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There is a new addition in WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2007 the video game and that is the ultimate control move system. This is done by putting your opponent in a solid grapple, then press down the button of the control stick and consequently, you will be able to pick up your opponent in a way apart from the different methods. SmackDown vs Raw 2007 also involves an entire new section of the wrestling ring portion which is cluttered with weapons and other items to use in slamming your rival. Whereas the gameplay system has a lot of great touches, there are certain aspects of SmackDown vs Raw that require modernizing. It would have been great if there are updates in the wrestler’s Al system or enhancements in collision detection.

Yuke’s has entirely redrafted the grappling engine of the game though; it is something that does not require revising. The game maps the entire grappling functions to the control stick. All you need to do is to flick the stick up or down or to both sides at the same time face your opponents will result to a quick grapple move by your wrestler and by holding the right bumper, then flick the stick, the player will have a grapple that is stronger in which it will rely on the stick’s direction. The grappling system offers a sense of freedom in making the moves even if it will not completely succeed.

The breadth of content present in the game is the one thing every player cannot complain about. Features seen in the previous game are very visible. The lone new match is the currency in the bank match which is a 6-man free-for-all ladder match. Moreover, owners of Xbox 360 will be able to pick up the 29 achievements of the game. The create modes also are back with functions similar to the previous game. However, the create-an-entrance mode has the largest fix. The player will now be able to see previews of each modification you make in the entrance of the wrestler starting with the fundamental camera angles to the different types of firecrackers.

The online mode is also present but the only thing which is absent and should have been added is the capability to download in the game new wrestlers. The rosters of WWE are continually changing so each year the roster is outdated already even before it reaches the shelves of the stores. The game has the best graphical presentation but there are issues that have also marred the game. For one the audio presentation is not even. Although, the game has its share of problems, there are certainly a lot of things to experience all throughout the game. Longtime enthusiasts might be disappointed with the issues but they will still have fun because of what the game can offer.

This is what is commonly referred to as a classic title, it might be better to scramble over the later editions, some of the previous flaws and fixes have been dealt with which will make for a much more worthwhile wrestling experience in my opinion.