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December 01, 2009

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Rogue Warrior is a first-person shooter emphasizing violent, stealth-based kills. Players take control of Marcinko himself in a series of covert missions behind enemy lines in North Korea. The object is to make it safely across shipyards, warehouses, factories, and other locales to single-handedly thwart an imminent attack on the United States. Sneak up behind enemies to choke or stab them, or dispatch foes using a combination of grenades and gunfire. Rogue Warrior also includes deathmatch and team deathmatch online multiplayer options in addition to the single-player campaign. Marcinko's colorful, profanity-laced dialogue is voiced by actor Mickey Rourke.

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The game is entirely boring and nearly making no sense at all. It is published by the Bethesda Softworks. The entire game last only for two hours and still the Bethesda has the gall to ask a high price for the game. It has a multiplayer mode but only with a death match for the entire team, or single match. The player can start to like the game in combat but the actions are highly generic and predictable making it lose the thrill and excitement of killing the enemy.

It is a lousy game with dumb AIs. There may be three to four enemies that can be sighted at any one time but the strategy already suggest that the player can sneak up to them and kill them one by one without any real fighting. This is because the enemies are not provided with side vision making them look like an idiot when the leading character with superior visits easily kills them. It seems that the enemies do not have all their primary senses because they cannot hear if someone is behind them and cannot even react when their companion is being attacked.

In the stealth mechanics it could have made a difference if it provided more firing actions, but these actions turn out to be the same and so are very predictable. The AIs are leveled as idiots because they will not react even when shot. They will turn in the direction of bombs being thrown and they even kill each other by throwing grenades at their comrades.

The rogue warriors have several equipments such as night vision, lights and cover ups but they seem to be no use because the player, when hiding, can be seen in a third person view. The game is also slowly paced from all levels and the night goggles are totally useless because they can easily be targeted. The hit detection is really not clear because some enemies will die with just a knee shot but others cannot easily be killed even with several gunshots to the entire body.

After two hours of playing the RW you can either be disappointed or just laugh it off. What is to like with the game when the main character is totally undesirable with foul words constantly coming from his mouth. The multiplayer mode of the game allows up to 8 online real players. The players need to kill each other and the last one remaining will be the winner. This game is considered a lousy buy and even playing it for free is not worth the time.

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Nov 25, 2014

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Bethesda Softworks

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December 01, 2009

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