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Lowly Worm

Nintendo Wii


This game features a career mode presents an abridged history of the band Green Day. As you work through the decades of music (which will only take you hours), finish challenges that enables you to unlock hidden and rare historical items, you will find that this game is more than enough motivation to play.

The music used for this game consist all the three albums of the band – Dookie, American Idiot, and 21st Century Breakdown. The albums are all in the disc, with some tracks added between the band’s major label debut to the bands contemporary albums. However, you should not expect other genres from this game since they only focus on one- Rock.

Obviously, if you are aware of the Beatle-like history, popularity and fame of Green Day, then this game is definitely worth the $60. For this, there are a noticeable number of younger people, both middle and high schoolers and people in general who enjoy the ton of fun in rocking it out with Green Day Rock Band.

When you purchase a copy of this game in the market, you will be given a code that can be typed into your respective console’s marketplace. The code that you will enter will enable you to pay $10 in funny-money and export all this games’ songs into a separate hard drive for other versions of Rock Band like Rock Band 2 and Rock Band 3.

This game is pretty much a respectable game that does not require a good review to tell that it is fun and enjoyable. So, if you like the guitar hero game, have fast accurate fingers, have a passion for playing the guitar or any instrument at alike, love playing through the beat of music, then go grab a copy..