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Like all great things that don’t last forever, Mickey Mouse just isn’t the same icon he once was anymore. Mickey’s fame and popularity slowly waned and has become more of a corporate symbol rather than the vivacious character capable of sustaining grand adventures.

Epic Mickey was created by Warren Spector and his Junction Point team in an exceptional manner to pay tribute to Mickey Mouse and bring him back to the spotlight as an icon in films and games. Mickey Mouse was already gradually being forgotten, but with this new game it can be said that Mickey Mouse is back in action. The game was made to showcase the traits that all people love about Mickey Mouse. Playing the game can lead players and fans alike to think that Mickey is still one of the best out there and given the right break, can still hold up to among and against any Disney characters.

The concept of the game is all about Mickey needing to destroy Phantom Blot to save wasteland. Mickey was the culprit in unleashing the hideous creature when he destroyed a magical world with powerful paint and thinner chemicals. He eventually realizes that he needs to redeem himself and save Wasteland from total demise. Thus, when he was pulled back to Wasteland, courtesy of Phantom Blot, Mickey discovers the reality behind Wasteland and the presence of Oswald, the Rabbit adds to the element of excitement as the game unfolds and really portrays the goodness and the best of Mickey Mouse that appeals to all, whether young or old.

The game is loaded with full CG sequences but lacks in-game voice acting. It was made into 2D visual to depict the Mickey we all love. With such retro technology, Mickey can easily convey and relay his emotions that make him as charming as ever.

However, the game is not perfect and has too many loopholes; such as the failure to show and give way to permanence in the game, which is kind of disturbing. The game ultimately becomes a choice and consequence type, but fails in the aspect where you’re supposed to create something in a certain place, only to find it gone when you come back for it. Your work disappears and the place is back to its normal appearance when you first came. With this problem, the choice and consequence mode of the game is not completely enhanced and may be deemed a failure as a result.

The most annoying aspects of Epic Mickey are the control setup of the game and even more so with the camera views. It’s like the camera has a mind on its own. It brings a lot of stress as I couldn’t even control the unnecessary movement of the camera in the game. This problem has resulted in several “untimely demise”, which was quite irksome as the camera issue aggravates the setup. It was very hard for me to concentrate on my character especially in fighting scenes because of the quirky and constant movement of the camera.

With all the problems that besieged the controls and the camera views and angles, the game is saved by its very impressive graphics. This, at least has made me feel like it’s a wonderful gaming experience, after all. In the same breath, the creators likewise made an effort to portray and show the history of the relationship of Oswald and Mickey in the game so as to give variety rather than concentrate on one aspect, which is to kill the Blot.

It’s kind of funny how Spector and his team can create an exceedingly impressive base to make Mickey Mouse get counted again; yet the small stuff that they’re not supposed to sweat are so flawed, they could pull down to the ground and damage the larger, more significant experience. Don’t fret, though. Epic Mickey and its positive elements do manage to ultimately make this move worth the shot. Although you could say, I was guilty of losing my patience, if you keep your expectations a bit lower and manage to keep your frustrations under control, there shouldn’t be any reason for throwing the Wii Remote – or at least keep the throwing episodes to a minimum. Watch out that the wrist strap is wrapped tight.

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The Walking Dead has been widely described as a 'point and click adventure role playing video game' using a third person perspective in which the gameplay focuses on the story rather than puzzles it contains. The game draws heavily from the comic book and TV series of the same name whose writer, Robert Kirkman, played an advisory role in the making of the game. Although the story takes place in locations from the comic series many of the characters in the game are new to the Walking Dead series.

The action starts in the state of Georgia in North America soon after a zombie invasion and its catastrophic outcome and is played out through the eyes of Lee Everett whose part the player assumes. The Zombies or 'Walkers' as they are dubbed due to the slowness of their gait are thought to 'infect' the survivors of the invasion by biting them but it comes to light later that they become zombies themselves irrespective of the manner of their death.

Lee Everett, the principal character in the story was once a university Professor who was convicted for the murder of a senator who became a little too friendly with his wife. There are many other characters in the tale with various backgrounds who interact with each other in somewhat complex ways.

As well as Everett, the main cast consists of:-

Clementine a girl eight years of age to whom Everett becomes a sort of father substitute.

Kenny, Katjaa his Belgian wife and Kenny junior ( nicknamed Duck )form a family form Florida. Kenny is a fisherman and his wife a vet.

Lilley who is or was stationed at an US airbase and who comes along with a bunch of survivors including Larry her father and Carley a newspaper reporter who are both aware of Everett's murky past.

There are many others too numerous to name here but who come from all walks of life and who form a rather unlikely bunch. Many are introduced as the story moves on through the five consecutive episodes into which the overall narrative is split.

Although the interaction between this motley crew of characters can become quite complex, although a little contrived, the main story is as follows:-

We start as Everett, form now on referred to as Lee, is being transported to prison and the vehicle he and his escorts are in flattens an unwary pedestrian and leaves the road leaving the vehicle's passengers unconscious. Lee regains his senses some hours later only to find that the officer escorting him is now a Zombie and Lee thinks it is expedient to kill him.

Taking refuge in a nearby house and discovers Clementine hiding in a tree house and on discovering that her parents were not with her he offers to take her under his wing and to help search for them. They travel on to a neighboring farm where the meet the aforementioned Kenny and his family. They travel on as a group and meet up with other survivors and hole up in a drugstore owned, unknown to the rest of the group, by one of Lee's family. After accidentally setting of the store's alarm so drawing attention to themselves they make a run to a motel intending to use it for a defensive position.

All is well and they are safe from Walkers but unfortunately being human they need to eat and are fast running out of food. They are then approached by a family called called St.Johns who own, of all things, a dairy. But it is soon discovered that the St.John's diet is not limited to milk products as they have dabbled in a little cannibalism. The group must flee once more when Walkers and bandits, who are in cahoots with the St.Johns

This more or less sets the tone for the rest of the action and there are too many events and complications to describe in a short review. But the group and others with which they meet move from crisis to crisis fighting off Zombie attacks and losing some of their number along the way. The closing shot does show Clementine and two figures in the distance, are they her parents, wait and see.

The game has the usual character and object interactions with many choices to be made which affect the other game characters' reaction to the main character Lee. Major decisions need to be made at the start of the five episodes into which the overall tale is broken down and although these decisions affect the episodic outcomes they can each be completed irrespective of the choices made. On the whole it is fair to say that the complex interactions are more in number than in most games of this genre. Beware that some of the decisions are time limited and so quick thinking is needed.

There is a useful save function and a facility to rewind as it were to an earlier stage and reverse previously made choices. There is also an optional 'choice notification' feature which can be switched on indicating how choices made in play affect the relationship of the characters to the main mover Lee.

Graphics and audio are, needless to say of the excellent quality expected of a game which has undergone such long development.

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The Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013 is for the Wii U, but is it all it is cracked up to be? Read this review to find out how good this game really is.

Starting The Game

When the game is started it asks you to create a profile. You will need to manually enter your weight as well as your age and height, and you will also need to snap a photo of your face with the GamePad's camera. Once you have created your profile you will then be walked through the main modes of the game, which are activities, classes, programs and workouts. All of these only takes a few moments, and it is actually cool how the game has you do this upon starting it for the first time.

The Different Modes

Now lets review Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013's different modes. Lets start with the workout mode, which allows you to do exercises that target certain sections of your body, and there are even exercises that kids and seniors can do. This mode will have you doing 49 sets that last anywhere between 5-15 minutes each. Depending on what type of mood you are in, you can choose how difficult of a workout you want to do.

Class mode on the other hand will teach you how to do things you would normally learn in a class, such as kickboxing, yoga, Pilates, zen and dance to name just a few.

The program mode is designed to help you reach specific fitness goals, such as losing weight, tone your upper body or increase your stamina too name a few.

The activities mode is alright too. This mode contains to zen flow exercises as well as dance routines. The downside is that there are only five songs, so there is not a whole lot of variety. However, it is safe to say that the activities mode will provide you with an excellent workout. If you choose zen flow, then you will have seven courses to get through.

All four modes are worth trying out, and asides from the activities mode, each mode has a good variety of exercises to do and routines that are not boring at all.

Is The Game Worth Buying

By now you probably want to know if the game is worth buying or if you should pass on it. Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013 is definitely a good game that has more pros than cons. Will this game help you get into the shape that you want to be in? The chances are very good that this game can help you achieve all of your fitness goals, but there are a few fitness goals that you will probably not be able to reach playing Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013. For example, if your goal is to gain as much muscle as possible, then the chances are that you will not be able to achieve that with this particular game.

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Marvel Super Hero Squad for the Wii, developed by Blue Tongue Entertainment, features miniature versions of everyone's favorite Marvel super heroes, and was published by THQ. The characters featured are Iron Man, Wolverine, Storm, Captain America and the rest of the super hero squad cast, from the toy line and television show. As a result the graphics for the game are, understandably, a bit cartoon like, and the music is suited to a younger audience. This is a beat 'em up game where players use the powers from their favorite Marvel super heroes to fight off all the villains that get in the way of the saving the world.

The comic storyline of the game has been simplified so that children can understand the story from a their perspective. You get to venture into places such as Asteroid M, Asgard, The Vault, Villainville and Super Hero City. The plot develops as Doctor Doom aims to collect enough fractals to create a complete Infinity Sword, in order to become one of the most powerful villains in the universe.

The game starts in a S.H.I.E.L.D missile base where MODOK and A.I.M. appear, and take an Infinity Sword fractal to Doctor Doom. This is the beginning of the serious plot that develops which involves Doctor Doom working in coordination with some of the most powerful and menacing villains. Some of the undesirables which you must face are The Juggernaut, Magneto, Mystique, Loki and The Abomination. This makes it hard for the super hero squad to thwart Doctor Doom's evil plot to take over the world. Luckily, the Super Hero Squad, team up with your favorite friends in order to take on the evil Doctor Doom and all of his colleagues as they try to make the world their own.

The game received decent reviews and will probably be seen as an average game by experienced gamers, but is the perfect game for kids, who are its target audience. The multiplayer aspect of the game is another feature that makes it good for children as it encourages teamwork.

There is also battle mode to the game where players can choose to play their favorite Marvel characters to fight in an arena. The battle mode is a simple fighting game mode where people have life bars and use their powers to battle it out until there is only one person standing.

Note that the game has a sequel which gives this game added play value. Marvel Super Hero Squad, The Infinity Gauntlet was released in 2010 and expands on the story presented in Marvel Super Hero Squad.

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007 Legends for the Wii U is made up from six different classic James Bonds movies, tied together in a way which offers players a unique gaming experience. The six different stories are Moonraker, On Her Majesty's, Licensed to Kill, Die Another Day, Goldfinger and Skyfall. All the popular and most famous characters are included. Players will also have access to the typical technological gadgetry and weaponry.

This version of James Bond features some variations to the single player campaign and also offers a unique multiplayer experience. The multiplayer mode allows up to four players to join in at once and there are also new weapons, high-tech gadgetry and even new maps to explore online. The multiplayer mode of James Bond 007 Legends is a four-player split screen that also gives players the option of finding various unlockable items throughout the levels.

Some of the modes in the multiplayer feature let the player play as certain Bond characters. Besides the main storyline, players may also try their hand at the Mi6 Ops Missions or they may also play as some of the infamous Bond villains. This gives gamers a unique perspective from the viewpoint of both James Bond and his opposing villains.

This game begins from the ending portion of the 007 Skyfall's opening scene. The player will witness a cinematic view of 007 fighting someone on top of a train when a sniper from the MI-6 group successfully hits 007 which results in him falling off the train and into the nearby water. After some flashbacks, the player will begin to play the game.

The player may use stealth to their advantage to sneak past enemies but they can also fight off enemies whenever need be by utilizing a wide variety of weaponry. The player may use the Wii U game pad while in battle to swap out their weapons and may also tap the Wii Remote to change the weapons as well. Alongside the stealth, players can perform melee sneaking attacks or may also take advantage of their silenced weapons or shock darts if the moment calls for it. Once the player takes an enemy down, they will need to properly hide the body so that a patrolling guard or security camera doesn't spot it.

One of the most exciting points of the game is that the developer made it a point to incorporate the most important aspects of the films and story into the gameplay experience so that the player gets a fully immersive James Bond experience that spans several time periods. There are also other moments in the game that give the player an adrenaline rush. For example, there are moments in the game where the player may be required to utilized QTE commands to successfully defeat an enemy or get past a certain point. These exciting moments add to the gameplay experience and make the player feel more involved as the James Bond character. Once the player makes it to the end of the level in the game story they happen to be playing, they will encounter that story's main villain.

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Family Party 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade will provide you with a few hours of laughter and stiff competitions in the comfort of your own home before it becomes repetitive. This multi-game package from Nintendo, allows players to participate in party games specifically designed for multiple participants. Complete with a number of arcade challenges, obstacle courses, familiar athletic events, and thinking games, the Family Party package delivers an economically reasonable selection of games.

Family Party 30 transports its participant to "Family Party Land", an island full of magic and fun combined with a wide range of family favorite games and over-the-top challenges. Challenges that you have witnessed throughout life now come to life in your living room. You will have the opportunity to experience such adventures as space flights, horseback rides, skydives, and other activities without the concern of doing damage to your living room. Medals are awarded as you prove your mastery of each game, and high scores are kept to determine which member of your family will be king of "Family Party Land." The battle for supremacy of the island will provide a certain level of entertainment.

The all-new Wii U system, another advancement of the constantly evolving in-home gaming industry, includes the GamePad which has a special multiplayer challenge mode with many of the games that allows unique competitions between players. With the GamePad it is now possible to kick virtual soccer balls in the family room, to act as a game master in hidden card games, or to navigate obstacle course challenges. The Wii U GamePad can be used in a variety of methods to participate in the Family Party 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade. Your family will utilize the GamePad to attempt each challenge that Family Party can bring your way.

This package of games was designed specifically for family play and interaction. For about £30.00, your family could experience many evenings together entertaining and being entertained for a brief time. There are games for every member of your home and enough variety that there is always something someone will want to play.

Overall, the game is designed for interaction with several players, solo players may not have enough here to enable enough playability within the game, so users may lose interest quite quickly within a short space on time.

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The Wonderful 101 is a new release for the Wii U, released by Platinum Games. The title is as obfuscating as possible, you receive no hint as to what you are about to play. And that is for the better. The Wonderful 101 is an almost isometric game that is stepped in Anime kitsch: anime women, mech suits, vibrant colors, and so on. The Wonderful 101 is a tremendous leap forward in the third party library that is starting to filter in to the Nintendo back catalog. But what exactly is this game and why is it so great?

The first thing gamers will notice about The Wonderful 101 is that there is no lead dog in your adventure. The story single player mode is entrenched in the zany action of a Pikmin game and the fighting sequences that can bring an action game above those around the genre. You can control, at any given time, upwards of 100 different characters. They are as diverse as they are colorful with each character possessing their own moves, combinations, and personalities. The fighting sequences occur in a sort of 3D isometric and have some great innovations, including the "UNITE" move that requires you to draw a symbol across your screen in order to activate a combination attack technique.

The Wonderful 101 will bring back the best of memories in relation to early NES and SNES titles. The vibrant colors of the drawings and the smooth animations used in the beat-em-up will call to mind the simple games we played as a child. Only this game is not simple. it is a frenetic and frenzied romp through a world steeped in anime references, nods to other video games, and even references to other Nintendo franchises.

The story is almost stereotypically Japanese. Zany, nonsensical, and full of odd humor and quirky cut scenes. Most of this story fluff can be set aside. The gist of the story is that you, the 101st of the Wonderful, are super heroes defending Earth from alien invaders. Any information past that is sort of just beside the point.

The game plays smooth, overall, and the animation is wonderful. The gameplay is original and unique and tends to offer things other games in the WII U library are just not offering. If there are downsides it would have to be that some of the controls can be clunky: drawing a straight line is hard enough now try drawing all sorts of different shapes on your pad while fighting off aliens. There are some issues as well with the camera and thus your ability to control characters. The isometric view, making small the giant settings you will be playing in, has a habit of causing the camera to be unusable. There will be moments during your gameplay where you lose track of your miniature super heroes and this can cause a few frustrating deaths.

Overall The Wonderful 101 offers something new and exciting. That makes it worth a purchase.

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As a film, The Amazing Spider-Man breathed life back into the hero and the franchise. With a unique twist on the comic book world that brought fans back to the movies, it was only a matter of time until that version of the wall crawler got his own game. And in The Amazing Spider-Man there are no holds barred.

The video game is meant to act as an epilogue to the film. Peter, so new at being Spider-Man, has a lot to learn after his defeat of the Lizard. However, this is Marvel's New York, and because of that there's a new costumed creep around practically every corner. Whether it's the Rhino going on a rampage, or the Scorpion out for Spider-Man's head, there's plenty of super villain action that players are going to have to throw themselves head first at to keep the city safe. No matter how new Peter is at this, he's going to have to keep on his toes and listen when his Spider Senses start tingling.

Mechanically, The Amazing Spider-Man is a beautiful piece of gaming. In an effort to capture all of the acrobatics and insane web-slinging stunts that Spider-Man is capable of the controls have been simplified to make moving around as organic as possible. Additionally, adopting the free running and wild fighting styles of games like Assassin's Creed, Spider-Man's fighting style is now just as wild as it's been in the comic books. With speed and agility on the player's side, it's important to never be where the next attack is coming from. Otherwise it's very possible that it will be lights out for the fledgling superhero.

The movement and combat styles aren't the only things that feel organic when it comes to The Amazing Spider-Man either. For fans of the comic book, that's exactly what the game feels like. Events progress on a huge scale, and there's always something around the next bend to threaten Peter's regular life and that requires him to put on his mask again. However, perhaps because this game is all about Spider-Man, there's no point where the action breaks the suspension of disbelief. Since New York is the center of most meta-human activity, it only makes sense that there would be so much crime for players to fight. Of course when the interconnecting threads are woven together into a tangled web, it's Peter's job to unravel it and become the hero he needs to be.

Overall, The Amazing Spider-Man might be the best attempt at a Spider-Man game yet. Though attempts have gone back all the way to the Sega Genesis, the technology has finally made it possible for players to do what they want and to do it stylishly when it comes to controlling Peter's movements. Additionally, whether players are fans of the movie or of the comic books, it won't matter when they pick up this game. All they have to worry about is whether they're fans of Spider-Man, and everything that comes with it.

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What does Yoshi's New Island actually have? Not a whole lot.


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Marketed as the sequel to Super Mario World, Yoshi's Island for the Super Nintendo is a somewhat contentious game in certain circles. Some people believe that it is one of the best games that Nintendo has ever made with original graphics and fresh gameplay for the time, while others believe that those same qualities make the game awful and a stain on Nintendo's record. With Yoshi's New Island, Nintendo has managed to do something that I wouldn't have thought possible - they've made a game that doesn't make either camp happy.

Put simply, Yoshi's New Island throws away that really made the original game so interesting for so many people - its uniqueness. Unlike other Yoshi-centric titles like Yoshi's Story, Yoshi's New Island does absolutely nothing to distinguish itself as a new game. Other than the graphics, pretty much everything about Yoshi's New Island could be done on the Super Nintendo.

Even that new more modern graphical style that Nintendo has adopted takes away from the charm of the Yoshi's Island series, however. Instead of hte beautiful and unique style that typified the Super Nintendo game, New Island uses a mostly generic Mario artstyle.

The gameplay, while it has not been modernized or changed in any significant way hasn't really changed at all. There is nothing interesting going on if you've played the first Yoshi's Island - but perhaps that is New Island's biggest strength. People that have some sort of strong opinion on the original Super Nintendo game will more than likely not be huge fans of the new game - but people who have never touched a Yoshi's Island game in the past could certainly find a lot of fun in the new one.

Of course, that would make the assumption that they haven't really played a large amount of side scrolling platformers either. Like so many other Nintendo platformers, Yoshi's New Island starts off relatively easy. Most Nintendo platformers would then take a sharp turn upwards in difficulty after the first few levels - but not New Island. Instead, the game waits until the last few levels before it finally becomes as difficult as you would expect a Nintendo platformer to be. Indeed, many levels of the Super Nintendo game were notoriously difficult, and in losing that the game loses another part of its charm.

Without it's charm, what does Yoshi's New Island actually have? Not a whole lot. Without the charm that made the original game so interesting, Yoshi's New Island has become yet another bland platformer in a sea of similar titles on the 3DS - many of them from the same company. New Island is a valiant attempt at recapturing the flame of the original title, but it is clear that the people who developed this game did not quite understand what people really loved about the Super Nintendo game.

The original game was not so beloved because it had a fun egg throwing mechanic - that was probably the worst part, and has always been somewhat clunky. The original game was fantastic because it was doing something that Nintendo had always seemed reluctant to do - try new things. In a world where Nintendo is churning out the same games year after year in an attempt to boost sales of their hardware platforms, the degradation of such a unique franchise like Yoshi's Island stands out as even worse as it would have been otherwise. Yoshi's New Island is by no means a bad game, and is probably worth picking up on a sale or a rental, but no one should pay full price.

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War sucks, at least it does in real life. In Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare it is hard not to see it as one giant and entertaining playground. From the guys that basically reinvented what the shooter genre really is, Advanced Warfare is a continuation of their boundary pushing concepts. You've probably seen the commercials and watched the gameplay videos but those experiences will pale in comparison to getting your hands in a sweaty death grip with your controller. Released for the Xbox One and PS4 as well as the 360 and PS3, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is another blockbuster entry into one of our generations most storied franchises. Let's dive in and see what exactly makes this game so much fun.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has a pretty clear mission from the outset: it seeks to continually blend cinematic and gaming experiences until the line is indistinguishable. We can see how this happens with the addition of Kevin Spacey and Troy Baker to the line up of voice and motion capture talents for the game. Kevin Spacey plays the role of Jonathan irons, the President of Atlas Corporation. He is deliciously evil, dangerously charismatic, and always interesting. In short he's the kind of villain that you enjoy hating because you never know what he'll do next. These characters are brought to life with the type of reality that has only become possible in recent years. You can count the pores on the faces of the characters you run across and you'll be amazed by how realistic every little detail of these characters is portrayed. That's a lot of detail, right? Now imagine that level of detail while the world is blowing up around you.

The Call of Duty series has always been about trotting your character around the globe to kick butts, take names, and try and save the world. Advanced Warfare is no different. The chapter-by-chapter gameplay style works especially well as you traverse the planet as Mitchell, the protagonist for this story. You kick things off with an action packed tutorial-turn-full blown introduction mission in Seoul, South Korea. The gameplay tips come flying in almost as fast as the bullets and you are charged with quickly learning how to carry yourself on the field of battle. It's hectic, eye opening, educational and quite fun. The rest of the campaign will have you marching through a series of sort of familiar missions. You'll traverse battleships and fight your way through closed in cities all over the planet. You'll find yourself forced to take over bridges, defend them, and ultimately leave them behind. The gameplay has the traditional up and down flow of any Call of Duty game.

Advanced Warfare is set in the eponymous future but it never feels unbelievable. While much of the environment, in particular the cityscapes, feels kind of new and different it never takes away from the games tone: things are bad and about to get much worse. In fact there are elements in the campaign that starkly remind players of World War II. You'll see dark segments that include human experimentation, torture, and death. These are uncomfortable to watch but they give you the sort of juice you need to move forward and kick some baddie butt.

For fans that aren't enamored with the campaign and merely here to serve up some butt kicking online, never fear. Advanced Warfare brings the same sort of hectic, manic, and infuriatingly fun online multiplayer as the previous franchise installments. You'll find yourself weaving through all the different levels as you try to one up your opponent in the fast and furious game of modern warfare. You'll see new tactics employed by your opponents that make you furious and then curious. You'll have to spend hours online getting to a point where you can play competitively and defend your precious Kill/Death ratio.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is an excellent game for fans of the franchise and those looking to take their first mission for Sledgehammer Games. Advanced Warfare is sleek, sexy, and filled to the brim with popcorn guzzling action. The performances by the sound team and motion capture artists make this one of the defining chapters in first person shooter history.

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