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November 13, 2006

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Ridge Racer 7 features a variety of cars, tracks, and upgrades. Single players may work to be the best in the career mode, while up to 14 players can compete online for the highest rank on the global system. There are a total of 160 races on 22 courses in the single-player campaign that weave their way through such environments as the Lost Ruin, Industrial Drive, and the Shadow Caves. Players may choose from 40 cars, and then customize their ride with 375,000 decorative possibilities and 7,150 tuning modifications.

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Ridge Racer 7 has the same arcade style as its predecessor with a crazy gameplay. Game enthusiasts should by all means enjoy the new addition to the series. The car customization option as well as the slipstream speed are the only features which will be easily recognized in the game as these are something new. Apart from the similarities with the previous game, will this be able to offer more to the video game industry?

For the amateurs of the game, Ridge Racer 7 is entirely foreign to them since the game is still focusing on the same thing ever since it begun in real arcades just like the absurd mechanics in on-rail drift which will beat the player in every corner automatically. For sure, it will be hard for the gamers to begin with the game and get into it swiftly. To do this, you have to settle in a corner, let off the gas and then hit once again. As a result, you will spin out and begin to slide. Your objective at this time is to be sure that your car is going to the right direction as soon as you emerge from the turn wherein you will recover traction and will keep on going.

There is something more about the game than just automatic cornering. Moving your car in high speeds is a form of exercise in terms of accurate timing and strategy. Once you go at high speeds, the nitrous boost meter will charge up. Additionally, slipstreaming to the action can also be seen. This is somewhat dramatic due to the fact that this is very efficient. Once you accelerate faster and closer to another racer, you will receive additional speed boost. As a result, you will keep on staying close to your opponent and try to slingshot around them in game play.

The car design of the game is also cool. Despite the absence of licensed cars, there are actually great names coming from a series of imaginary manufacturers. Aside from that, every maker has various makes making the designs wild and filled with smooth curves making the vehicles have the futuristic concept. In the game, cars are instead called machines which is quite insane, never did understand the concept behind that. Furthermore, in order to upgrade your vehicle, you have to create a relationship with the maker of the parts. After that, the primary mode called Ridge State Grand Prix will emerge and open up. When engaged in this mode, you can participate in races one at a time and will rise up against seven others through battle points.

Apart from the Grand Prix mode, you can also have the chance to participate in time attack mode and race on your own. Moreover, Ridge Racer 7 has an online support for up to fourteen players and this is exactly where longevity of the game is derived. The pair battle mode is where you divide the teams into two cars each. Since the game supports all the high definition modes, it will appear very sharp indeed.

Also the sense of speed together with the graphics’ sharpness will make the game look great. However, the sound quality is a bit understated considering the rest of the game. The noises of the engine are low and also the nitrous bursts could do with tweaking. The game is the ideal entry game with changes in gameplay considered to be dramatic. The redundancy of the tracks may be a disappointing but if you are an amateur player, you will certainly be in for an authentic treat.

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November 13, 2006

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