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Formula 1 2012, or F1 2012, is the latest blockbuster Formula One car racing game that has been released by Codemasters. After their 2010 and 2011 versions were met with mixed reviews from casual racers and F1 fanatics, this is Codemasters potentially last attempt at a great F1 game. There are many great things about the F1 2012 game, while there are certain aspects that the F1 fanatics will not appreciate. Let us take a look at some of the major features, and then look at the best and worst points of the product.

Game Features:

Single Race Mode - This is a fairly simple mode. A single race can be played at any of the Formula One World Championship tracks. There are various settings that can be adjusted. Race length, weather, AI difficulty, and the driver/car you have can be adjusted each time. The race can be just the race, qualifying and the race, or the entire weekend experience that includes a practice session.

Career Mode - The F1 2012 version of the game made a huge change to the career mode. There are now two options within this mode. One is the traditional career mode where you start up your own driver and begin with one of the bottom teams. Then, as you win races you will get offers at the end of each season to move to a better team.

The second career mode option is the "challenge mode". This pits you against your teammate for a set of 3 races. If you beat your teammate overall during these races, you will be offered a deal to be the no.1 driver for that team, or you will get an offer from a better team. You can also select rivals from other teams. For example, when you are racing with Mercedes you could choose Fernando Alonso of Ferrari as your "rival". If you beat Alonso in three races, you will be offered his racing seat.

Online Modes - The online modes for F1 2012 are fairly decent. People can set up LAN network races on their own, or look to find random races that are on the internet. There are lag issues and connections can be poor. However, it is an improvement on the F1 2011 version of the game.

Champions Challenge Mode - This is another race mode where you are pitted into specific challenges against past F1 champions. Kimi Raikkonen, Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, and Michael Schumacher are the champions that are included in the challenges. As you win a challenge, you get to challenge the next champion. Those champions with more titles are the harder challenges.

Negatives of the Game:

The handling is still a bit off, especially in wet weather conditions. When it begins to rain, all of a sudden the handling will become horrible to the point of being undrive-able even with wet weather tires.

There are also issues with some die hard F1 fans who are unhappy that there is only one practice session in the Grand Prix weekends, instead of the regular three sessions. Another disappointment is the lack of a World Championship mode where you can select any of the regular F1 drivers. You can select them for single races, but not a Championship.

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This is the ultimate character interaction game where you can decide if you want to fight for good or evil. I recently, picked it up about 2 weeks ago and haven't put it down since. You are going to start your own character based on a class that suits your needs. For me, I like playing as a soldier but I am already trying to decide what class I want to play as the second time around.

So what makes this different from any other role playing game you might play on the 360. Well, a traditional RPG will give you a paragraph of items or things you are supposed to do on a quest. However, this game sets its' self apart from the others by actually having cut scenes where they explain the quest. This helps the people that just don't like to read. Really, stimulates your brain in the visual aspect. I think every RPG developer should take a note from them.

The storyline in this game is awesome. I don't want to ruin the plot or story, but it takes place in space and you are going to be on a quest to help resolve a conflict. You are going to make decisions of either to fight for good or evil. From the looks of it you might think it is a shooter, but that is not true at all.

You are going to be controlling one guy/girl that you create. Along with them you are going to be controlling two others. It is not really a squad based RPG. The commands you will give them are more like cover or go to a certain spot. They will then fight independently, as you fight alongside of them.

Controls are good, but there is a degree of know-how that you are going to have to master before getting deep into the game. For instance, if you just go around shooting everything you will learn very quickly that you are going to get blasted to smithereens. I made this mistake for the first hour of play.

But, the gameplay is amazing and feels insanely natural. Aside from the occasional idiotic AI that will act silly at times. For instance, your group member might just run into a spot that is invested with tons of enemies. However, this is probably not the AI's fault, but rather mind for not controlling them correctly.

The bottom line is the game is amazing. I have heard there are going to be three installments of this game and haven't even got bored with the first one at all. You will get your money’s worth out of this game, for sure.

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It is that time again for the all new Madden and like most Madden fans I couldn't wait get my hands on this game. This year there have been some new and improved features integrated into the game.

First, I actually like how when I plug my headset into my controller they will actually yell out different plays in order to get the real feel that you are actually playing the game. This is from the offensive and defensive coordinators. It gets me in the Football mode too! Its that fun little extra that makes the game come together, as well as the upgraded graphics and replays.

The game flow actually looks as it did in the last Madden game. You can turn on GameFlow which will speed the game up a lot quicker with a more arcade like feel to it. The coach will still call all the plays and it is your duty to execute them. One thing that I did notice is there are still a couple bugs when you "ask Madden." Every once in a while you will get a call to run it or something crazy when it is 3rd and 14 or something.

I do recommend calling your own plays though as most Madden gamers do, there has been a number of changes and there is no speed burst throughout the game anymore. I actually looked around in the manual for awhile on what the speed burst was. However, I found that it automatically does it now when you players get outside the tackles and you are ready to take it to the house. Make kickoff returns and punt returns easier.

They seemed to make the game a lot easier too. a game that really revolves around physics now. For instance, a more generic kicking meter and analog stick where you can protect the ball by pressing down on the analog stick.

The game actually does have a new lighting engine which looks great and there are reflections on helmets and the shadows from the players look. However, there are still those sideline scenes where everyone moves exactly the same way, which just kind of looks out of place. I guess that is nothing new though although hopefully they will sort this at some point.

Also, Gus Johnson is now one of the commentators along with the annoying Chris Collinsworth. The voices are still a little choppy, one thing I noticed is when I play as the Colts they will yell ‪Adam Vinatieri‬'s name is a way that sounds unnatural. It is almost comical in the way Johnson yells it, partially after a kickoff.

There are all types of sponsors that are there throughout the game. Which isn't really that distracting, but Old Space and Verizon are probably liking the advertisement no doubt.

There is even an online mode where you can play alongside your friends. What I mean is that 3 teammates can play on the same side of the game. For instance, you can be controlling the wide receiver, while your two friends control the quarterback and left tackle. Really makes it exciting when you play with a group of friends. Three humans per team makes it a lot of fun, in the much needed improvements.

The franchise and superstar mode seem to be the same old, same old. I don't even believe they have touched it one bit, which, doesn't really bother me as it was fine anyeway. I was able to take my team to the Super Bowl and Obama made a special appearance, which was kind of neat.

All in all, I think the game has come together quite nicely. I think there are some much needed improvements which were integrated into the game (online play). Also, they did make it a lot simpler which some may love, while others will hate it. I do think it is a better improvement on the previous title.

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Dirt 2 is great. For first time race drivers, this game will be your training ground. You will be competing with the best drivers in the world like Travis Pastrana and Ken Block. There are varieties of action in each level and you will not be bored with them because they are not that easy to put down. With this game from the Codemaster, race drivers whether first timers or veterans will get stuck in the game.

You will start with your first car which is the Subaru. Actually, there are 35 cars or more in the game and they are measured from one to ten for speed, handling and acceleration. You can upgrade your car by purchasing kits for the race. Dirt 2 doesn’t have control malfunctions. Controls are really easy to use with the Xbox 360. You can easily jump through different ramps, very tight corners or big jumps. You can add cars to your garage as you continue with your adventure. You can even beautify the interiors of your car.

AI drivers make things to stop your progress. They will bump you or collide with other AI controlled racers. There are six levels to race through with varieties of adventures. Your psychomotor skills will be of great help in this racing game to swerve around obstacles and decide onto what to do next. Dirt Tour can also be selected online. Domination is the best in the tour. You can earn points even if you were wiped out. The Last Man Standing is another event of the online game.

Be it single or multiplayer, Codemaster really did a great job even for new comers. The details on the different tracks is really given much time to develop even if you will spend only a little time to look at it because you will be traveling at very high speed. Though there are certain flaws in the game like the very long hours you need to complete an event and its limited number of tracks is quite disappointing. However, it is a good game!

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The premise of Transformers Revenge of the Fallen is generally like this: you take on the form of a humanoid, fully functional. You walk, jump, and climb, and did I mention you get to whip out to your enemies hyper guns? You can drive yourself around the city and in various other locales. At first steering yourself is a bit awkward, then when you start to fly you realize it is a much more bigger problem. Transforming in between these forms is the biggest trick of all, and the hardest one to master. It takes a while to get used to the games’ controls, but once you get there, Revenge of the Fallen is really entertaining.

There are 2 campaign modes in the game – 1 Autobot and 1 Decepticon. Each of the 2 modes are different and unique to enough for a worthwhile play, twice over. The characters are nicely detailed and very shiny. The two main transformers, Megatron and Optimus Prime sounds great, but everything and everybody else are difficult to understand due to poor voice matching or over robotic effects. Thank goodness Revenge of the Fallen has loose ties with the movie; little human exposure is needed, therefore reducing the painful noise.

There are 3 different Transformer modes: robot, weapon, and vehicle. In robot mode, you are in your humanoid form and you can jump, climb buildings, and attack. Holding the left trigger turns you into a weapon which allows you to strafe and blast opponents with your primary and secondary weapons. The right trigger transforms you into a vehicle, either a flying one, or a driving one, depending on your character of course. Either way, handling is a bit tricky until you get the hang of things.

The online multiplayer offers a distinct new challenge, and it is best played when you have mastered the controls. Each Transformer has a unique primary weapon, secondary weapon, and special attack. Teams can strategize to make use of the special attacks of their characters to defeat their opponents. Chat is available from the game lobby but team chat is enabled only when battle has begun. This game is freaken awesome and I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone looking for a good action game.

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Dead Space Xbox 360 Review. Dead Space is a horror game wherein you discover that you the lone human in a world full of ghastly monsters. it is very different with all of the horror genre games out there. Armed with disturbing visuals, haunting audio and twisted plot, it is a classic by its own right.

Sounding like a true blue scifi episode, Dead Space is about engineer Isaac Clarke who was dispatched on a mission to find out what happened to one of Concordance Extraction Corporation mining ships, the USH Ishimura. Adding to the mystery is Clarke’s reception of a cryptic message by Nicole Brennan, one of the medical officers aboard the ill fated USG Ishimura.

The main enemies, called Necromorphs, have classes. And each class requires a certain strategy to be able to deal with them successfully. They attack in waves and for lifeless monsters, they demonstrate intelligence.

The most basic Necromorphs are humanoid monsters, there are also mutated babies,they run along walls and ceilings and tentacles from their backs will hurl any object at you. In one scene, you will be assaulted by a tentacle (only) of an enormous, unseen beast that will drag you to your morbid death.

In between trying to survive, finding Nicole, and landing the Ishimura, there are a couple of actions you must do in order to complete a task. And did I mention you do all of this while Necromorphs stalk you, or you hear eerie sounds in your background. Someone who will play this night with full lights off is truly a brave soul. The storyline is fairly light and it gets better as the end looms in, although some of the characters were quick to appear and disappear.

Dead Space does not exhibit the usual status bars and whatnot on the screen. Instead, vital information is integrated directly into Isaac’s uniform. All you gotta do is glance at the glowing meter built onto the suit and you’ll see how much ammo is left in your current weapon and his health status.

From the hydraulics to the engineering feats, Dead Space never fails to impress visually. The haunting graphics of the game will remain on your mind long after you have finished it. The gorgeous lighting and environmental effects lay the groundwork for an intense adventure.

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Imagine Fashion Designer 3DS allows the individual to design clothes much like real designers do but in a game setting . The game is not a deep artistic expression of the user, but does allow the user to be imaginative in creating fashion designs.

As an unproven designer, the game Imagine Fashion Designer teaches the individual to design clothes for TV stars, musicians and the fashion world. The object of the game is to dazzle clients with your designs until what you have created is in demand.

My Career, in the main menu has a complete tutorial that will take the individual through all the steps. The player will pick a client, choose the right outfit to put together and see the finished product. The steps are easy to follow, and allows the player to use their imagination to pick out the perfect outfit to meet the client's expectations.

The player gets six hints as to what the look the client would like to achieve and how to put the outfit together. Using the hints as a checklist the player picks clothes off a carousel and pieces together a matching outfit. The carousel holds clothes from eight different categories and then accessories are added to the outfit to make it complete. Each complete outfit must stay within a certain budget.

The individualÂ’s imagination is what customizes the fashion design for the client. Patterns, colors and decals are all picked from a side panel. The unique characteristic of the Imagine fashion designer game is the 3DS camera feature. The camera captures photos of the clientÂ’s designer outfits, which the player has created. The photos show all the customization of patterns, colors and decals designed for the client, to give the fashion design a lifelike view.

Once the outfit is completed, your client is ready to show it off at a party, prestigious event or a film premiere. Your fashion design is then analyzed by the paparazzi and reported back to you. Designing the outfits is a simple process but keeping within the budget can sometimes be a challenge.

Once you have completed a couple of designer fashions, you will need to sell them to design more fashions for other clients. My Style Studio options in the game, give you mini games to play in order to raise funds for more designer outfits. The mini games consist of your knowledge on identifying styles that you have learned while playing the Imagine Fashion Designer game. The player's memory on sizes for each of the pieces and the style is tested and can be a challenge to accomplish. Players learn a good math lesson by buying clothes to make an outfit and selling it for a profit in order to make new designer outfits for clients.

The Imagine Fashion Designer game also includes a feature where two players can compete against each other in designing outfits for clients. Players can also trade designs with each other and the StreetPass feature offers players a chance to receive gifts of clothing when they pass another player on the street.

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Zero Escape Virtue's Last Reward by Aksys is the follow up to the 2010's puzzle adventure game; 999- Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors. It introduces new characters along with your favorites from 999. This is a Japanese Adventure game and like most of the anime genre, the animals talk and interact with the humans. In this sequel, a kidnapped Sigma awakes to find himself alone on an elevator with Phi, a girl he does not know (she seems to know him). The computer robot rabbit Zero III appears before them on a monitor and tells them that they must escape the elevator along with 7 other people.(Thus, the significance of the number 9). They must earn their escape from the building by playing the 'nonary game' where they accumulate points on their bracelets. They can only get these points by betraying or working with the other 7 people. If they score nine points on their bracelet, they get to leave. If they plunge to zero, they will die by lethal injection. In the game, puzzles must be solved, alliance made and broken during which a very specific timeline is played out.


It's 'voice cast' so the characters speak in either English, Japanese (you can choose which language) and Rabbit.

There are at least 24 different endings.

You can choose your own adventure.


Can freeze up when try to save in puzzles.

Puzzle are math-oriented, so if you're not a math whiz, you might have a hard time solving them.

Endless talking can get tedious after awhile.

Even with the freeze up glitch, this is an incredibly popular and addictive game. If the puzzles are too math-oriented in nature, you might want to hit the books a little harder. You can always turn down the volume if the talking gets too monotonous.

This game works and looks amazing on the 3DS. If any a game was designed for 3D- it's Virtue's Last Reward. The graphics are stunning and the puzzles really come alive in 3D.

What's great about this game is that it really challenges you to think outside the box.

Virtue's Last Reward 3DS retail price is £39.99. You can buy a used copy for slightly less than that online. Collectible copies are going for a hundred dollars or more. The game is rated M for Mature because it features blood, drug references, sexual themes, strong language and violence. This is clearly a game designed for the over 17 crowd and should not be given to teens and children. However, it is refreshing to have a game that is clearly designed for adults. It's certainly worth grabbing your child's 3DS after they go to bed and popping in Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward. However, be forewarned, this game is so captivating, so addicting and worth the retail price.