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Lowly Worm

PlayStation 3


What is perplexing to note is how Cross Edge which is filled with flaws can supplement refinements to stereotypes with classic JRPG. For instance, while having an extensive dialogue scene wherein the character is depicted to have a conversation, you are capable of progressing the dialog boxes by hitting the start button to mechanize the scene, hit the Circle if you want to pause it, hit Square to do fast-forward or hit Triangle in order to record the conversation. On the course of the battle, you can omit the attack animations to significantly accelerate the pace of the game. This is another valuable feature of the game.

The refinements stated above are somewhat astounding given the fact that they are situated in a location where the gameplay mechanics are complicated and dreadful. Primarily, the game has a silly learning curve. There are multitudes of gauges, icons timers and button cues. In the battle system of the game, your team and the rivals will stand on opposing grids. It is up to the grid which enemy you can attack since you will only have three spaces available ahead of you and two spaces on the sides. Other than that, the grid is insignificant.

Providing description of the battle system is not helpful enough in the demonstration of the discomfited design of the RPG. Menu navigation suffers a confusing sequence of presses and non-description of entry items. For instance, there are 5 different menus in interacting with the items. When you want to utilize an item, you will go to a particular menu; however, if you want to arrange the items, you will be directed to another menu.

This unreasonable battle system will extend outwards to almost all the aspects in the game’s structure. When you are passing through the global map, you need to scrutinize your surroundings so that you will discover occurrences. Nevertheless, this will result to repetition of the same movement on the map which will direct you to the formation of the game plot. But enjoying the plot will be difficult considering that there are already several characters involve in the game. Take note that if you introduce more people, the more difficult it will be for the character to get involved emotionally. This is supposedly a major part in the RPG experience.

Probably the most inexplicable error in the design of the game is with respect to the financial implications with death. When one of your characters will die, you will be required to spend a huge amount of gold to restore them. This is particularly a dilemma at the outset of the game since it will cost you a thousand gold to revive a character. Cross Edge is a compilation of Japanese creatures which resulted to menus that are awkward and messy, imbalance in gameplay and infuriating dialogues.