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Lowly Worm

Xbox 360


Great graphics, sci-fi thriller, a bit of the animation look on the side; this is the world of DarkStar One. The old platform of cowboys and Indians in a sci-fi computer game is something which many kids would not be able to resist. It is not just shooting and killing, here, there is a fresh (but surrealistic) look to space and its planets. Obviously it is not an accurate depiction of space; these are all artists’ renditions of what it may look like. But one thing strikes the player, why are all the characters speaking in brogue? The accents!

The script is not so spectacular, neither is it unique, a fact that is shared by all computer games. But is that really the point? The thing that kids look for is the fun and the action, the shooting, the weapons they can use to get across their message, who cares about the script and the accents?

DarkStar one first came out as a pc game and it was kind of disappointing. But it had a fan base which was immediately taken up by other companies who wanted to cash in on the market. Now the Xbox 360 version is something else. It has taken the old and disappointing version into new levels making it a standalone game that is not easily ignored by the kids.

The main thing that die hard graphic violence players notice in this game is that it is not as graphically violent as the want it to be. These suits the parent’s fine, thank you. Not everyone likes all the blood and gore and splatters on the screen.
The graphics of this version is clear and crisp, much better than the original version. However, basically what was found in the original game has translated very well into this edition which is a good thing, actually. Those who were fans of this game will soon realize that what the methods they used for playing in the past could also be brought in with the present version.

Despite all the griping by disappointed graphically violent players, this is still considered a winner. The simulated space is perfect for the console games and this is exactly how the players would want it. The numerous missions whom have to be completed can be taxing but when completed, the satisfaction is graciously felt.

The game is not short of the shooting either, it is just the approach is different. There are missile launchers, turrets, and other weapons which the player can shift to and fro as the whim takes them. Finding the most effective weapons to win the level can be done with gusto and that is all well for any kid.

The only thing that is not going for this game is that it has served as the basis for a lot of other games. This can make it disappointing for those who have tried out the others and then see that the games are similar. But that is not the point really, what is important that in terms of entertainment value, the DarkStar One is a sure winner.