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Lowly Worm

PlayStation 3


Many criticisms have been aimed at Bulletstorm. For one thing there is some, in fact a lot, of crude language; such language as you would never hear in your local bar of course. Its manner of getting rid of enemies with outrageously over the top moves and weaponry; of course other games never do this. It is made up of absolute silliness and juvenility; I must have been looking at the wrong games before, most of them are not exactly easy to regard as grown up with real life scenarios. That's because they are games. If you want seriousness stay in the real world.

All these failings make it what it is, a funny and absorbing bit of escapism which can become a little boring when some of the novelty wears off. But now I'm falling into the same trap as its critics, pointing out imagined bad points and then saying that despite them its a fun game. It is a fun game because of them and not despite them. Its an outrageous game for gamers who don't always take things seriously.
No complaint about gamers who like things more "realistic"; its just that this is not aimed at them and does not pretend to be what it is not.

Having daid all that, the overall effects are very well done and the mechanics impressive. Even the sheer anarchy is well managed and a result of design rather than accident. The unusual graphical design is not out of place although the sound is a little lacking in its purpose.

Its a first person shooter, science fiction game. The plot is not very complex and as in many, more "serious" games of its type, you gain points by zapping enemies, in this case in some unusual ways. You use the points you gain to spend on ammumition and weaponry to zap more enemies in even more exotic ways, and so on. So whats so different.

There are multiple and online modes, and I am told that a little lag may be experienced in online play, I have not yet tried it.

If it was meant by design to be a top of the range game for the gaming elite I would score it pretty low, but for a bit of fun, for a limited time, I will mark it highly and recommend it for what it is; childish, crude and perhaps not all that cleverly witty, but a very enjoyable romp.