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Wii U


Hello Kitty Kruisers on the Nintendo Wii U is not a very bad game, but it is a pretty bad game when you look at the graphics. It does look like a Wii game or a GameCube game but, hold on, take a look at the cover, it doesn't really lead you to expect a highly sophisticated gamer orientated game. If the title doesn't give it away the cover art should and the rating may be just enough to warn the prospective buyer that it is a child's game. So, having established its demographic we can accept the graphical content as being adequate for the task in hand. It is happy, bright and colorful. Why does it have to have super graphics when it can just be colorful and bright and happy.

Unfortunately, even for a kid's game there are a lot of negatives. Although there are quite a few characters to pick from, only a couple are unlocked at the very beginning. but there are more as you progress. Every single vehicle control is the same, all the cars control the same, all the boats control the same, all the planes control the same. The boats behave like cars on ice but, on second thoughts, real boats sort of skid and drift rather than grip the water. I must keep reminding myself that I'm too grown up for this sort of thing. When you are driving cars, pointing boats or aiming planes, whatever the technical terms are, there is not a lot to do with them. Do I aim my plane in a right hand circle or a left hand one? Do I aim over a bridge or under it? All the tracks and courses are pretty uninteresting but those later in the game are a little less so.

There are power ups, like you see in those really grown up Mario games, and speed bursts, and cup cakes which you can chuck at people. There are also clocks which seem to have the effect of slowing everything else down rather than speeding you up as you might expect. But again it has the effect of giving you an advantage but it does make an unexciting game even less exciting. There are no modes of selectable difficulty. Only one mode, slow and leisurely.

So for us who like our games to have deep significance and like to be driving impossibly fast vehicles or blasting zombies with extraordinarily improbable weaponry, this is a really boring game. However for kids just starting out with games who have not yet seen the reality of the adults world it's just about passable. I'll have to see what my youngest thinks of it when his incredibly grown up teenage brother and me have finished playing it through many times to find as many faults as we can while he is whacking the hell out of some oriental looking martial arts freak. Karate kicks. Cup cakes? Horses for courses.

All being said it's a kids game and should be rated as such. I'll give it six from ten.

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If you liked The SIMS Life Stories then it is safe to say that you will also like this newly released game which is exactly like The SIMS but is geared more toward the pets in their lives. Also, just like The SIMS Life Stories, which were put on store shelves some months back, this very game is also self-contained which means that you do not necessarily need to go out and buy a copy of The SIMS 2 in order to enjoy playing it.

This is a game that speaks about the adventures in the wonderful SIM suburbs and is designed for casual playing and is also very laptop friendly to boot. You may have noticed that while the Life Stories game was more of a romantic comedy in general what with having a couple of tales about some heartbroken SIMS who were struggling to get by; Pet stories the comes in to introduce some elements of the comedic nature with the use of the pets.

When you look at it from the technical point of view, this game is almost exactly like the Life Stories game. There are still keyboard shortcuts which means that you are still able to prompt the Sim you are using to deal with what they need to deal quickly and very easily at that. Laptop players were also taken into consideration because they get to benefit from a built in battery level warning which warns you when battery levels are low so that you can save your game progress. Also, when you close your laptop lid, that will automatically put the game on hold so that you can play it again when you open your laptop.

You will be pleased to know that even the game itself has been streamlined for your benefit; how so you may ask? It has been designed to play in a window so that you can do other things while you are playing the game. You can check your emails, and even hold IM conversations with your friends as you play. They made this in such a way that it has a very small CPU foot print and it makes you wonder how they can do this to a game whose predecessors were such memory hogs. There are very few differences when it comes to the visuals and once unlocked when you complete the stories, this freeform game appears exactly like The Sims 2 just without the expansion capabilities of course.

This is a very fun game for those people who like The Sims and those want something similar to it and yet not something entirely connected to it. The best part about it I think is that it allows for multi-tasking so that you can play the game while you are doing something else entirely.

If you think about it, it really allows you to a lot of things at one point so you do not feel guilty playing this game all day because you can get other things accomplished as well.

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PC Games


Ever since Microsoft made the first Flight Simulator for the PC, the game has been a hit. ThereÂ’s just something about flying a plane from the comfort of your computer that always makes for an exciting experience. Microsoft is no new-comer in the flight simulator genre theyÂ’ve been at it for a long time and each flight simulator that has come off the line has brought with it continually improving graphics, more polished controls, and new spectacular planes and environments. Flight Simulator X has a little bit of everything it seems. From flying as a NASA test pilot to flying through blizzards, this game has it all. Every generation of Flight Simulators that Microsoft has produced never fail to impress and Flight Simulator X Gold Edition continues on this trend.

There is a host of new features that can only be found in Flight Simulator X. There are several new modes including a racing mode for multi-player and the new air traffic controller mode. There are 71 new structured missions where the user can earn rewards for accomplishing goals. The game includes six new scenery maps, one of which is an intense Red Bull Air Race course.

Not only have the graphics been obviously improved but this game uses a new Earth model facilitating polar lights and region-specific textures. The player will be flying over roads that actually exist because the game uses true road data. Airports in game now feature jet ways that will move to the aircraft and there are several vehicles that will approach the playerÂ’s aircraft like baggage cars and fuel trucks. The GPS in the game has been upgraded and includes the Garmin G1000 integrated glass cockpit.

Multiplayer has been improved and features Shared Skies which allows users to share a cockpit simultaneously. You can now fly higher than ever before in this game because the maximum altitude has increased to 100,000,000 ft. One of the features of Flight Simulator X is the ability to fly as a NASA test pilot. If that doesn’t satisfy the player, they can go to the oceans and perform search and rescue on an ocean liner or attempt to navigate through a whiteout blizzard in harsh environments.

There are 23 different types of aircraft to pilot in this new edition. Nearly every imaginable aerial vehicle can be found in this game, everything from helicopters to sea planes and even gliders. Hours of fun can be had just by switching between the vast assortments of different vehicles.

With all of these new features, Flight Simulator X achieves a new level of reality that has never been attained by any of its predecessors. The only downside to Flight Simulator X is the system requirements. Such intense graphics come with a high demand for system performance. You will need a very powerful machine to run this spectacular game. You will need a 2 GHz equivalent or faster processor, 1 GB of memory and a whopping 32 GB of hard disk space for installation.