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Lowly Worm

Nintendo DS


This game is all about unraveling mysteries and solving puzzles delivering a more classic brain twisters blended with adventure. The story starts when Professor Hershel Layton, a well-known archaeologist and puzzle enthusiast, tries to look for a box that is said to kill anyone who opens it. With that, he will be required to find where the box is located using pieces of evidence that are left behind.

This game features a variety of locations that are ready to be explored including the inside of the fancy Express and a cheerful village of Dropstone. You are able to control your actions with a simple point-and-tap for talking to villagers, investigating the many nooks and crannies that you will be encountering. As you go on your investigation on this game, you will be ending up with characters that can supply you with a bit of information about the puzzles that are given.

In solving some of the brainteasers, you will be given tasks and puzzles that are difficult to solve like dividing a piece of land into equal parts, computations regarding age, unraveling some patterns, jigsaw puzzles, and a whole lot more.

This game has proven to be very addictive and it will be hard to get off from your seat once you are drawn to the mystery solving action. In addition, the story lines have been enhanced impressively and the voices are fully acted to bring about the good quality of this game. If you have been a fan of games with characters that have British accents together with calm and soothing soundtracks then Professor Layton and Diabolical Box will please you in the very same way.

This game has unexpectedly made a good place on the top DS list because of its mind-boggling adventure and the fun story line that comes with it.