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Sony Playstation continues to head on the right track in reforming their successful PS3 video games into PSP formats. From their popular Resistance series, here comes Resistance: Retribution, which continues the story of James Grayson, the British soldier on a fight against the Chimera force, aliens trying to invade the Earth.

In Resistance: Retribution, developer Bend decided to do some tweaking to the game for improvement and adjustment purposes especially to more restricted specifications PSP could offer. First off, instead of the first person point-of-view, they switched to a third-person over the shoulder perspective. It does not give you the same Resistance experience but is effective for the PSP version, which also becomes a solution on the tight controls it has been developing over the years.

Because it is smaller, the PSP handheld version has several limitations and adjustments have to be made. The left stick is used for movements; while aiming is done through the four face buttons found on the other side. This is actually a good thing because of the auto aiming and target lock-on features that you have to rely on. If your weapon is at the right direction, the game itself will guarantee that you hit the opponents. You can opt for free-aim by tapping the d-pad; but this is not recommended because it is so slow.

This game also has new enemies like the Boiler, a skinny creature with a swollen head that blasts when it is near you. The game does have exploding enemies but these Boilers are more irksome because you spend a lot of bullets to defeat them; unless you shoot them on their heads, then you save a lot of ammunition. The bad news is this is near impossible with the auto-aim on, so you just have to do it manually. Enemies that blow up charges at you anytime out of nowhere, is another source of exasperation, especially if you are caught off-guard. Good thing there is a polished cover system that automatically glues you into place when you are in close proximity to a wall, a doorjamb or a box, which saves you the trouble of a blind fire or the complicated motions of holding a direction, leaning over and firing.

Resistance Retribution may not be a purely original game with all those gameplays but they are the best on PSP pure shooting games with their polished controls and consistent action. They have great graphic designs that could compete with other PSP games and even exceed in some areas. The game is very detailed when it comes to enemy graphics and location. If you’re looking for snags, it is most likely be about the quality of the audio.

Besides being able to enjoy a single-player campaign, one of the unique features of this new PSP version is the availability of a multiplayer mode. This is all possible through a local wireless connection or play online with PSP’s Infrastructure mode. Eight players can tough it out with each other in teams or in everyone versus everyone games or the most popular of all, the Assimilation type.

If you loved the Syphon Filter games, this is definitely much better. Although they have a lot more in common, the adjustments in the new Retribution has made the game a lot easier and faster to play.

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EA has taken over the Wii creation of the system and the golfing experience of the Game Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10. The feedback on the game is great and the experience of golfing is terrific. The way the gameplay is created has really answered the needs of gamers. The game just allows you to get immersed in it. It is the best entertainment in golf that money can buy. Moreover, PGA Tour 10 also features a wide selection of new courses with a realistic weather effect. The star of the game is the long awaited MotionPlus swing controls. This offers a very realistic recreation of real golfing. If you are still deciding whether or not to buy the MotionPlus, here’s a tip: YES! Buy one already. It is really THAT good.

The gameplay is really one fantastic feature. The menus in the game are slick. The style is very good and the pointer controls are well done. However, the game is still not a major revolution. The fundamentals of the previous edition are still intact; EA has just added and then subtracted some features to improve the game. And there are several game type modes, but the biggest part of the single player game is on the “My Career” mode. It is specially detailed that you are able to create a golf player basically from scratch. You may also customize as much as you want in the game. And when your player is ready you can take him to several tours like the PGA tour, the FedEx Cup, and Tournament Challenge. This type of career mode, I would definitely recommend to golf fans because the tournament is filled with seasoned PGA real life players as your competitors.

The game not only has the career mode, but it also features more than ten mini-games. These games range from cart competition to target practice and then to ring scores. Well, this mode actually featured in the previous edition; which up to four players - and the fun just keeps getting better.

Then there’s the online mode. The features in the last edition are still there, but some new fantastic live tournaments have been added. In this edition, you may join a tournament on a daily or weekly basis. You can even play with the pros in the ranked tournaments. And when you add this to the real-time weather feature of the game - the weather forecast - you’ll encounter unpredictable environments which just make the game a bit more challenging.

The Graphics of the game is superb when it comes to fluidity and the course looks realistic enough. However, the textures in the game can do with some improvements. The sound on the other hand is just average. The sound on the menus is decent but is not a stand out. And the sound effects in the gameplay are not that good either.

Despite the minimal drawbacks, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 for Wii can still be considered one of the best. It’s filled with content and the game is made excellent with the addition of the MotionPlus, along with the great Disc Golf expansion and the online mode that add some other dimension to the game. Don’t be surprised if this game hits the top of the charts.

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Lowly Worm


Puzzle games are very popular for they pose a different kind of challenge compared to the shooting and killing types of online games. A Boy and His Blob is one of those time tested puzzle games with beautifully designed backgrounds which were hand drawn by gifted artists. It is even more enjoyable for there are so many levels to overcome which increases the game fun.

The game is all about aliens invading Earth. Not a totally original concept here but for one thing: they love jelly beans and they want to develop a relationship with humans. Nope, no killing here, that is the most obvious thing.

The alien blob and his human friend are the main characters of this fun game. Now, don’t get all crumply-faced when you first see the visual. The visuals are, for lack of a better description, cute. Ok, so maybe people will say they are worse than cute, the graphics are Really Cute! But, this is just an illusion for deep in the heart of all the cutesiness, there is a challenge that could not be denied. The challenge is not for killing or blood and gore either; the challenge is for the mind. So those of you who are not thinkers, think again.

The obstacles which have to be overcome need a lot of planning. The player has to think and think again to go around the tasks set in front of them. The lower levels are easier, but then they gradually get to challenging challenges that can be hard to finish in one try.

The pacing of the game is smooth which makes the increasing difficulties more interesting, and yes, more challenging. An obstacle can be so hard to go around in that it can block the player’s progress for the next level.

What you need to do is to help save the blobs from captivity. It all starts out when an evil and mighty king captures and imprisons the blobtizens of Blobolonia. However, one of those blobs was able to escape and then befriend a human boy. With the tools in the form of jelly beans, they travel many lands. The alien blob can never get tired of eating the jelly beans and he gets transformed into something that will help the boy clear the obstacles if he eats one.

The boy, or you the player, have an infinite supply of the lovely jellies but can only use some types in every level. There are some levels where the alien blob can transform into a ladder to take you above ground, while in other level he is not a ladder but a trampoline to get to higher ground. The boy is human so his movements are limited to what the alien blob can help him out with, the bag of jelly beans is therefore your key to survival.

As there are 40 stages, this makes it a challenging and occupying game. Play it straight and without fault you can go on for about 10 hours. Play it as a human who can make mistakes and soon you will find yourself sitting in front of the game after a day or so. Fun, yes! Challenging, definitely. This is a game that should not be missed by those who like to think rather than kill.

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Super Gamer Dude

Darksiders II picks up after the events of the first Darksiders game which told the story of the horseman War. When War accidentally began the apocalypse he signed his own death warrant, however, there may be more to what happened, and to the part that War played in it, than at first meets the eye. War's brother, Death, decides to get to the bottom of these events and rides to the rescue on his pale horse to find out what his younger, less crafty sibling, got himself involved in.


Darksiders II at first plays a great deal differently than the original Darksiders. However, once players get used to the different set of controls the game plays much like the original but with upgrades. Whereas War was very focused on big, brutish attacks that could be made acrobatic if players wanted, Death on the other hand is slimmer, faster and has a bigger variety of weapons available to him. Players will need to be able to switch between weapons and more magical attacks quickly in order to achieve the best possible combinations and inflict the most damage.

Aside from the array of attacks and weapons that have been upgraded in Darksiders II, Death is also a very different character when it comes to control. Players will have the usual array of run, duck, jump, and so on, but Death gains an interesting variety of ways to get from point A to point B, not the least of which is his Pale Horse. With so many different options, players are very likely to find their own favorite weapons and combinations for getting them through the hordes of the outer and under worlds.

Prettier Than The First

Darksiders was no slouch in the graphics department, but Darksiders II blows it out of the water when it comes to how smooth things look. The cinematic scenes are clean, crisp and clear, the voice work is very well done, and the animation during the actual game is flawless. However, that said, there's only so many times you can scythe an opponent in half before the beautifully rendered graphic becomes just another part of the violent background scenery.

Additionally, as Death gets weapon and armor upgrades his appearance changes. So, for players who enjoy customizing a character's look, this alternative appearance can be a fun little extra where the designers get to show off some of their extra flair for the character.

Why Wii U?

The Wii U hasn't been fully embraced as a system, but once players adjust to the options it offers there's no other way to play Darksiders II. The Wii U system allows players a smooth, simple way to interact with the game and it offers an organic method of doing nearly everything. It forms a bridge between motion sensor and traditional controller games that will require practice (that cannot be stressed enough), but once a player has put in the necessary amount of practice then it's very likely that player will become Death on two legs for all the enemies.

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A sequel to Rayman Origins has arrived. Rayman Legends the latest release of the Rayman series is an amazing adventure with unique themes and a variety of musical maps. The award winning team of designers and artists have created a product that has great game rendering that marks a great advance on previous versions. The new characters, levels and soundtrack are awesome. Players can connect online and navigate through challenges at varying skill levels and speeds. The graphics are stunning and immerse you into a world of fantasy and enchantment with awesome game physics.

The graphics make popular games like Super Mario Bros U seem outdated. It's fun to play with water-drenched slopes, zip-lines and awesome jumps. Rayman Legends represents the best 2D game on the market with high rankings and excellent reviews by gamers and industry professionals, which is understandable considering the addictive theme and colorful amazing graphics.

This game has a difficulty curve that will keep the attention of experienced gamers and gives the option to skip levels or change worlds for the less experienced. You won't get bored playing Rayman Legends as it's saturated with many worlds and levels which include previous maps from Origins giving users a longer and enhanced playing experience. Even advanced gamers can look forward to taking a longer time to master the game.

You will enjoy navigating Rayman, Teensies and Globox through worlds that are unmatched compared to other platform games released in 2012 and 2013. No other game provides a magical experience with levels that are designed around tempo and timing providing dynamic challenges. Rayman Legends consistently renews the difficulty level and doesn't contain a dull moment.

It's hard for a sequel to match or exceed the expectations of a successful predecessor, but Rayman Legends debunks this belief propelling this series to legendary status. For platform games, keeping the interest of players is becoming ever more difficult, but Rayman Legends is being regarded as one the best 2D platform games ever. Its glorious style is elegant and colorful with content that encapsulates great production and genius design. The game maintains creative humor with interesting and funny sounds and great composition with musical levels after each chapter. The game is receiving great reviews averaging 9/10 and 4.5/5 stars from gamers and industry professionals.

Platform owners that are addicted to great games will be happy to know that Ubisoft Montpellier has a release for every console on the market (Xbox 360, Vita and Wii U).

A few delightful words frowned upon in the real world but coveted by gamers are frantic, racy, chaotic and mind boggling. There are many secrets to discover and plenty of worlds to tackle. The game is a great experience when playing with other users (more fun than playing by yourself in my opinion) pushing the boundaries of 2D platforms and presenting a fresh and enjoyable experience.

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Watch Dogs is an open world action/adventure action game from the same makers as the successful Sleeping Dogs, Ubisoft Montreal, and published by Ubisoft.

Players take the part of an Irish vigilante character named Aiden Pierce living in a stylized version of Chicago. Aiden has the knowledge and expertise to regularly hack into the government's CtOS, otherwise known as the City's Central Operating System, a system that runs every technical aspect of the entire city. His knowledge gives Aiden the power to hack everything from bank accounts, public and private records and smartphones to traffic lights and street cameras. Aiden must use this technical know how and everything else he can in a mission to assassinate a media mogul named Joseph DeMarco, who has been acquitted of charges of a murder which he in fact committed.

Watch Dogs allows players access to an open world where they can free roam around many areas. They can use the central operating system to cause traffic jams or even major car collisions or other disruption as a distraction from his real mission. Players can make useful being able to hack into the system to avoid being located by the authorities. The city is literally under the player's control at any given time during the game.

Watch Dogs offers more than just computer hacking and hijacking technology, even though that is the main point of the game. Players can enjoy taking care of business in the city their own way. Players have access to many different weapons, super fast cars, and powerful computers.

In the online multiplayer mode, game players also have the challenge of finding hidden characters that they didn't realize were in the game, which works by one player secretly taking the place of another player or steal another's identity, without the second player realizing. Things can get a little complicated. When online, players will be able to hack into other player's information and use that to their advantage. They can go around the game committing crimes and causing problems without drawing attention to their own character.

With such a novel technological emphasis and amazing game play, players may be left wondering if the game is lacking anywhere else. The answer to that question is no, Ubisoft has worked hard to make sure all of the graphics are of amazing quality. They have continually pushed back the release date so they can make sure Watch Dogs is completely ready with no issues before it was publicly released. It is released for most systems including the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and the Wii U.

Watch Dogs has beautiful, stunning views along with great story lines. After playing Sleeping Dogs and comparing it to this game, I found it every bit as good and I can say with confidence that Watch Dogs will be a new best selling game.

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Just Dance is a franchise that insists players do not take themselves seriously. Anytime that a video game demands that its player be uncomfortable you are either going to have a great time, or just a revealing one. Fortunately, Just Dance 2014 offers a fun and contagious experience that can become the life of the party.

While Just Dance 2014 is not the most accomplished dancing game on the market, that would be Dance Central, it is probably one of the best party games out there. The game offers 47 great tracks, many of them current pop hits, including some classics from ABBA, Bob Marley and even Daft Punk. These tracks, instead of the generic ones that the initial Just Dance games came preloaded with, can get any people into the dancing mood.

The heart of the game comes when people are dancing, of course, and it has never been easier. Rather than relying on motion capture Just Dance 2014 works off of a mirror like system. Players line up in front of a system and stand across from a real dance, motion capped and recorded previously, and try to mimic their moves. The routines are easy, fun, and even a bit creative. Being a party game expect have the most fun while dancing with other people. Certain songs lend themselves to multiple person routines and the choreographing can get hectic and hilarious. There are many different versions of the songs available, offering alternate choreographed routines, but they are hidden behind an unlocking mechanism. The more you dance the more you will unlock and the more fun you will end up having.

Other modes make a return: players can go online and participate on the World Dancefloor or go into the Just Sweat mode. The World Dancefloor is a mode that is shared with everyone else in the world and dancers can join in with anybody that they see there. It's a good way to change up the pace.

If there are any major flaws with the Just Dance 2014 release it would have to be in the strictness of the scoring. The game rewards enthusiasm and energy over technique and it's hard to really correlate the two to become better at the game. Though, if you are playing Just Dance to try and get high scores then you are probably at the wrong kind of party.

Just Dance 2014 offers what everybody wants out of a party game. It is harmless, loud, energetic, fun, and lacking the pressure that is associated with going out to clubs. Busting the game out will do for dance parties what Rock Band did for musician parties. People will be lining up to try out the new ridiculous routines and the choreographed moves are a great way to open up and get comfortable with your friends. At the end of the day Just Dance 2014 is a complete package in what all it offers: fun.

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Sometimes when a video game makes the transition from one type of entertainment to a home console the results are outstanding, but Toy Story Mania¬Ě for the Nintendo Wii just does not deliver on the experience made popular by the theme park attraction. Basically, one to four players compete in various shooting gallery type events, and the highest score wins.

The shooting gallery mechanic is something that is often explored by games for the Wii, and this one incorporates Buzz, Woody, and the rest of the Toy Story gang by using ring toss, eggs, and even the old suction cup gun to dial into the kid factor in all of us. However, if you have been to Disney World in Orlando and ridden the Toy Story ride in Disney's Hollywood Studios, you will be a touch disappointed with the results of this game.

While the graphics are great and the sound effects are interesting, the jerky motion of the Wii controller makes it difficult to find a knack for hitting your target. Largely, a game of tossing rings is difficult anyway, but the game seems to lack the polish of a finely tuned first person perspective. Of course, mastering a game is not a prerequisite for finding it playable, the thing is there is just not too much here for long-term enjoyment. Sure it's fun for a little bit, but every title has a shelf life. Unfortunately, after a few rounds between the family and friends, the action gets old quickly.

Toy Story Mania for the Nintendo Wii makes good on its claim to deliver a shooting gallery experience. Still, this title has a certain amount of appeal for players just looking to enjoy the famous characters and throw a few eggs at some targets. However, anyone not in that particular target market will find little more under the surface of this particular game because it is exactly what it promises to be.

Toy Story Mania also comes with some three-dimensional effects that do not necessarily translate well from the Wii console. The Wii has never been noted for having performance enabled hardware, and while the manufacturers should be given some credit for trying something new, it just does not work that well with or without those paper glasses.

The multiplayer modes add a bit of excitement and competition, but everyone tends to be jockeying for the same position in co-op mode, which makes playing the game feel a bit crowded. The friendly competition again gets old replay after replay as well, which does not help the title out enough to justify a purchase.

In the end, Toy Story Mania makes good as a shooting gallery game played once a month, but anyone thinking they will relive the family vacation through the Wii is mistaken. The game tries, but ultimately the Wii just does not have the horsepower to deliver a top notch performance for what producers were aiming for. Unfortunately, this is one toy that will find itself on the shelf more often than in the console.

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Some fans may have argued that the Resident Evil franchise started to steer away from it's roots beginning with Resident Evil 4 and the game developers also noticed this. Resident Evil Revelations takes the Resident Evil franchise back to it's roots. Players will have limited resources to draw from but will also face gaming moments that are chilling and will encounter monsters closeup. These techniques help to create a panicked, survival horror feeling that sticks with gamers and forces them to play the game strategically. Alongside the improvement to how the game is played, the developers also spent a lot of time detailing and texturing the monsters in the game, the characters and even down to the details of the environment itself.

Revelations takes players aboard the Queen Zenobia ship that is outside of the Arklay Mansion. Because of this, the ship's environment makes for very creepy game environments. Players are faced with dark hallways, rooms and will at times feel very uncomfortable. This eerie feeling will keep players ready and waiting for the moment they may need to fend off something. The game's sound also adds to the creepy nature of the environment. There are many moments when the game can be silent and then all of a sudden a breeze will howl through the corridors or a creature will let out a painful, scary moan off in the distance. Because of the sounds combined with the way the game plays, it will make for a truly scary experience that will freak people out and even leave some people on the edge's of their seats.

While the traditional zombies in the game have been replaced by another threat, the nature of the other threat is essentially the same as zombies. The Ooze as they are called were designed to become a biological super weapon; however after things went wrong the bodies are now lifeforms with the sole purpose of attacking and eating living beings. Besides these basic creatures, there are also other environmental elements in the gameplay that will leave people scared. The levels of the game are designed into chapters and some of the chapters end with a boss that the player must defeat. Once the chapter has been completed, the player may also choose a different character to continue with their own specific story.

This version of Resident Evil stays true to the standard controls from the previous games. This allows players to stop moving while they shoot or they may also strafe while shooting, dodge or aim their weapon. While the player can control their own actions, the same is not true for the CPU-controlled ally the player will eventually come into contact with. However, the A.I. of the ally does successfully help the player against enemies and won't unnecessarily use precious items or ammunition. Although the ally may help the player, they don't really cause that much damage to enemies so the player will more than likely have to finish the fight. This technique allows the player to get some help when needed but still allows them to feel scared knowing that the threat is still great to them.

There are a couple changes made to the co-operative mode of the game. For example, players can't play together in the main story but they may connect together online and use the Raid Mode feature. The Raid Mode allows two players to play together on certain stages of the game with stronger enemies and changes made to the regular level. Upon passing these stages, the players are given rewards points they can use to buy game weapons and items.

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Batman Arkham City is the sequel to the 2009 popular title on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Batman Arkham Asylum and it is also a revamped version the 2011 popular title on Xbox and PlayStation 3 Batman Arkham City. Now this is essentially exactly the same game with a few minor differences in the details; for example, all the DLC from the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 version is on the disk so you don't have to buy say Harley Quinn's revenge on the Wii U. Despite a few small changes there is really no difference between the two games.

For those of you who have never played a Batman Arkham game they are sort of combination of Prince of Persia, God of War and Metal Gear Solid and maybe a hint of Assassin's Creed, it is a stealth focused combat game where you hop into the boots of the Dark Knight himself and you take down a motley array of criminals. The story in this game concerns professor Hugo Strange who has been given permission to close off a section of Gotham City and, after renaming it Arkham City, house all the super criminals in the area inside it. That means characters like the Joker, Mister Freeze and so on; all those characters and their goons will all be housed in this one section of the city. Bruce Wayne shows up to protest against Arkham City and a is on the point of closing it down when he is promptly arrested by Hugo Strange's TYGER guards. It is there that he finds out that Hugo Strange knows his, Bruce Wayne's, dual identity as Batman.

I'm not going to spoil the story any further but what you should know is that this is a very very intense roller coaster ride and any fans of the Dark Knight will enjoy it. Your main aim is to win the race against the clock to stop Hugo Strange's plan to launch the devastating Protocol Ten.

What makes this version different from the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 counterparts is the addition of Bat Mode and the armor suits. What happens is that while you are in combat, any punch delivered builds up kinetic energy in a little bar on the gamepad and, once its full, you can hit the Batman Insignia and you then go into Invincibility Mode allowing you to perform super combos and or leaves you not having to worry about doing certain tasks against harder or more well armored enemies.

The tablet controller includes the feature that, whenever you throw a remote-control Batarang, allows you to either use the control stick or use the gyroscope function above the Wii U gamepad to maneuver the Batarang. There is also a real time map so that when you are going from location to location you can always check your map to see that you are going in the right direction. Also when Batman is having a conversation over his communicator the voices of the characters that he is communicating with come through the gamepad. The game also allows you to play entirely on the gamepad so that if you want to watch say your favorite sports game you can still play Batman Arkham City while the sports game is on. Another great addition is the downloadable content.

It is a great game for any fans of the Batman series and even people who aren't even familiar with the Batman series will definitely get a kick out of this game as it is a very enjoyable and even addictive action game.

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