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Lowly Worm


Dead Head Fred is a huge game, quite ambitious that can place the gamer in the role of a PI who has fallen on the deep end. The gamer as the PI crosses path with a really bad guy who beheads Fred. Of course, as the title implies, this is not the end of the story, it is just the beginning.

The gamer as Dead Head Fred is then given some powers like getting brand new heads which can be used depending on the skills or abilities needed throughout the game. The whole idea is wacky and should have been the beginning of a great adventure but the level of design from the developers end cut off the head of an otherwise wacky game.

The gameplay focuses on a lot of heads being swapped left and right. The gamer begins the game with a jar which contains a brain which can be worn around the neck. But then again, the player gets to have a tiki head, a head of a corpse, a dummy head of a mannequin and other wacky head gears. Each head has its own skills so one head has to be quickly swapped to meet the challenges of an opponent.

All around the head gets swapped throughout the boss fights and other missions. Some of the combats involve enemies which can come together and gang up on the player which could quickly drain the health of the character. Although the character depends a lot on the special attacks, because of the difficulties set against it the skills from the different heads are left untapped.

The camera control is poor; this is an understatement but true nonetheless. The key details get disrupted which can affect how the game is controlled so what should have been an easy task to do gets ruined because the camera covered the controls.

For a PSP game, Dead Head Fred is a pretty good looking game with a lot of combats and different heads to choose from. However, the game falls short as some of the objects get lost in the small screen. The audio is not great either but there is some interesting music to be heard. As a whole the script could have been a little better for there are inconsistencies and ends up sounding like a poorly edited audio track.

Dead Head Fred should have been a great game but only came up short no thanks to the developers who messed up. Otherwise, if the gamer is heroic enough to get past the frustrations, it is quite an enjoyable game. Definitely not perfect, but a fun game it still is.

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Lowly Worm


The story doesn't have a lot of detail, or a lot to make you want to keep coming back. What it comes down to is Niles Van Roekel is an evil genius that has six individuals known as The Imperfects on his payroll. These evil bosses have been charged with acquiring a suit of alien armor for Van Roekel, and it's up to all the different Marvel superheroes in the game to stop them.

In order to do so, you'll proceed through ten fights at a time as one of the two initially unlocked characters in order to unlock the next character. There are a total of eighteen characters in the game, meaning that you have to play almost two hundred matches through the game just to unlock every character. There are also a number of arenas and cards that can be unlocked, which go to the games new card system. Once you unlock these characters and arenas, they can be played in the quick-play mode and the multiplayer.

There are a number of differences between the PSP version and the console versions of this game. One thing that has been improved is the combat system, which has you locking onto your target before attacking them. The lock-on button is also the block button, which makes it a lot easier to defend in the midst of attacks, though it takes a little while to pick up. The camera in this version, as well, is better at following the action, and has added arrows to indicate where your enemy is when they are out of your screen view. There have also been some modifications of the character models on this game. One of the biggest new features is the addition of the card system, which is given to a character after successfully completing a battle.

These cards can be played during matches to increase different things, like your rage meter or power meter. There are also cards to indicate new characters you've unlocked, cards playable only by some players, and cards that recharge after you use them. The card system replaces a lot of the content from the console games, like voiceovers and cutscenes.

The game has a multiplayer component, but it's not online. You can only play against another person who has the game on PSP in ad hoc mode, and you can only play characters that have been unlocked in the single player game.

When it comes down to it, Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects is a solid fighting game with good mechanics and fun features like being able to use level items as weapons. It sacrifices some to be playable on the PSP, but the core gameplay is there, and has even been improved. It might be worth playing through, but maybe not buying for most fighting game fans.