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Nintendo DS


There are many reasons why Pokémon Black is still such a favorite to everyone despite the fact that the game is basically similar to the conventional Pokémon game. First and foremost, villains are not stupid but instead they are the connection to devilish trainers while becoming the game’s storyline. Since the start of the game, Team Plasma and the 7 Sages are the fundamental driving force of the story, carrying with them morality concepts which are quite intense for the game series. Instead of just concealing themselves in warehouses, they are constantly present in every place baffling the motivations of the protagonists.

Furthermore, this kind of game has an added Pokémon experience that is simplified but modernized. Developers of Pokémon Black have made it a point to integrate minute details that will in one way or another result to a game that is running smoothly. While some integrations are quite obvious for instance, bringing together Pokémon Center with Poke Mart, there are also modifications that are ingenious. For example, combats have now run a little faster in every turn in order to accelerate the entire process.

There are already two fighting styles which are being integrated. One of which is the triple battles and the other is the rotation battles. Among the two, the latter seems to be the choice for many players considering that there is the capability to exchange Pokémon prior to every attack which will further supplement a level of strategy. Combined moves tend to generate potent effects when utilized in tandem with another enthusiast.

Generally speaking, the graphics engine is still the same with Pokémon Black; however, the camera used is moved downwards, thereby showing the elements of three dimensions. There are however, no recognizable faces in the game. When you trek inside the cave, there will be no more Zubat and Geodude to see and as an alternative, you will encounter a new individual called Roggenrola.

Considered to be the hottest feature of Pokémon Black, the C-Gear is situated on the bottom screen which can be the continual menu for many players, enabling them to jump into an exchange or a struggle all at once with the use of the IR functionality. For the most part, monster battles are still unique and hard solid after so many years.

In terms of presentation, the multilayer modes making it possible to use a streamlined IR interface. Even if a lot of Pokémon Black games seem outdated, there are still amazing scenery effects resulting to authentic animation. With regards to the sound effects, they are still basic but music has extensively become superior along with different and hip layered tracks. There is certainly a remarkable balance between convenience and depth as an RPG.Finally, this game has an irrevocable appeal, hence, players should be prepared to spend much time in playing.