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June 03, 2008

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Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy lets players delve deeper into the protagonist's past and the events surrounding his tormented training within a black ops division of the CIA. Players will guide Bourne through cinematic chase scenes and a seamless mix of hand-to-hand and ranged combat. Throughout each exotic environment, players must quickly recognize potential threats, perform quick takedowns, and use their surroundings to either gain an advantage or escape from danger. Players will revisit key moments including the dramatic Mini Cooper chase scene through narrow, crowded Parisian streets while being pursued by police. To match the films' fast-paced visual style, the developers crafted the help of choreographer Jeff Imada, who worked on the fight sequences in the first three movies.

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If you are familiar with the film, then you are also familiar with the plot. The game does not just restate the film but instead, it attempts to narrate the back-story of the main character before the assassination plot and will continue up to the conclusion of the movie. This narration is done in a series of flashbacks usually stimulated by items such as passport. The combat system of the game will try to convey the sense of power of Bourne, speed as well as the destruction, he caused during fights. When you try to maximize the adrenaline meter or execute take-downs degenerates the game into numerous button mashes, you will be surprised with the fight sequences.

There is an appealing twist to the gameplay which the game highlight such as the title will host several interactive cut-scenes which will require the player to hit the right button within a specified amount of time to be able to get a matching effect. Even if this kind of thing has been used in the past, utilization of this kind is usually limited to the elements wherein Bourne is trying to display is prenatural speed, his responses to imminent threats or the use of counterattacks. Consequently, the game will be better than other games since it will give you the feeling that what you have done has accelerated BourneÂ’s pace.

Moreover, instincts of the main character are very weak in the game considering that though it emphasizes opponents or items, it will not have an impact on the fist fighting or cut-scenes. The only time which instinct is valuable is during the driving sequence which has torn down the Parisian streets. The game appears very good most especially with the huge character models and the specific environments you will see yourself fighting.

With respect to the visual aspect of the game, there are three bigger problems that are recognizable. The first is the collision detection issue and clipping, the second is the numerous warping between the characters particularly during hand to hand combats and the last is the issue with the camera. Fortunately, the audio effects and the musical presentation is hard rock solid.

If you want to know what itÂ’s like to be a deadly weapon, the game will certainly offer you a quick taste especially in hand to hand combat. The potency, viciousness and the ingenuity which the main character utilized in the film are outstandingly managed by the hand to hand system.

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June 03, 2008

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