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November 11, 2008

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Sacred 2: Fallen Angel moves the gameplay perspective to true 3D, rather than the Diablo-esque isometric viewpoint of the original, but players have the same freedom to choose from six playable characters and wander the landscape as they please, undertaking quests and cleansing dungeons of enemies and beasts. Gamers can also gather a wide assortment of unique items, travel, and battle on the backs of mounts such as horses, tigers, and hellhounds, and level-up their character's attributes and fighting styles. Players can choose to battle on the "Light" side or the "Shadow" side, with both choices resulting in a unique set of skills, rewards, and story elements. Sacred 2 also features five different multiplayer modes.

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This is an action-packed PC game that started out with Diablo and ended with Sacred. Fallen Angel fortunately did not fail in its attempt to stick to an old formula, instead, it exceeded expectations and is an exciting game all around.

Okay, so here it is. Another D&D game in Ancaria land where the player plays the role of the usual hero, so noble and so true to the quest of being a great hero. He gets faced with evil villains whose sole purpose in life is to wreak havoc on anything and everyone they encounter. Not a very original plot, mind you, but still, with the High Elves and the other magical creatures and spells, it is an interesting game that can play out the interest of many players.

The good of it is, Fallen Angel does not fail to keep the player busy. There is a lot of running around and looking for items to use and then the usual experience points that need to be earned. Thankfully, there are plenty of interesting quests so there is no boredom setting in, unlike other games out there.

What really makes this game work are the improvements made on the sound and visuals. This is a gorgeous game to look at and this really adds onto the excitement of experiencing the gameplay itself. The forests are dense, the fields are so detailed one can see the wild flowers peeping between stalks of grass and whatnots, and then the change of terrain is just as great, from the mountains to the desert, it is all gorgeously done.

One of the main issues regarding these types of games is the loading time, thankfully this is not an issue with Fallen Angel, despite the heavy graphics. Now, someone who saw some of the graphics over my shoulder said that the details were too detailed and I promptly answered that they were simply looking for something to criticize on because there was practically nothing to criticize at when it came to the graphics.

Now, there are some hiccups along the way that I feel should be mentioned, even if I do love this game. There are times when the characters get stuck in their motions and continue to attack even if they had been killed off. At first, I really thought they became zombies instantaneously until I realized it really was an error somewhere in the program. Then there is the issue with playing the Good Samaritan. The helpless individual gets attacked while my character was totally ignored. It really made me wonder. Soon, I just realized that these issues were too far in between that there may be some hiccup somewhere that was not identified until this was released to the public.

But issues aside, ultimately Fallen Angels is one fantastic game of the role-playing genre. It is refreshingly new even if it sticks true to an old formula. This is really an addictive game worthy of the D&D genre.

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Oct 27, 2014

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November 11, 2008

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