Ridge Racer 3D 3DS User Review

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Ridge Racer 3D 3DS was developed and published by Namco Bandai Games. This is an arcade styled racing game for the Nintendo 3Ds handheld console. Players have the choice of either playing this game in the single player or multiplayer mode. The goal of the game is to use one of your super tuned up racing cars to drive round a course in the city in a bid to beat your opponent.

There are a variety of single player game modes available. The first is the Grand Prix Mode in which you can test your skills against the computer and strive to unlock better and faster vehicles to drive in later races. As you progress you can get performance boosters such as nitrous kits. If you want to get straight down to business you can opt for the Quick Tour Mode. Quick Tour is similar to the arcade version of the game and gives you a preselected series of courses to race over. Then there is Play Time Mode where you race with a time limit, or Standard Race Mode where you select a course and race against 7 opponents in order to prove yourself as the best racer. There is also the 3DS StreetPass facility where you can compare performance ratings with other players.

A more difficult part of the game is the mastering of the much improved drift option for cornering or other in race situations. You can have mild, dynamic or standard drifts to out maneuver your competition. Although it takes a bit of time to master drifting, doing so presents a significant advantage.

The graphics are a good representation of how good a game can look on the Nintendo 3DS, and the music is clear and has an upbeat feel to it. The arcade style is very well suited to this type of racing game but that may not be to everyone's taste.