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The boom of Blizzard’s Warcraft and Starcraft has started a genre of games that people are addicted to for the past ten years. Other developers have also ventured on their own real-time strategy games; and now Ensemble Studios presents us with their new Age of Empires III that is operational on Mac software.

The game is mainly a one-player campaign where you are tasked from mission to mission. It has twenty-four missions including the Black dynasty, beginning with Morgan Black. This mode goes on through three generations- Morgan’s journey, his grandson, John, who fights with the Native Americans; and Amelia, John’s granddaughter who builds a railroad empire.

The game can also be played with its multiplayer option that allows for up to eight gamers playing simultaneously or against the computer itself. This game offers different maps for a more interesting fight amongst enemies. There is also the possibility of a multiplayer option using the Internet connection; although this is only available among Mac users through GameRanger, their personal game-finding service.

Age of Empires III online has two kinds of gameplay: Supremacy, where each player begins with nothing and winning is done by conquering other players’ empires; and DeathMatch, where players are equipped with resources. This game is best for players who love quick fights.

Now for the huge hitch. There is no PC-to-Mac gameplay and that blocks out a large number of players from playing against each other. This has not even been mentioned anywhere in the game; neither in its accessories and packaging, which can cause quite a bit of an uproar to gamers who are commonly caught surprised by this undisclosed fact.

One of the advancements done in Age III that is not present in its predecessors is the idea of the Home City ,which is a European port-of-call where you can go for restocking and asking for more resources. You can even make your own trading posts where you can earn more resources. Sometimes during exploration, you stumble upon treasures but there are times when you just have to fight for it.

Real-time strategy games can get really complicated but Age III is equipped with a printed Quick Reference Guide that assists you throughout the game. There is also a printed manual made available for more keys and information.

As for visuals, Age of Empires III is the best in the series with its brilliant effects and realistic sceneries. It is also 3-dimensiona,l which allows for you to zoom in or out of the field for more views, allowing you to monitor everything that is happening around you; making you aware of the situation or focus on an area that needs your attention. The thing with this advancement though, is it requires bigger system specifications for it to work better and more efficiently, like having the latest graphics hardware, for one.

If you have the latest Mac graphics hardware with the perfect system to go with it, then Age of Empires III is a totally fun game to play. It is equipped with so much options and variety in gameplay that will definitely keep you playing for hours.

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Although Rooms The main Building is not one of the most interesting challenging puzzle games around, it still managed to rise above its mediocrity. The game presents 100 levels of puzzle games to entertain and present a challenge to any player who has bought a copy of this game. The very reason why this game has been created is the idea of having high level puzzle games that can provide enough challenge to a player who is crazy about puzzles.

The story mode of Room’s focuses on a young man who is trapped in a world that he can only escape by solving slide puzzles. The essence of the puzzles is to guide the character to slide pieces of the puzzles and unlock a doorway to another level. The game gets to the point of being boring and dull as you get repetitive experience of sliding puzzles and unlocking doorways to a new level. It’s actually too much of a no-brainer!

The creators of the game anticipated the boredom that would come with this kind of game; hence, it is inevitable that twists are presented. The creators added twists and diverse approaches to the game such as additional mechanics including teleporters and magic cupboards. However, the additions are pooled into a single stage, a more difficult stage that is very challenging. The negative part of this concept of puzzles is that some difficult puzzles are overshadowed by many easier puzzles.

The player suffers from a created plot that makes them, at some point, integrate the game to point and click stuff only. The creators of the game made an honest to goodness effort to make the player very more participative to the world of Rooms; but failed miserably. The game has its own charm; but sad to say, its dialogue and interactions were so bad that there is less recall for the players.

The DS version and Wii version both feature challenge modes that are timed but only playable once the story mode has been finished. It is very disappointing that for DS players, they can only play the game with a friend who also has a DS; and for Wii players, there is no game to be shared at all. Both versions have horrible interface.

Rooms: The Main Building is for players who really like puzzles. Some of the features are annoying such as the time limit. The later versions of the game however, have already an added feature of untimed level of puzzle solving. Patient players are quickly rewarded by working around some quirks and twists.

The game is a unique concept. It is impossible to ignore because of its level design. Just keep in mind that solving a puzzle is still rewarding, just not my cup of tea to be honest.

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Warcraft III Frozen Throne is finally released. Blizzard has always been very well right on target when it comes to releasing expansion packs. Right now, the release of The Frozen Throne has created a lot of buzz in the world of PC games. The expansion pack needs to exceed various expectations of fans and players around the world. It starts from where the original game left off. The bad guys are no longer around and the surviving races are busy creating their new homes.

In the expansion campaign you start as a member of the night elves. The primary concern is too clean up the mess that the demons left behind. On the other side, the betrayer Illidan has set out for his payback by raising the marine creatures, Naga, so he can proceed with his own plans. This is the beginning of the plan to shake the world’s foundation once again, now that it has already been relatively peaceful. The stories that were left hanging such as who would control Lorderon (they were without king, remember?) is now tackled in the expansion set of The Frozen Throne.
Campaign bonus centers on the new colony Durotar; taking on one mission that span an entire campaign. It is like a role playing kind of game approach. However, the campaigns are the usual ones with chances of playing different side of the story.

There is an introduction of new units and extra races. The Naga race is particularly interesting even if they are one of the races that’s not playable in multi player. The Frozen throne offers new stuff for avid gamers. Significant additions include nine new heroes. Each race gets one, together with five neutral ones. The Night Elves have the warden; Orcs have Shadow Hunter, a troll hero. The humans on the other hand, have the Blood Mage, an Elven hero. Undead has a Nerubian hero, the powerful crypt lord. You can also hire the services of the neutral heroes like the Naga Sea Witch, Pit Lord, Beastmaster and the Pandaren Brewmaster.

Blizzard has already eliminated bugs from this expansion. An intensive beta testing has been performed to easily wipe out bugs that existed before. However, no game is really perfect; the Frozen Throne has minor slip ups, like voices of the blood elves for example, it sounds more intelligent than the humans. 3D units of the game have not change. The new units do not look any more detailed than it was previously. Blizzard created an expansion set with the purpose of compatibility with mid range sets to cater to a more varied and bigger population of gamers.

To those players that prefer normal RTS, the campaigns of the expansion set do not usually play like any traditional RTS. There is still the feature of building a base and conquering another base. This has been somewhat boring; however, Blizzard has gone through the production side and focus on these missions to retain the strategy game that is present among its predecessors.

The downside of the expansion set is its price as it ranges from $20 to $25. But it is a worthy investment for avid gamers. Since the expansion set starts from where its predecessor ended, the player may find it easy to establish a connection to the game. Which kind of brings the other downside - for new players who have not played the previous campaigns it would be hard to understand the storylines behind the Frozen Throne. So far, Blizzard has created another great and astounding expansion pack. Pick a copy now and start playing WarCraft: The Frozen Throne.

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Diablo II Lord Of Destruction Expansion Pack (Mac/PC CD) Review – The Best Ever Expansion Pack with a Whole New Act

Diablo II Lord of Destruction is the expansion pack made by Blizzard for its award winning Diablo II. It has been one of the most anticipated computer games of all time. Blizzard has put an emphasis to make the game more complex and larger than its predecessor.

First off don’t be surprised if you encounter resolution and gameplay problems when installing the Lord of Destruction expansion pack. This is due to its large size and it’s not a surprise for most of the Blizzard games. The actual gameplay of the expansion pack is still much the same as its predecessor. It is by killing monsters that you earn experiences and gain items that drop from corpses.

Before getting deep into the gameplay and storyline of the expansion set, you need to choose first your character. Old characters can be converted to expansion pack characters but that’s it; you can’t have them back to their original character. The ever reliable Barbarian is still around, together with the Holt man Paladin, the feisty Amazon and the enchanted Sorceress.

In addition to these four characters, the expansion pack introduces two new characters, the Druid and the Assassin. The Druid character get his powers from nature, you might say he’s one with nature. The Druid can perform spells such as tornadoes, hurricanes and he can also summon wild creatures such as bears, ravens. In addition to his special abilities from nature, he can also transform into an animal, giving him extra powers. The assassin is a much more different proposition than its new counterpart. The assassin character is a skilled martial artist that has amazing powers, including traps, and is very good in frontal combat. Get this… the Assassin is portrayed as a woman; but she can certainly kick ass.

The expansion pack also introduces new weapons. Each character has their own specific weapons, from barbarian to assassin. There are weapons, armors and items that only a certain character could use. There are also weapons that could not be repaired called ethereal items, these items are powerful yet they cannot be repaired and rendered useless once it is broken. The addition of runes is also new to the game. A player needs to collect runes and must combine them depending on the available sockets, in a particular weapon to form rune words. This makes the weapon much more powerful.

All in all, the expansion pack provides quite an adventure as it indeed surpasses its predecessors with the improved gameplay through the additions of new characters, weapons, and a new act. However, it cannot be denied that veteran players can easily be bored because of the lack of difficulty in some aspects of the game, but, the introduction of the new act, which is the mission to kill Baal, the brother of Diablo and Mephisto imposes a new adventure and challenge. The minions are strong particularly Baal.

The expansion set is maybe the best expansion set ever created yet by Blizzard. It is a solid game and very much worth it. With a whole new Act, a gazillion monsters new weapons, and so on … it’s not just your typical expansion pack. If you like Diablo II, you will be enamored by the Lord of Destruction.

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Naughty Bear (Xbox 360) Review: Excruciatingly Unbearable.

I just played Naughty bear for barely an hour and yet all the excitement is gone. I felt bored and shortchanged by the creators of the game. It is a failure for the creators and a disappointment for us. It is such a waste of time and money. The game sounds cool and looks cool but when you have set your fingertips on your console game then you will discover that there’s nothing cool about it after all. The game focuses on a single aspect and that is to be naughty, as the title goes. It really is awful, trust me! You’ll quickly catch on and realize it early on the game.

As mentioned, the storyline only revolves on being naughty; and then you get to kill some bears because they do not like you. Maybe for some this is cool, but with all the glaring flaws from the camera and the sequences; it is definitely not a game worthy of your time.

The gameplay starts briefly with instructions on what you’re supposed to do. You have to kill everything and everyone, from people to bears. As you get used to it, you are rewarded with points. These points are very important as it unlocks the next stage. Having enough trophies as well can open the next level or any locked challenge. To earn trophies or high scores you should finish the objective of the particular given mission.

The gameplay is quite alright but the presentation and execution are dreadful, to say the least. Your weapon doesn’t get locked-on with your targeted bear. You can use golf clubs, guns and knives to kill your target but that means you have to constantly chase them. The animations do get old - and very fast. You eventually get bored as stabbing bears a hundred times in the game can really wear thin; it actually feels like a thousand times!

The gameplay can wear you out and you are bound to consider it as trash. The graphics are awful and the frame rate chugs in addition to horrendous camera views. It’s one sickening ride in this game.

It’s incredulous how the game can make you struggle so to kill the enemy bears, plus the camera don’t even allow you to get a clear view to aim at something. What a lousy game!

The game offers an online multiplayer mode, which is useless and much worse than the single player mode. There’s nothing of a winner in this game. All platforms for this game are just terrible. The Xbox 360 version even has the edge of giving high scores compared to its PS3 counterpart simply because the frame rate malfunctions of PS 3 is more appalling compared to the problems encountered in Xbox 360.

It could have been a cool game; unfortunately, it isn’t. ‘Nuff said. I wouldn’t recommend buying it.

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Sniper Ghost Warrior Xbox 360 Review. Will It Haunt You or Will It Haunt the Bin?

I examined the surroundings; carefully scanning where I was headed with the use of my GPS. I calculated the distance to the spot where I would have encountered my enemies and began moving. As expected, I encountered different obstacles while crawling on the ground in a painstakingly slow pace, a rock here and a wall there; suffice to say, getting to my chosen position was extremely difficult. Suddenly, my GPs gave a beep, Ive reached my destination, but wait! Somethings not right. I expected enemies to be visible but they are nowhere to be seen. I decided to backtrack, taking the same trail; I had a feeling I may have missed something back there. Then seemingly out of nowhere, enemies were all over me, Ive been ambushed! The last thing I heard were earsplitting bursts of gunfire, then nothing. I was left lying on the ground killed by multiple shots. Wondering what that was all about? The events and scenes I just described were experiences I had while playing this game.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior gives you a rough start and a different approach that leaves an impression upon you. The environment and surroundings of this game are quite expansive and full of promise. The game offers you a more appealing sniping method. The game uses the Chrome 4 engine that is featured in Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood 2009. Sniper: Ghost warrior and Call of Juarez have similarities; they have the same graphics for their characters. The difference lies behind the gun. Sniper: Ghost warrior is much more realistic. It has the feature of letting the player focus on aiming and good spots where you can make the right shots.

The game requires you to really concentrate while playing. The sniping ability of your character is very much detailed that you have to carefully analyze your position. This is the reason why the creators of the game made equally capable enemies, its remarkably different from other military games that focuses on sniping. You should take into consideration the wind and gravity, particularly the position of the bullet when and where it hits. This is part of the games degree of difficulty. The downside, however, is that there is too much focus given on this area; thus it loses the point of war. The more detailed approach was only given to the area of ambush, rather than the overall aspect of combat.

The environments of the game can be very appealing to beginners. They may encounter creative positioning and feel very pleased with the sniping experience it provides. The game has its own negative aspect, as well; some parts of the surroundings are rendered useless that could have given you more challenge before firing your shot. The Xbox 360 version has problems with the games frame rates as it continually present tearing into the graphics. Having and core i7 SLI system is not an assurance that it can support the requirements of this game, although there is hope because it can be fixed in future patches.

The creators of the game seem to have made this game in a rush. The graphics have issues, particularly the voice work that has been poorly done with a number of errors. The game has obvious flaws, and in spite of the good enemies feature as earlier mentioned, there are some glaring mistakes. For one, you get this distinct feel that the AI is so dumb and careless. It can lead to restarting the mission if you play one AI against another AI. The multiplayer version of the game only adds minimal change. Just remember that this is a sniping game not really a war game; still there are grenades and tanks in the multiplayer that only lend more chaotic incidents.

Hopefully, there will be improvements from this game with new installments in the offing. Once those glaring flaws are corrected, Sniper: Ghost Warrior can really be tremendous fun and quite exciting.

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The Band Brothers is one of the games that Nintendo has newly launched. It has an awkward title but you can probably say the game title itself is part of its unique style. The game is kind of familiar with typical platform and game design as that of other music video games. But what makes it different is how Band Brothers uses Nintendo DS hardware to show the full potential of the system.

Band Brothers is originally Game Boy music game. The whole concept of the gameplay is to take control of any music instrument and be part of a band playing some music. The Nintendo DS game presents a whole lot of segments and features. The Nintendo DS hardware lets you play the music in Band Brothers with better timing and accuracy. You produce a better song and you earn high scores in return.

The game is quite dependent on the control buttons. You have to press the designated button to produce the equivalent sound. Sounds familiar? Yes, you probably deduce that this is very similar to a mini Dance Revolution. You reach a point where you master the basic controls and ready to include the more advanced ones such as the L and R buttons. Moreover, as you progress through your playing, the degree of difficulty for each musical piece is also raised.

When you play this game in a single player mode it can get boring at times. The main focus of this game is the Wireless Multiplayer mode, which can accommodate up to 8 players. Well, you can imagine just how much fun you get with 8 players vying in a music video game. Of course, the idea is to get these 8 players as part of the band; the whole bunch can play any music at any chosen degree of difficulty. You absolutely get a lot of cool fun!

The Wireless Multiplayer mode is actually meant to be played in a multiplayer Nintendo DS cartridge; although the creators are farsighted enough to also make it playable in Nintendo DS single cartridge. The downside of playing it in a single cartridge, however, is it takes longer to load the game. Still the flexibility to use single cartridge is there.

The audio quality of the game can only be described as awesome. Be warned though; the songs are more like cell phone ringtones and they are quite similar to MIDI renditions. But that’s to be expected with systems like this where the pitch is often altered.

The other interesting feature of the game is its capability to let you create your own kind of music. The game has a musical editor that you can use to manipulate and change the notes of certain music, especially the created ones. The songs and music that have been created can then be saved in a cartridge and shared with your friends in the game format.

This game truly showcases the wireless capability of the Nintendo DS hardware. Despite the heavy interface, the game indee

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Mass Effect 2 is the sequel to BioWare's hit space-based role-playing game (RPG), Mass Effect. A single player adventure, Mass Effect 2 allows players to continue the adventures of the fully customizable series hero Commander Shepard, as you take on a whole new adventure and a new cast of supporting characters. Additional new features include the ability to import game save files from the original Mass Effect game to continue the adventure in an unbroken fashion, a new damage system, a new, more flexible dialogue game mechanic and much more.

Like any game nowadays there are some problems with Mass Effect 2, the use of profanity was not warranted in certain scenes but i feel in some cases it was not justified and to be honest just didn't quite fit with the game itself.

The graphics on this game are OK, they reminded me of Gears of War, I was not happy with the overall graphics and would rate the graphics at 7/10

The sound quality and verbal communication in this game is second to none, brilliant, if only all game designers took this approach, crystal clear and would rate 10/10

The game play within this game at times can seem like a headache, an example being driving around looking for mineral deposits, with little else going on, the weapons have also been reduced someone whilst others have been altered.

It may feel like I am doing a demolition job on Mass Effect 2, if you like shooters and action then you will love this game, I just feel that perhaps they have tried to hard to improve on the original taking out some of the key elements which made it a classic hence the sequel.

Overall though the game is much better than many of the other games out there at present, within my top 10.

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It had to happen at eventually, the Beatles have made it onto a video game. It has been said that if you don't like the Beatles you don't like music. There are millions upon millions of Beatles fans out there in the gaming world, but it would be an understatement if I was to say this is a game for Beatles fans alone. Who doesn't like The Beatles? Unless you have been living in a cave for the last half century you have probably heard of them and would probably recognize them as they were at the height of their fame, and will certainly know more than one of their songs or a cover version of them. They are generally accepted as the most influential group of their generation, some would say of all time.

However, the music is not the only thing that is great about this game, it also has a much better story line than previous Rockband games. This game is jam packed with over 45 great Beatles songs that you can play ensuring that you won't find yourself getting bored when you have over two hours worth of songs to play along with. Apart from the wonderful song choice there are some equally well produced graphics but the subject matter is more important than the quality especially with regards to some of the early footage.

You can follow the progress in an interactive journey following the band form their beginnings in Liverpool's Cavern to their appearances at major concert venues and follow them to America where they appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. The legendary Apple recording studio where they created some of their masterpieces also features and material from their music and conversations there is also included.

You can sing along either by yourself or you can even have 2 friends singing along with you. However, it doesn't just stop with singing as you can even play the drums, guitar and bass guitar.

Don't just think that since there are only a certain number of songs that you will soon be able to master them all and then get bored through repetition. The songs themselves are rich in vocal and instrumental content and something new can be found almost every time you listen. Together with the songs there are also other features to keep you occupied including the facility to get online and play or sing and play along with others.

The developers were on a winner as soon as the game was conceived because whatever your taste in popular music the Beatles have either written a song to suit that taste or influenced almost everyone in the field of modern music from hard rock to ballads.

Track List

A Hard Day's Night And Your Bird Can Sing
Back in the U.S.S.R. Birthday Beatles 04
Boys Please Please Me Can't Buy Me Love
Come Together Day Tripper
Dear Prudence Dig a Pony
Do You Want to Know a Secret Don't Let Me Down
Drive My Car Eight Days a Week
Get Back Getting Better
Good Morning Good Morning Hello, Goodbye
Helter Skelter Here Comes the Sun
Hey Bulldog I Am the Walrus
I Feel Fine I Me Mine
I Saw Her Standing There I Wanna Be Your Man
I Want to Hold Your Hand I Want You (She's So Heavy)
If I Needed Someone I'm Looking Through You
I've Got a Feeling Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Octopus's Garden Paperback Writer
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band /With a Little Help from My Friends-67
Revolution Something
Taxman The End
Ticket to Ride Twist and Shout
While My Guitar Gently Weeps Within You Without You / Tomorrow Never Knows
Yellow Submarine

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Today's modern games have seen the development of first person shooters as they are well suited to depict the atmosphere of a man at War. From the popularity of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Call of Duty, it is very clear that gamers are rooting for this kind of game. Having a wide fan base out there, one would expect some very stiff competition among different game creators, and now EA Sports have jumped on the band wagon with its creation of the new Medal of Honor.

This is a remake of the long-running franchise but now in Afghanistan portraying the long standing battle American soldiers have had to fight. The multiplayer aspect of the game is under DICE, the creators of Battlefield, with the same packaging as that of Bad Company 2. Because of this, the Medal of Honor multiplayer game is may seem to some degree familiar.

It has the same layout but applies a different kind of approach with different titles and storylines. One of the differences is the kind that you can get killed easily by a single shot from a rifle of the enemy, the life expectancy of the player is not long while in the field. Thus, given this feature, the player's positioning strategy and awareness of the situation in a fighting situation must be of primary concern.

The game has two maps, the larger one of which is the Helmand Valley where US soldiers have to enter the Combat Mission mode through checkpoints, and are forced to defend themselves. The area is too limited and seems much too small for 24 players (12 VS 12) so that each one becomes an easy target for snipers.

This game is a lot different from Battlefield's conquest mode in that Medal of Honor is not a capture-based gameplay. The characters in the game, particularly the Americans, like it better to move forward and largely depend on their highly refined offense tactics. To ensure the fast-pace approach of the game there's a respawn feature that allow dead players to respawn fast and get back into the fight.

The presence of tanks is not at odds with the game's true gameplay. They merely support the main t6actics that rely on lightning reflexes and accuracy. It is advised to use the map efficiently and clear up the surroundings to have a plain view of the site and make it easy to look for snipers. Each player must know how to efficiently the available cover such as boulders and trees.

The scenes are so detailed, from the impact of bullets to the clouds in the atmosphere to the dust surrounding the soldiers as they move. Grenades, bombs, RPG's and high caliber rifles produce and perfectly depict the kind of battles that the game is trying to portray, war in its most destructive form.

The second map is right in the ruins of Kabul. It is a Death Match game in here, and the idea is quite simple: kill the other team before they get to kill your team. It presents entertaining actions that mirror real war.

The game offers three types of characters, the rifleman, special ops and sniper. Each type of character has its own specialties and features. For example, the rifleman starts with a basic assault rifle but can soon upgrade to much a more sophisticated and effective weapon such as the machine gun. The special ops start with a shotgun together with the snipers; they can easily upgrade to far more superior weapons. The game also features scorechains, which allow consecutive kills without even dying.

Medal of Honor may have plenty of elements that can make it just like any other online games, but the core gameplay and rich graphics are sufficient to make it stand out from the rest of the first shooter game crowd. Watch out for its official October 12 simultaneous release of Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC platforms.

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