment to its main character, Ray. The game premiered at E3 in 2013 and has since gone on to become the flagship game for Zoink! Whether or not you are into what these guys have done, the game is definitely worth checking out if only for the artistic merits that it possesses. Still, Ray won't be the hero for everyone and we understand if they choose to pass. For those that decide to keep going, 'Stick it to the Man' becomes a real treat.

So what is it all about?

You are Ray. You live in a seemingly 2D world where everything seems to be made out of paper and stickers. The world is flat, much in the vein of 'Paper Mario'. Our hero goes by the name of Ray Doewood. He's one of those protagonists that knows something is up with the world but he isn't quite sure what to do with that knowledge. Despite his general affability in a town full of outright hostility, the world seems to push in on him. One day he wakes up to find a giant pink spaghetti arm seemingly growing out of his skull. This amazing new appendage allows him to tear, fold, rip, and pull apart the once flat world that exists all around him. He is also able to dig into the brains of the fellow residents of his odd little plane of existence in order to read their minds. All is not well for shlubby Ray as one day he finds out that he is wanted for a tragic crime that he did not commit. There is a mysterious figure that goes by 'The Man' behind it all. Ray has to run, but where can he go? How will his new powers help?

An experience unlike any other.

Within seconds of booting up the video game you will find yourself in a whole new, unique world. In an instant you will either appreciate the art and style or you will hate it. There really seems to be no middle ground for the gamers that have tried out 'Stick it to the Man'. The game hones in on the classic crime noir feel with dirty sounding guitar and the classic narrators voice. The world around Ray seems dismal, dreary, and altogether unkind. Characters move in and out of their dingy little buildings almost as if they are ashamed to be seen. The world seems repulsive and something akin to 'Ren and Stimpy' on steroids with a little bit of acid mixed in. The art style of the game seems almost childish until you realize that everything there is no good.

Perhaps the strongest point that the game has going for it is the fact that it is ridiculously self aware. The writers made sure to add in a whole slew of inside jokes and industry references that will make most careful listeners grin with excitement. There are small pieces of dialogue that are simple but so clever. The game mocks platformers at the same time that it celebrates the form (Ray's house is 'all the way on the left'). In short, we have to give props to the script writers for being so able to deftly include all of these references. The jokes only work if the audience and the characters seem to be in on it and that is definitely the case with our dear, lonely young Ray.

What kind of game are we looking at?

At first glance it really is hard to tell exactly what you should be expecting with 'Stick it to the Man'. The game looks like it could go in any one of a number of different directions. At its heart, however, this game follows the classic formula that was developed by the better platformers of our time. Ray must use his new pink appendage in order to navigate throughout his two dimensional world. He'll climb, swing, jump, and fall his way throughout the crazy world that he lives in. Special abilities, like the ones we mentioned above, also help to flesh out certain segments of the game. You'll have to guide Ray through several elaborate situations which consist of puzzles and mild roleplay aspects.

How does it play?

The driving force behind your mad dash through this two dimensional world is The Man and the fact that he wants you at all cost. The Man lives in the shadows and he is never explicitly seen by the player. We do, however, see the minions that he sends to capture Ray. Some of his minions are smarter than others and still some are dumber than a bag of rocks. You will get used to using your brain altering pink hand to adjust what the men chasing you see. There are several fun, and clever, scenarios in which you can turn the tables on your opponent.

A gloriously orchestrated sound system.

One of the shining parts of 'Stick it to the Man' is the fact that everyone in the game is fully equipped with recorded dialogue. The voice acting is on point and would seem no more out of place in an independent film. The characters are unique and dirty and funny all at once and they provide a nice way for you to learn about the world without having to go explore it all. The music is wonderful and has just the right amount of 'stink' to it to keep the mood going.

'Stick it to the Man' on the Playstation 4 is a wonderful experiment in how a stale genre can be refreshed. The game reads like any other platformer but it is rife with clever writing, great voice acting, and a protagonist that we want to get behind. The cast and characters of the game are memorable and they provide some great moments for us, the gamer.

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'Terraria' on the PlayStation 4 was developed by Engine Software and published by 505 Games, 'Terraria' makes its debut to critical acclaim.

If you find yourself reading this review and shaking your heads, puzzled, we understand. 'Terraria' was originally released back in 2011 for the computer, distributed through the popular Steam Network, but it actually has made its debut on the new generation of consoles. Its release on the PlayStation Network Store gives the game a new breath of live with a whole different sort of audience. Frankly, we're glad for the port. We got to relive the beautifully irreverent game from the comfort of our couch, console in hand. Let's dig in and have some fun.

Crafting with attitude.
Since its initial release almost four years ago the team behind 'Terraria' have been fighting tooth and nail to shed the title of 2D 'Minecraft' Knock Off. While the comparison is definitely not an insult, it DOES take away from how creative the team got in developing their own 2D platforming sandbox game. 'Terraria' isn't just some tribute game that made its way to success, it is a unique experience that blends genres while creating a gaming atmosphere unlike most other games that are out there.

Lauded as an 'action based sandbox indie', 'Terraria' puts players into a charming 2D world replete with colorful graphics and creative character icons. You are given control of a 2d sprite that can craft, explore, build, and destroy; usually all at once. The game is reminiscent of the 2D Super Nintendo games of old but it has the inventive gameplay that our current generation clamors for.

You begin your adventure in a procedurally generated realm with nothing but three crafting items and the world at your disposal. You start the game with a sword, a woodcutting axe, and a pickaxe for mining. At this point a lazy write up would tell you that you then go on to craft, fight, and function in an endless 2D world. While true, there is still so much more to the game--especially on the PS4.

Once inside the game you are pretty much on your own. Whether you play online or offline, the adventure that you choose to undertake is up to your own wishes. Do you want to merely survive in this world as a straggler with weak tools? Or do you want to build yourself up, sometimes literally, into a true juggernaut in a world bent and ready to kill you. The choice is easy.

Once inside of the game you will realize that not everything is as it seems. Despite the sunny disposition of much of the world, nothing is friendly. You can't trust other players and you certainly can't trust the different NPC that roam the world. There are many different monsters ranging from slimes to zombies that all want to kill you. And it is easy to die, too! Perhaps a throw back to those old school Nintendo games or maybe a way to distance itself from the slightly childish graphics, the game is merciless. Falls and projectile damage will destroy you before you know what happened, rendering everything you did to that point as moot.

Crafting takes the center stage in the PS4 rendition of 'Terraria', much like in the older versions. The items you can create range from simple to absolutely mind bending complicated. Sometimes you will have to craft several different thigns in order to unlock the ability to craft something else. Yeah, it is frustrating but it is an entertaining experience nonetheless. Hardcore players will resist the urge to look up crafting recipes on the internet, mere mortals will have a sheet with them as they venture throughout the game.

To this point I don't think we've managed to shake the comparisons to 'Minecraft'. We are in a procedurally generated game that relies on crafting to push the player forward. Fortunately 'Terraria' has some swerving maneuvers. The combat in 'Terraria' is much smoother than 'Minecraft' and altogether more interesting. The ability to summon gigantic monsters, like the Eye of Cthulhu, makes for some genuinely adrenaline filled moments. Aside from battling you are also given a list of different goals that extend the depth of the gameplay.

Interacting with NPCs is a joy and actually taking them on as your cohorts creates for some profitable situations. We managed to fall in love with the way the NPCs work. Finding them throughout the world allows you to send them back to your home structure where they will then ply their trade for your profit.

Aside from crafting, exploration seems to be the strongest faction of the game. Going from biome to biome is always interesting, especially with the variety of different perversions that are out there. You can run across evil biomes that push your survival ability to the limit. You can also run across snowy biomes which, during the holiday season, may possess a certain bearded NPC.

Retro titles have been making a comeback in our industry for the better part of the last decade. Audiences want to see familiar characters or world builds as to what they grew up with. This is why 'Terraria' was able to start off with such a big consumer base. Bringing these nostalgic graphics to the PlayStation 4 was definitely a risk worth taking.

Downloading the game through the PSN store is a breeze and the price is so competitive for the technically endless content that you are getting. The game is enjoyable no matter how long you play it or who you play it with, but it definitely lends itself to the committed gamer. The complex currency system and endlessly deep crafting system requires some form of commitment to memorization.

At the end of the day most gamers want to feel in control of their experience. That is why we've seen so many sandbox and open world games get released in the past few years. 'Terraria' on the PlayStation 4 followed this formula but spun it to appeal to the retro gamers in all of us, and it worked amazingly.

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