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August 02, 2008

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In Safecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to land the job of your dreams: as the head of security development at the world famous firm of Crabb and Sons Safe and Security Systems. Your mission is to break into your eccentric employer’s heavily secured headquarters and crack the puzzle-based combinations on over 35 safes within 12 hours each containing a clue to your ultimate goal - the Master Safe. Crack it and the job is yours. You think you can do your challenge is to prove it! Explore a massive 50 room mansion as you attempt to crack puzzle after puzzle in an array of tantalizing and complex puzzles that will challenge your skills to the limit.

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When playing this game, you will be confronted with exciting puzzles for you to solve. However, the makers failed to apply narrations to establish the different characters in the game so without a plot to serve as the game’s foundation, Safecracker turned out to be a collection of puzzles and unrelated in-game treasure hunts. The game does not also provide the millionaire’s background, his intentions or any details about his supposed last will and testament. While going through the desolate mansion, you won’t help but notice its intricate design and its sharp details, therefore, this game’s graphics is quite impressive but the mansion’s emptiness and the game’s silence would make you feel glum. Its haunting background music even adds more mystery to this game. On a closer look, the game is just about following clues that most of the time leads you nowhere with locked safes and inaccessible doors and eerie pathways.

Although Safecracker can be a depressing game with a depressing music and environment, it also has its share of bright side. Unlike traditional mini-games and puzzles, Safecracker offers a more challenging set of mystery games that will keep your mind working and your logic spinning. Most of its puzzles are complicated but with the right amount of patience and strategy, you will eventually solve the puzzles and get that satisfying feeling every time. The game does not provide clues although it provides gadgets and gizmos along the way to help you solve the mystery. But after you have obtained the necessary information and gadgets, you will realize that they are not that significant enough to help you with your goal. In the end, your logic and strategy is the only thing that would help you save the day.

Safecracker manages to keep its player on the loop and maintain a high level of interest due to the challenging puzzles but eventually, you will realize that you are trying to open locked doors with similar, predictable contents with similar clues for the next stage. You will also feel that you are in a manic maze and clueless on what the ending would look like.

This game would have looked more interesting and more enjoyable to play if there were more variation to safes and its contents and if it would do away with too much repetition on the tasks. If you have so much time to spare, this game is for you but if you want a more aggressive and a more adventurous game, then you should start looking for another game instead.

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August 02, 2008

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