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May 11, 2009

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Sacred 2: Fallen Angel moves the gameplay perspective to true 3D, rather than the Diablo-esque isometric viewpoint of the original, but players have the same freedom to choose from six playable characters and wander the landscape as they please, undertaking quests and cleansing dungeons of enemies and beasts. Gamers can also gather a wide assortment of unique items, travel, and battle on the backs of mounts such as horses, tigers, and hellhounds, and level-up their character's attributes and fighting styles. Players can choose to battle on the "Light" side or the "Shadow" side, with both choices resulting in a unique set of skills, rewards, and story elements. Sacred 2 also features five different multiplayer modes, including co-op, PvP, and PvE options, and drop-in gameplay allows for seamless transitions between single- and multiplayer modes on Xbox Live.

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The mechanics of the game are conventional for the genre. At the outset of your adventure, there are basically 6 pre-rolled characters to select from and these include high elf mage, the seraphim battle mage and temple guardian warrior. The stat and skills of these main characters are similarly managed in any other RPG which means that once you gained experience, you will increase your level, sort out your point and select from a skill tree in order to handle all the things starting with proficiency with a particular weapon to speed on foot in order to regenerate.

Since there is no valuable narrative, you will spend more time alone coping with different range of quests. You will spend time locating these quests in the big map due to the fact that the quests are extensive and far and there is no teleportation system involved. Explorations can be very absorbing since you will be immersed in a fantasy world that is both living and breathtaking.

There are certain aspects of the game which have been modified to make it unique. One of these is the new interface which will shift the game to gamepad from the usual mouse and keyboard interface. The creation of the character, interface and functions with respect to special abilities have been planned to trigger buttons and D pad for the controllers. The multiplayer mode is also improved.

In addition, there are no magic points to handle and the special abilities are taken back over a period of time depending on the level of skills and the utilization of magical runes seen all throughout the game. In Xbox 360, the version of Sacred 2 looks gorgeous with a lot of the game set in fields that are filled with flowers, thick forests and many more. Moreover, the character art and the animation are very excellent. There are various creatures in the game with unique touches which will divide them from their fantasy prototypes.

The audio quality has added to the fun part of the game with one of a kind tunes and character voices. Music for the background and the battle effects make use of the ordinary string plucking and clashing of swords. A portion of the soundtrack involves some songs from the German band Blind Guardian which is appropriate for the start of the game but is not fascinating once the game has started. Though Sacred 2 may not be the best game, the numerous quests will offer you many hours in playing whether online or off.

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