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Lowly Worm

Nintendo DS


The game begins in Oblivia where the humans continue to kidnap Pokemon to be used for their wicked intentions. The players can either be a male or female Pokemon Ranger with the function to protect Pokemon from poachers called Pinchers. Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs does not allow the players to select a partner who will accompany them. The player is directly paired with Ukulele Pichu who carries along with him his ukulele wherever he goes. Having him as a partner is very valuable considering that he assists players and soothes captured untamed Pokemon through his musical instrument.

Likewise, the game play as well as the controls are similar to the game's predecessors. Players will make use of the stylus to sketch fast loops to surround the wild Pokemon and subsequently, express feelings of comradeship. When the friendship assessment is full, capture mode of the DS will end and so the Pokemon will be his teammate if it wishes to join the seven-monster roster. In cases where the untamed Pokemon will destroy the stylus, the game will come to an end and the player will return to the most recent save point.

Moreover, Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs consists of about three hundred various Pokemon taken from the previous 4 generations in which almost all were captured and situated in the player's list. An added feature that is very interesting is the distinctive facet of the game play that will involve the guardian symbols which can be typically drawn with the use of a stylus on the screen to call upon different kinds of Pokemon for assistance.

Two players or more can be uncovered during the game wherein the Celebi will transport the player back in ancient times on a temple. Levels where multiplayer are used will allow a technique for team capture where the players will have the opportunity to express twice the quantity of friendship by means of loops drawn in clockwise and counterclockwise directions. Also, missions with multiplayer will offer players the independence to select their temple companion.

In terms of the audio as well as the visual aspects of the game, they are perceptibly terrific. Landscapes, leprechauns and diverse Pokemon are featured in vivid colors whereas the graphics are sharply distinct. The fourteen missions and greater than fifty quests are adequate to keep the players occupied. Although the game's storyline is appealing, the never-ending chatter of the characters will virtually leave players annoyed. Luckily, the status report aspect located on the menu screen will provide edifying updates regarding the plot and the existing purposes. Whether or not, it is fighting against the Pokemon or frantically scribble loops of friendship on them, collection of Pokemon is ultimately very cool.