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September 07, 2010

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R.U.S.E is a strategy game where you get to play the executioner. It's not just enough to command your armies in World War II, you've also got to use every dirty trick in the book to achieve final victory. Strategy games are often fiddly to control on a console but this easily solves that problem with a simple, direct interface that lets you simply point and click where you want your units to go. With that out of the way you can concentrate on all the special ruses to help spy on the enemy, hide information or trick you opponent with traps and decoys. Whether it's cracking the enemy's codes so you can see what moves they're planning, using camouflage nets to set up ambushes or using dummy buildings to fool attacking bombers you'll never get anywhere in this game if you only play fair. R.U.S.E is a one-of-a-kind RTS game that allows players to bluff their enemies to lead their nation to victory, controlling the action from the heart of the battlefield to the full theatre of war.

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A well produced game responding well to the controls and with a good playing screen interface. To play R.U.S.E you have to be precise and concentrated, you need to have a prior plan but even so you must still be prepared for anything that may come up which may require you to make quick decisions and may cause you to deviate temporarily from this plan. The game has three settings and plays differently on each. Beware, it is not easy to undo mistakes you have already made and chances are that you will have to restart when you make them. You will, however, have a helpful back-up that comes in useful at to some critical moments, but these are not available on higher difficulty missions, and beware, some secondary missions turn out to be death-traps. When the game begins you are treated to hints on how the game should be played in its later stages.

Part of the complicated story is set in a North African country at the end of the Second World War and features an American serviceman called Joe, a lower ranking officer who has his sights set upon becoming a General. Joe is guided by a charismatic British officer, but the unfortunate Joe gets tired very easily and seems more concerned about disputes within his own army than he does with the war itself.

At times you will be faced with a battlefield packed with German fighter planes, bomber aircraft and all the other usual hardware of desert warfare. Then all this disappears and you are taken back to Tunisia in 1942. The game jumps in time and you are also involved in espionage with a German agent called Prometheus, and in this world of spies and spooks nothing is what it seems to be. As the war progresses you will see Joe climb through the ranks, join new units, helping to organize the building of new bases and more besides.

The aptly named RUSE techniques will slowly start to open up. The RUSE units move slowly and when the game starts, the initial phases seem to proceed at a crawl. The battle’s speed wholly relies on your ability to foresee the next move of the enemy and counter their attacks by ambushing and strategically deploying the right units. RUSE has its own intelligence techniques that allow you to intercept and understand the enemy intelligence transmissions, which determine their own movements, and enable you to send agents behind the enemy lines to discover exactly which units are hidden there thus giving you advanced warning and increasing the speed and accuracy of your own planning.

When you get Joe to the rank of General you can create some extra equipments and munitions to make up for lost ones. The game maintains it’s relatively slow pace throughout but interest in the plot makes up for this and there are some faster moments of tension at certain points in the game such as when masses of the German Axis troops counter attack and creep slowly and inevitably towards your base as you rapidly try to organize defenses.

The visuals and graphics are of good quality and are well matched to the game. The game has both single and multiplayer games, and while not fault free, is perfectly good entertainment. Very good overall.

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September 07, 2010

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