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December 18, 2008

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Rock Band 2 will invite up to four friends can jam together on drums, lead vocals, guitar, and bass as they choose from a number of licensed songs from rock's biggest artists. The "World Tour" mode from the first game expands to new venues and now includes the ability to embark on a solo bass tour in addition to gigs with the other instruments. This mode is also no longer as restrictive, allowing friends to join in or leave at any time, custom characters to switch instruments, and more. Perhaps the biggest new addition for competitive musicians is the "Battle of the Bands" mode.

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Release Date: 10/26/2010

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Rock Band 2’s huge song list and the ability to play World Tour is one of the highlights of this gameplay. It still has the same flavor as the first Rock Band where you can sing, play the guitar, drums, bass alone or with three friends to jam with. There only a few differences from the first RB but it still rocks.

The controls are all the same and compatible with the first one and with the Guitar Hero 2 and 3. The drum trainer can help you if you’re a new player then up to the practice mode. The fill trainer is most valuable which teaches you to make fills that sounds good so your friends can continue with the beat. There is a no failing setting where you will not stop even if one of your friends doesn’t play his part well.

This includes more than 80 songs in variety. The Who, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Paramore are among the artists. One feature of the game is that you can take 55 of the 58 songs from the first RB onto your hard drive and play them in RB2 after paying $5 fee. Solo mode is demolished.

You start as a rocker, a band then go on tour to earn fans, stars and cash to pay for your promoter or personnel if you hire them though this has no effect on your progress. You can also play with fans or groups online which is new in this game to earn cash but not earning progress. The Battle of the Bands will give you more challenge because you get head to head with the greatest bands in the world. The score based challenges are put up by Harmonix. If you’re an expert, this will be easy but if you’re not then you would say this game is not for everybody.

Rock Band 2 has more extraordinary outfits to choose from. The band members are animated to the music. The audio is really great like the first RB but the greatest improvement is that the audience gets to sing a part of the song which makes it more realistic.

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December 18, 2008

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