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December 16, 2008

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Rise of the Argonauts will see players guide Jason, the king of Iolcus, on a blood-soaked quest to avenge the death of his fiancée. Sail to multiple islands to seek out the legendary Golden Fleece, which has the power to bring back the dead, and enlist the aid of the ancient world's celebrated heroes to complete your goals. Structured like an action role-playing game, Rise of the Argonauts emphasizes violent, combo-driven combat sequences with the ability to switch weapons on the fly and unleash attacks that can decapitate and eviscerate foes with one mighty swing. Instead of earning experience points to level up your character, the game involves acquiring new powers and skills by courting the favor of four gods: Apollo, Athena, Ares, and Hermes. Choosing specific dialog paths, slaying a particular beast, winning arena battles, rescuing people, and performing other deeds can unlock different tiers of talents under a particular god.

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The game does have an interesting story involving ancient Greek mythology. Jason and his party, the Argonauts, are traveling to find the Golden Fleece. They seek this item in order to save Jason's wife after she befell evil from some covert organization at the start of the story.

Interacting with the many characters in the game is accomplished through a menu system that is reminiscent of Mass Effect. Like that game, you are allowed a number of different options when speaking with someone. In a noticeable improvement in the system, you are allowed to read your possible options while the other person is talking, resulting in a more conversation-like flow to the interaction. These conversations, though, don't end up changing much in the story, so despite the fact that participating in them takes about half of the ten hours you'll be playing to beat the game, they're rather superfluous.

Even though there is a lot of talking, there's a lot of action too. You'll be engaging in combat with enemies with a number of different weapons, such as the mace, sword and spear, but once you figure out the two-and three-button combos required, it's a simple process to take out almost any enemy in the game. While it's true that a couple of the bosses do spice things up a little bit and make you play slightly differently, those occurrences are much too infrequent.

As you progress through the game, you will unlock new skills and uncover new items, but these aren't implemented as well as they could have been. For instance, discovery of a new mace will increase your damage, presumably, but there is no information that tells how much it is improved, or allows you to compare it to any other. The stripping out of certain RPG aspects, while still forcing a player to engage in conversation and gain experience by dedicating their acts to Gods, makes the RPG experience lite enough that fans of role-playing games will miss the absence of the statistics.

There are also portions missing for hardcore action fans. For instance, you control Jason in some fights with other hero's like Achilles and Hercules on your team, but you can't jump into their bodies and fight as them. As you progress through the levels, too, there is no improvement to the combat tactics that you can utilize, and the same combos that worked for you earlier work the whole time. It would have been nice to see a progression in skills that could have provided extremely powerful combos by the end.

The Action/RPG combo is one that players have found that they like, which is why games like Rise of the Argonauts will continue to be released. If you're a fan, though, you might want to wait until the next iteration comes.

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December 16, 2008

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